Aimia Program Delivery -- Certified Professionals, Powered by The Right Tools


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Program delivery is not only a piece of our solution – it is a differentiator and an area where Aimia excels. Aimia combines industry expertise and quality people with the right mix of tools leading to positive results and flawless delivery, regardless of the solution… our clients even say so!

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Aimia Program Delivery -- Certified Professionals, Powered by The Right Tools

  1. 1. CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS PROVIDED BY AIMIA CHANNEL AND EMPLOYEE LOYALTY TEAM POWERED BY THE RIGHT TOOLS SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM DELIVERY FOR EVERY SOLUTION 1 3 A. Client Satisfaction Index (CSI) 9.32 QUALITY PEOPLE 86% B. Net Promoter Score (NPS) A. B. Guided by Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices C. Our core/flex team approach aligns to clients’ needs. C. Certified program managers in Six Sigma and ISO i. Industry and/or program experience ii. Project complexity D. FLAWLESS DELIVERY iii. Timing 4 17 year average client tenure OUR CLIENTS SAY SO… The Aimia team is ultimate professionals. We were very impressed with your extraordinary patience, knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to guide the discussion in the right direction. This was an enormous undertaking - My experience with Aimia has always been superior. A Customer first focus and exceeding expectations has always been delivered by Aimia. – Automotive Client I’m not sure anyone had any idea just how complex this project was. We could not have done this without you. Transparent and open communication – Pharmaceutical Client 2 OUR TOOLS A Meeting and Kickoff E Reports – Status Timely Stakeholder Update Meetings – live or virtual weekly or as needed basis B Plan – Project F Validation Process – C Status Meetings – Team G Management Change D Conference Reports – I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for all of your hard work. You are all talented professionals and it’s an honor to work with all of you. – Financial Services Client I can’t believe how much work you guys get done in-between each of our meetings. This is amazing. H Process – Escalation timeline & deliverables weekly with Aimia and client document key phone calls and meetings managing approvals Process – PCN process for documenting changes – Automotive Client The Aimia team is one of the most well-oiled teams I have worked with in any position I have held with this company or others. Your hard work and dedication is extremely apparent. … It is true dedication to the project and it is more appreciated than I can ever put into words. – Tire Manufacturer Client handled quickly and efficiently FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT SAMANTHA.DECKER@AIMIA.COM