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PPC Advertising Strategy -Create a Story That Flows


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Understanding the nature of the PPC and the relationship between the searcher, the search results, your ad, your landing page, and a conversion is key to success.

This was adapted from my Winning PPC Strategy slideshare presentation, but done professionally.

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PPC Advertising Strategy -Create a Story That Flows

  1. 1. a Winning By: David Melamed PPC Advertising Strategy
  2. 2. playingouta conversationin YOUR PROSPECTS ARE their heads
  3. 3. IN THEIR HEADS Join The Conversation YOUR JOB IS TO
  4. 4. asking a question. When a prospect searches in Google, They are
  5. 5. Answer Their Question Your Ad Should
  6. 6. When They Click Through, “Tell Me More…” They are Asking You,
  7. 7. When They Visit Your Website, You Should Fulfill The Implied Promise Your Ad Made.
  8. 8. “Yes, Please Contact Me, I Want To Continue This Conversation.” finally, you should have a clear action you want the prospect to take which says to you,
  9. 9. Thank You. Questions? Need help with PPC? How to reach me! DAVID MELAMED