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3 Breathing Devices to Improve your sound. infographic


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Infographic about 3 breathing devices to improve your sound. This 3 devices are very usefull for brass and wood wind musicians.

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3 Breathing Devices to Improve your sound. infographic

  1. 1. 3 Breathing devices to improve yoursound Insphon It stimulates your breathing It works inhalation and exhalation when the device is turning over You can vary the resistance of device You can work with the mouthpiece if you put the device down. Spirometro Voldyne It is used to do inhalations completely It shows the importance of posture when your are breathing Very important to do slow inhalations If you use it everyday you can expande your lung capacity in 65% good It reduces the cardiac frequency Breath builder It stimulates the inhalation and exhalation You have to hold the ball in the top with the less effort Try to do large and relaxing breath. You can work several resistances closing off the holes David Munoz www. davidtuba. com - I ikt°Cheri . mu L‘I'l Lllllul ii i