From Web Analytics to Web Intelligence


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From Web Analytics to Web Intelligence Webinar -- with John Kolker.

Helps marketers answer the following questions:

How do I gain business insight from the Web analytics investments I’ve already made?

What untapped opportunities exist within the Web analytics data I’m currently capturing?

How do I determine which key performance indicators are important to my business?

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  • Financial Services firm wants to actively engage customers via social media to improve customer service, drive product development, and proactively communicate about positive and negative incidents/issue directly with consumersUsing Radian6 social media tracking tool to collect and summarize online consumer conversations into major themes or threadsDaily review of social media summary included in marketing communications scrumDaily social media summary is regularly compared with monthly summary of inbound consumer email issues (500,000/mo)Data mining and latent semantic analysis (via RapidMiner)Issue/topic clusters and change trendsData sets are combined, potential future problem areas identified, and “evergreen” materials are developed and regularly updated; available for immediate use in social media channels
  • From Web Analytics to Web Intelligence

    1. 1. 1From Web Analytics to Web IntelligenceSiteworx Webinar – June 16, 2011
    2. 2. 2IntroductionsJohn KolkerWeb Analytics ConsultantDavid NickelsonDirector of Digital Engagement
    3. 3. 3AgendaThe Science and “Art” of Capturing Business Insights from Web Analytics • Current state – and limitationsTop 5 Most Impactful Marketing Optimization and Visitor Analytics Applications • Conversion & Abandonment • Geo-tracking • Fraud Detection • Social Media Monitoring • Pre- and Post-Website Redesign; A/B TestingKey Takeaways and Next Steps
    4. 4. 4About SiteworxAward-Winning Interactive AgencySpecialize in WCM/CMS, Search, and AnalyticsExpertise in leading analytics and customer experience management solutionsStrong Qualifying Track Record for Financial, Media and NonprofitInclude locations in a similar format as we use on our e-newsletter
    5. 5. 5Conversion and Abandonment
    6. 6. 6 Example: Conversion and Abandonment What your funnel may not tell you… A financial institution launches a loan application on their website. Response was fantastic but form completion / conversion was suspiciously low. The funnel tells you that there is 1% conversion. But is it the whole story?What is happening here? 1000 - Application StartsCustomer Experience AnalysisIndicates that account open date isbeing auto-loaded 800 - Applicant Financial Infoformatted as mm/d/yyyy – without leadzeros on the 1 digit daysThe form submission requires lead 500 - Applicant Personal Infozeros…The only customers who make itthrough the process are those who figure 10 – Submitted Loan Applicationthis out and add the lead zeros Web Intelligence Insight: Development team fixes the form logic and conversion increases
    7. 7. 7Geo-tracking
    8. 8. 8 Example: Geo-tracking Campaign analysis beyond campaign codes… An online marketer launches an online campaign. All online adds are given a campaign code …/event.php?campaign=1234. Visit our Site Kiosks are set up in 2 cities to augment the online campaign. It is suspected that the Kiosks are giving the online campaign a lift. How can the marketer be sure? Corporate Web Analytics is already capturing the IP Address of each Visitor Session… by adding IP Address Geo-Tracking it can be determined that in Reston and Arlington responses increased…Web Intelligence Insight: IP Address based Geo-Tracking tells the more accurate storyabout the ROI of trade shows and whether or not they are worth the marketers investment
    9. 9. 9Fraud Detection
    10. 10. 10 Example: Fraud Detection actionable web intelligence in the order processing pipeline… Order Revenue Order Processing Pipeline 1. Automated Screening Web Analytics used on live and active web sessions to determine scenario-based alerts for review 2. Manual Review Orders meeting the screening criteria will issue alert to processing department to pull just those orders for review 3. Accept or Reject Decision is made by processing management to fulfill order or notWeb Intelligence Insight: Web Analytics used to detect fraud at the beginning of order processingsaves revenue for online retailers
    11. 11. 11Social Media Monitoring
    12. 12. 12Social Media: Multichannel Integration and Collaboration Financial Services firm wants to actively engage customers via social media to:  improve customer service  drive product development,  communicate about the good and the bad directly with consumers Obtains and staffs a social media tracking tool (Radian6)  Social media summary included in daily marketing communications scrum Daily social media summary is regularly compared weekly w/ monthly summary of inbound consumer email issues (500,000/mo)  Data mining and latent semantic analysis (via RapidMiner)  Issue/topic clusters and change trends Communication calendar is adjusted to provide more of what customers are looking for, and “evergreen” materials are readied for use with adverse events
    13. 13. 13Pre and Post Website Redesign: A/B and MVT
    14. 14. 14Pre and Post Launch: A/B and MVT Redesign: Data-driven design and measurement  Shift in organizational focus and priorities; make site more consumer friendly  Key conversions  Traffic  Email address  Donation  Event Sign-up  Purchase  Combined traffic, search, customer and industry benchmark research  Developed content map, engagement pathways, and Google analytics overlay  At launch, saw 20 – 30% lift across all areas  Gains and losses in key areas  Began A/B and MVT of navigation, page content , pathway design, and form options  Rectified problems for additional lift  Post launch, est. task specific KPI-focused testing program tied to departmental business cycle
    15. 15. 15Key TakeawaysTailor your tools to your business objectives, not the other way around.Master the highest-value basics first; establish your own benchmarks.Look for trends across all your business data; tell the story multiple ways.90/10 Rule: develop/contract real expertise; provide support and resources.Stay the course: takes time to mature metrics from
    16. 16. 16Next Steps
    17. 17. 17 QuestionsThank You!John Kolker David Nickelson Siteworx info@siteworx.com703. 657. 1232 703. 657. 1280 Twitter: @Siteworx 703. 964. 1700 We should have a link to the website here. should consider whether we can get the analytics section of our website updated in time.