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Infographic -- Employee Engagement Trends


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Infographic -- Employee Engagement Trends

  1. 1. TREND SUMMARYEMPLOYMENT POSITIVE 60% 40% 60% 4 HIRING TRENDNUMBERS UP More than 40% of participatingENGAGEMENT 2012 organizations are expanding their overall workforce in 2012 NUMBERS compared to just 27% in 2010. 27% 2 DOWN Based on information from the 27% 24% 2010 2012 Mercer’s Attraction & Retention Survey Provided by Aimia Business Loyalty Strategy Team 60% 40% 25% BUT LOWER 27% 24% non-cash 22% 22% 22% ENGAGEMENT rewards FORMALIZED CAREER PATHS EXTERNAL TRAINING Seeing LOWER LEVELS SPECIAL RECOGNITION USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA More respondents are of engagement than relying on SOCIAL MEDIA 2010 (13%) to boost the employee INTERNAL & work experience. HIGHER VOLUNTARY rewards $ TURNOVER Both cash and non-cash rewards are important as employers are 60% Almost 60% of participating cutting base pay increases organizations are expecting to see and giving smaller bonuses. increases in voluntary turnover with the job market improving. PAY AND CAREER ADVANCEMENT Top rewards These baseline employee needs have suffered during BASE PAY INCREASES 50% the recession. Pay and career development are expected and need to be rectified before other non-cash awards are rewarded. CAREER PROGRESSION 47% LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT 45% FOR MORE information, CONTACT SAMANTHA.decker@AIMIA.COM