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Infographic: Aimia Positive Engagement Model


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Infographic: Aimia Positive Engagement Model

  1. 1. STRONGER ENGAGEMENT LEADS TO HIGHER PERFORMANCE 1 REASON PROVIDED BY: AIMIA BUSINESS LOYALTY STRATEGY TEAM 3 > 2X + Engagement Outcomes: Aimia analyzes the survey findings to determine gaps in performance From there, we can identify how we need to design and deliver a program around an organizations desired business outcomes • ADVOCACY • SIGNIFICANTLY ABOVE-AVERAGE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 4 • LOWER TURNOVER • HIGHER FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Statistics from: Tempkin Group,Employee Engagement Virtuous Cycle, conducted among more than 2,400 U.S. employees Design strategies informed by comprehensive data Survey organizations employees to measure the six elements of positive employee engagement Engaged employees are as likely to work overtime, help another co-worker and do good for the company outside of normal job responsibilities! Other MEASUREMENT & IMPORTANCE DESIGN & DELIVERY Preparing People to Exceed and Rewarding Those Who Excel Capabilities to deliver on all six elements of the Aimia Positive Engagement Model with our service offerings: STRATEGY AND PROGRAM DESIGN / PRODUCT AND SKILLS T R A I N I N G LAUNCH MEETINGS / BUSINESS CONFERENCES / COMMUNICATIONS HYBRID + VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORMS I N C E N T I V E T R AV E L / R E C O G N I T I O N E V E N T S ENGAGEMENT REWARD AND RECOGNITION PROGRAMS /DATA ANALYSIS 2 METHODOLOGY Aimia leverages a proprietary methodology to design business loyalty soutions that impact all six aspects of positive employee engagement: 5 BRINGING THE AIMIA POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT MODEL TO LIFE Subaru needed a way to bolster sales and customer satisfaction through employee performance APPROACH: With the model as the foundation of program design, Aimia developed a comprehensive online engagement portal – Subaru Foundation – where Subaru dealership employees could access key metrics and curricula related to their Achievement, Mastery, Connection and Appreciation RESULT: Foundations-certified salespeople sell more than twice the number of vehicles on average than their non-certified counterparts, and Subaru’s ranking on the J.D. Powers and Associates Sales Satisfaction Index has moved up four positions. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT SAMANTHA.DECKER@AIMIA.COM