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The magic of transforming customer experience


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David Morris from Redvespa kicked off the 2013 Business Analysis Leaders and Managers forum series on 13 February with a session on "The new alchemy - the magic of transforming customer experience". The session explored how business process optimisation and user-centered design has met to carve out an interesting space that reinforces what good BAs have always known: putting the customer first, modeling what delivers for them, tailoring it to make sense for the organisation, and chucking out everything else that adds no value. As this session was pitched to leaders and managers of BA practices, David led a discussion on what this means for BA practices, and how they can use the same techniques on their own services for internal customers.

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The magic of transforming customer experience

  1. 1. The New Alchemy The magic of transforming customer experience 13 February 2013Redvespa / David Morris / BALM
  2. 2. Alchemy, eh? Medieval forerunner to chemistry, combining mysticism and early science to make everything the best it could be: 1. elixir of life 2. enlightenment 3. how to turn base metals into noble metalsRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  3. 3. Alchemy, eh? The New Alchemy What we’ll be exploring: customer for BA turning lead our BA our experience teams into gold service customersRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  4. 4. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE:Redvespa / David Morris / BALM
  5. 5. process – has been a work in progressRedvespa / David Morris / BALM c3solutions/yardmanagement/buildorbuy
  6. 6. Deliver to me*– *The experience is what we’re left feelingRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  7. 7. disgustRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  8. 8. interestRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  9. 9. delightRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  10. 10. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: customer experience is what customers are left feeling, whether that’s good, poor, or indifferentRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  11. 11. IMPORTANCE FOR BA TEAMS:Redvespa / David Morris / BALM
  12. 12. change the way we think about our work CUSTOMER experiences outside-in Focus on the interactions touchpoints touchpoints procedures systems inside-out ORGANISATION Customer experience frameworkRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  13. 13. strategic role for BA teamRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  14. 14. IMPORTANCE FOR BA TEAMS: we can better position our BAs by getting them to think outside-in and encouraging that thinking throughout the organisationRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  15. 15. TURNING LEAD INTO GOLD:Redvespa / David Morris / BALM
  16. 16. understand the customer experience satisfied delighting not met met expected basic Kano model dissatisfiedRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  17. 17. map the journeyRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  18. 18. remediate or remove the pain pointsRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  19. 19. TURNING LEAD INTO GOLD: customer experience transformation uses all our skills and knowledge in process optimisation and user-centred design - customer-first then internalRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  20. 20. FOR OUR BA SERVICERedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  21. 21. who are our customers (internal)Redvespa / David Morris / BALM
  22. 22. BA framework - touchpoints Considers needs in the ‘voice of the customer’, throughout their experienceCustomer experience touchpoints Discover Enquire Buy Set-up Use Resolve Change Pay Stop … reflected by the Customer Experience Lifecycle ‘response of the enterprise’Customer-facing capabilities Inform Sell Fulfil Operate Assure Manage BillInternal support / enterprise capabilities Support & Strategy Finance HR Infrastructure Product Readiness Not forgetting the ‘needs of the enterprise’ Redvespa / David Morris / BALM
  23. 23. BA framework – end-to-end process CustomerSalesFulfilmentFinance Redvespa / David Morris / BALM A ‘descriptive’ BPMN model of a customer-triggered end-to-end process
  24. 24. BA framework – use case diagram Enquire Stop Business Customer Business [Past] Customer [Prospect] Buy Change Resolve Business Business Set-up Customer Customer [Active] [Active] Use Pay Consumer BankRedvespa / David Morris / BALM A generic use case diagram of the typical customer lifecycle
  25. 25. FOR OUR BA SERVICE get closer to those to whom we’re delivering business analysis services - bake this approach into our BA frameworksRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  26. 26. FOR OUR CUSTOMERSRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  27. 27. FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - ensure customers are more likely to find, buy, and recommend - more likely to design more effective services and processes to support thatRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  28. 28. summary • customer experience is important • position our teams to maximise on this and lead it • customer experience as part of our BA frameworks • improves relationships internally • right approach for customers & for effective processRedvespa / David Morris / BALM
  29. 29. THANK YOU @redvespanz @davidjcmorrisRedvespa / David Morris / BALM