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Text message marketingx

  1. 1. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business David McCammon MarketTrainingCenter.Com http://www.MarketTrainingCenter.com
  2. 2. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business NOTICE: You Do NOT Have the Right to Reprint or Resell this Report! You Also MAY NOT Give Away, Sell or Share the Content Herein If you obtained this report from anywhere other than http://markettrainingcenter.com you have a pirated copy. Please help stop Internet crime by reporting this to: mailto:support@markettrainingcenter.com. © 2013 Copyright MarketTrainingCenter.comAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. Legal Notices The information presented herein represents the view of the author as of the date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserve the right to alter and update his opinion based on the new conditions. This book is for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided in this book, neither the authors nor their affiliates/partners assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional. You should be aware of any laws which govern business transactions or other business practices in your country and state. Any reference to any person or business whether living or dead is purely coincidental. Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not purport this as a “get rich scheme.” Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material. Page 2
  3. 3. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Introduction SMS, short message service or, as it’s become more commonly known, text message marketing, has become so huge today that many customers don’t even realize that they’re part of a text message marketing campaign. Do you receive texts from your cell phone company telling you about a new product or service? Or does your gym text you telling you when there’s a new class or promotion available? If you get a text message from any business, or from someone you don’t know, the chances are good that you’re part of a text message marketing campaign. More companies today are jumping onto the text message train and with so many benefits; it’s not hard to see why. Still, so many small businesses can’t see those benefits because they’re so overwhelmed at the thought of this kind of marketing. Doesn’t it cost a lot of money? And how is a business to build a list of numbers for the text message campaign? When are you supposed to even have the time to text all of those hundreds, or even thousands, of numbers? Page 3
  4. 4. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business It’s no wonder small business owners quickly give up even the thought of text message marketing. But there is an answer for each of those questions, and they’re all within this guide. This report will walk you through, step-by-step, on how to create a text message marketing campaign from beginning to end. Within you’ll find out what you’ll need to begin, how to find a short message service company that works for you, how to set these campaigns up to run automatically, and tips on what texts work the best, and how often you should be texting customers. So go on! Start reading and finding out everything you need to know about text message marketing for your small business! Page 4
  5. 5. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Text Message Marketing for Your Business Text Message marketing Challenges Text message marketing doesn’t pose many challenges to the small business owner; that is, once they’ve already embarked on creating a campaign. Getting to that point where it’s no longer overwhelming and starts to become profitable though, can be a bit of a challenge in and of itself. Here are the biggest obstacles faced by small business owners when they first start considering text message marketing for their business. Challenge #1: Not knowing the benefits Some business owners know the benefits that come with text message marketing. Others have heard of it, but don’t really see how sending out a few texts can translate into bigger profits. For this latter group, here are just a few of the biggest benefits that can be derived from text message marketing.  It’s incredibly fast. With other types of marketing campaigns, it could take weeks or months before your campaign is even off the ground; and it could be even longer before you start seeing any results from that marketing. Page 5
  6. 6. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Text message marketing on the other hand, can be done within a second, and customers can respond right away.  It allows you to target certain audiences more effectively. With billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, pamphlets, and radio ads, you either need to blanket all of your customers with the same advertisement, or you need to spend a huge amount of time sorting them out into different target groups and then marketing only to them. However with text message marketing you can automatically target certain people and certain groups, or you can send the text to every customer – both will take the same amount of time.  It garners more results than email marketing. Email is still king when it comes to many online and digital forms of marketing; but not text messaging. Studies have shown that while customers are more likely to ignore or block marketing email addresses, they’re much more likely to open – and be open to – marketing and promotional material sent via text message.  It’s environmentally-friendly. Everyone’s concerned about “going green” these days, including your customers. Page 6
  7. 7. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Text message marketing includes paperless campaigns; something that’s more budget-friendly for you, and more enticing for your customers! Challenge #2: Having no time Business owners already find that they have no time in the day. So how are they supposed to find time to create a campaign, gather numbers, and then send the marketing material to all those people? Creating the campaign and sending text messages isn’t difficult and can be done by the small business owner if they’re interested in doing things themselves. For those who aren’t, a marketing consultant is a valuable resource that will be able to do both for them. Whether you’re looking for a step-by-step guide, or just need to know how to hire the right marketing consultant to do it all for you, this guide will show you how to do both. But what about the time involved? Short messaging service companies can set you up so that everything, all of your campaigns, run automatically – to only the people that you want it sent to. How do you find that short messaging service company? It’s further on in this report. Page 7
  8. 8. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Challenge #3: Having no numbers Too many business owners think that just because they don’t have any numbers to send their text messages to, they shouldn’t even bother with this type of marketing. However, those same business owners are currently sitting on a vast amount of numbers and don’t even know it. And for those that aren’t, or that need more numbers to add to their pile, this report will show you how. Page 8
  9. 9. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Before You Create a Text Message Marketing Plan Before you start creating your own text message marketing campaign, you’ll need to know about a few things. These are listed below. Know the rules Each state has different rules when it comes to text message marketing and because this type of marketing is still quite new, the laws are very vague. You need to thoroughly do your research on the laws pertaining to your state and area to ensure that you’re staying within them. Spam is not as common in texts as it is in email, but spammers and hackers are still out there, and you don’t want to be labeled as one of them. To keep yourself completely protected, it’s best to also stay within the email marketing laws, which are a bit clearer and easily found. If you find that you don’t have the time to research the laws yourself, it’s best to speak to a marketing consultant; they’ll know exactly what the laws are in your area. Page 9
  10. 10. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Traditional marketing Text message marketing is a very lucrative form of marketing, but it was never meant to replace other types of marketing. While this is true with many of the new forms of marketing, it’s especially relevant with text message marketing. This is because this form of marketing typically points back to a blog, a website, a phone number, or some other type of marketing – direct or indirect. Page 10
  11. 11. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Types of Text Messaging Marketing Campaigns Once you’re armed and ready with the few things you need, it’s then time to start deciding on which type of campaign you want to run. You can rely strictly on one, or use different methods depending on the promotion. You can also use the trial-and-error method, although a good marketing consultant will be able to advise you on which campaigns work best, and when. Text blasting or bulk messaging With this type of messaging one message is sent to a mass group of clients, much like you would send a group message within email. Providers that offer this type of SMS marketing will typically have an address book feature. Here you can import all of your numbers, and continually add to them and store them. This list can typically be broken down into smaller groups, allowing you to create better-targeted campaigns. With this type of marketing campaign you have to be extremely careful; you can’t just save every number you ever get and continue to text them messages. Instead, you must give your customers the option to both opt in to the campaign, and opt out. While they may be interested in your product or service Page 11
  12. 12. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business for a little while, it might not be forever; and they might not appreciate receiving texts two years after they gave you their number. Most states and other regions are also very particular in their laws regarding unsolicited emails and text messages – another reason to be extremely careful. So how can you get phone numbers when using this type of marketing? Here are a few ways:     Existing customer database (you can email them an invite, don’t just add their number) Place a request in your monthly/weekly newsletter or magazine. Include a request in all offline marketing material. Place a request on the company’s website. When asking people for their phone numbers, always stress that privacy is of your utmost concern; and explain the benefits they’ll receive just by being part of the program (special discounts, coupons, etc.) Keyword response With a keyword response marketing campaign, customers will contact you first before you send a text message back to them. This type of marketing campaign is usually designed to increase direct interaction between the company and the customer. Page 12
  13. 13. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business For example: A real estate agent may include on their business cards, “Text LISTINGS to find out what I have in the area!” When a homebuyer texts the number, an automated response is set up to immediately text the buyer back. In this case it would read something like, “Thanks for the interest in my listings! I’ll contact you within the next hour!” While keyword response can be a highly effective form of marketing and really get customers involved, the downside is that you, or someone at your company, must be available at all times specifically to return those calls. An ignored call is a failed campaign; and that’s worse than no campaign at all. Smart texting This kind of campaign is highly complex, and not even all providers offer it. This is a type of keyword response campaign, but it begins a complete interaction that can involve calling other people or contacting other programs. Page 13
  14. 14. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business In the case of the real estate agent or firm, the buyer could text the word “LISTINGS” to the specified number. A few seconds later they’d get a text back asking, “Which price range were you looking for?” to which they’d reply, and so on. These can be as long or short as the business owner wants; but the more complex they are, the more targeted the marketing can be, and the more knowledgeable the salesperson can go into the call. These are the biggest benefits that come with smart texting. Premium-rated SMS These campaigns are available only if you are using a commercial provider (the preferred method) and not setting up your own desktop server; and only certain commercial service providers offer them. With these campaigns customers text in, but they are charged a higher-than-usual rate for doing so. The difference is then split between you and the service provider. When using this type of campaign, it’s important to consider the average income of the group you’re targeting. Those with lower incomes likely won’t be able to afford the higher rates. However, this can be a good way for companies to make more than they would with a typical campaign. Page 14
  15. 15. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business SMS-to-email and email-to-SMS Most providers will allow a certain amount of these kinds of text messages free every day; and they can be another terrific opportunity on how to best capitalize on your text message marketing campaign. However, you’ll need to know what providers your customers are using for their cell service. Cell broadcast This is much like bulk messaging except that one message is sent out to every single cellular phone number within a certain area. It’s been found useful for things like emergency and disaster situations (such as Bangladesh recently announced it would use it for,) but it could very easily violate privacy and security terms. This type of service also requires the consent of every cell phone provider in the area. Page 15
  16. 16. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business SMS Server, Desktop Server, or Commercial Service Provider? Once you’ve decided on which type of text message marketing campaign, or campaigns, you want to use, you’ll then need to decide on whether you’re going to use a desktop server, or a commercial service provider. With an SMS server you’ll most likely need a marketing consultant, or a team of them, to maintain and update. Desktop servers, while easier to start up and maintain, are much more limited. Commercial service providers are the more popular choice, although both have their benefits, and their place. Desktop Server Desktop servers can be a great way to find a marketing campaign that really works. However, those that use a desktop server find that at some point when their marketing needs grow, they’ll need to switch to a commercial provider anyway. A desktop server consists of two things: the actual SMS software, and a mobile phone or GSM modem that will be used to both send and receive text messages. Page 16
  17. 17. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Modems are the preferred choice, as mobile phones can be much more limiting when used as server; but even when using the proper modem, you still won’t be able to send and receive as many texts as you may like. In addition, if you happen to exceed the number of messages allowed, the provider may stop services on your phone’s SIM card when using a cell phone. The biggest benefit that desktop servers have is that companies can try out different marketing techniques and campaigns to find which one works best, without paying a great deal for it. RapidAndroid and Frontline SMS are two of the most popular companies offering desktop servers. SMS Server Starting up and running an SMS server is the only way to truly get a fully customized text message marketing campaign, or campaigns, that allows you to do whatever you want (while staying within the law,) gives you much better performance, and will be able to both send and receive many more messages. The downside to this server? The cost. Page 17
  18. 18. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business These servers can be extremely costly just to purchase, and then maintain. Additionally, there’s no question – any business owner is going to need at least one marketing consultant to help them work with the server, no matter what work is being done. Kannel, Gammu, RapidSMS, and PlaySMS are some of the most popular companies that offer SMS servers. Commercial service providers Do a quick search in any search engine for “SMS providers” and you’ll be returned with a list of hundreds of companies. Commercial providers have become so popular today because set up can be very simple and they sometimes come with features such as webbased or desktop management at no additional cost. Speaking of cost though, every provider is going to have their own fees and monthly costs, and they’re as varied as the text messages they send themselves. Because of this, you’ll need to seriously consider the cost of any provider, and if it’s worth the value of what they’re offering. That being said, the cheapest provider isn’t always the best deal; and the most expensive isn’t always the best. Page 18
  19. 19. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Finding an SMS Provider Your SMS provider could be your best friend, or your worst enemy; so it’s best to choose wisely. This is the company that will be providing you with all of your SMS needs, including setting up the automatic texts; gathering your numbers from you and in many cases, supplying you with a list of numbers; and just about anything else that you want to do in order to move forward with your marketing campaign. Bear in mind that an SMS provider is not the same thing as a marketing consultant. While an SMS provider will set you up and give you the ability to text thousands of people at a time, they often won’t do more than that. A marketing consultant is the one that will need to create the actual texts, and set up the automatic systems that your SMS provider offers. There are many things that you’ll want to look for in an SMS provider; and if you are working with a marketing consultant, they’ll be able to take over this job for you as well if you’d like. Page 19
  20. 20. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business If you’re going it on your own, here are a few things to look for:  They deliver messages using a shortcode. Shortcodes are typically keywords that a customer can enter in order to be taken to your marketing campaign, collect or redeem coupons, or answer surveys and polls. It’s generally understood that only the best SMS providers use shortcodes.  They have Mobile Marketing Experts on staff. These are marketing professionals that have studied in the specific field of technical requirements. They are all members of the Mobile Marketing Association and have specialized knowledge about SMS. Still, they will not usually create content for you or set up any systems to send out messages. They are there strictly to work for the SMS provider and advise them on the best services to offer their customers with today’s SMS needs, and help with a few technical aspects on the provider’s end.  They have a phone number. This one may sound a little crazy, but it’s true. Providing SMS is one of those industries that is fraught with scammers; and those scammers typically rely solely on online communication since it’s less traceable and they don’t actually have to deal with any customers. Make sure that yours has one and that when you call it, you get another person on the other end. Page 20
  21. 21. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  They are strictly focused on text message marketing. While it’s fine for your marketing consultant to dabble in other forms of marketing as well (and preferred, since they can tie it all together,) this is not what you want from your SMS provider. As their name suggests, they provide a specific service – and that service should be all they’re thinking about.  They have a website that’s easy to navigate. This one also may sound like you’re just being difficult but if an SMS provider doesn’t have a website that uploads quickly and is easy to get around, it could indicate that they don’t have a good grip on how to best utilize the digital and online world. You may want to find a provider that does.  Their customers are raving about their customer service. This is an obvious one. There’s still nothing that can be guaranteed quite like word of mouth can, and it holds so true when looking for an SMS provider. Look at testimonials and reviews not located on the provider’s site (thirdparty) and see who is saying the best things about which company. This will probably be the biggest help when narrowing your list down. Page 21
  22. 22. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Three Most Popular SMS Providers EZ Texting EZ Texting allows you to send anywhere from 10 to 10,000 messages in just minutes, and with just a few clicks. This company uses keywords that customers can text in to receive coupons, schedule appointments, and more. They’ll also allow you to segment and sort your contacts into groups – as many groups as you want – so that you can have more effective, better-targeted marketing strategies. Here are some of the features you’ll receive when using EZ Texting:  Web-based service, so the amount of information you store is practically limitless  Can take polls, and display results on the screen  Uses, and provides, shortcodes  Compatible with PowerPoint  Can create reports  Can create as many groups as you’d like, with as many numbers in each group as you’d like  Does not allow repetitive voting in polls  Results can be downloaded in Excel format  Free trial  Importing and adding contacts is easy  Multiple choice polls Page 22
  23. 23. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  Customized polls  Automatic replies  Provides keywords for polls with ability to buy additional keywords  International voting  Facebook widget  Photo and YouTube attachments allowed  Customer support is available through toll-free number; email; FAQs; and a blog  Product demo available  Plans start as low as $10/month for 400 messages and go as high as $149/month for 6,600 messages; additional messages are available for purchase at the cost of $24 for 1,000 messages. Ahoy Messaging Ahoy Messaging is actually much more than simply an SMS provider. With this company you’ll be able to import contacts easily for SMS purposes; as well as send out campaigns that include audio files, mobile e-cards, and a shuffle responder that will place all of your text messages into a “scrambler” and send them out randomly. Also from right within Ahoy, you’ll be able to create QR codes, and update your Facebook and Twitter accounts. In addition to all of these features, these are the text messaging features they offer: Page 23
  24. 24. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  Web-based service  Online set-up  On-screen poll results  Uses, and provides, shortcodes  Creates reports and groups  Prevents repetitive votes  Results can be downloaded as an Excel file  Free trial offered  Contacts can easily be imported and added onto  Multiple choice polls available  Customized polls  Automatic reply messages sent  Will accept votes made through a mobile browser  Keywords for polls are provided  Facebook widget provided  Photo and YouTube attachments allowed  Customer support available through email and FAQs  Product demo available  Plans available from $28/month for 200 messages to $800/month for 10,000 messages; additional messages can be purchased for $110 per 1,000 messages. Page 24
  25. 25. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Trumpia Trumpia is another very popular SMS provider that allows many of the same features as Ahoy. These include text-to-screen services, shuffle responders, and picture and video messaging. In addition, Trumpia also comes with these features:  Web-based service  Online set-up available  Poll results displayed on screen  Uses, and provides, shortcodes  Creates reports and groups  Prevents repetitive voting  Free trial available  Can import, as well as add onto, contacts  Multiple choice polls  Automatic message replies sent  Votes can be made via mobile browser  Uses, and provides, keywords  Facebook widget available  Photos and YouTube attachments allowed  Customer support available through toll-free phone, email, FAQs, and blog  Product demo available Page 25
  26. 26. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  Packages available from $50 a month for 1,000 messages to $1200 a month for 30,000 messages; additional messages are available at $50 for 1,000 messages. Once you’ve decided what type of campaign you want to run, and you’ve chosen the service provider that’s going to help you do it, its then time to move on in the text message marketing plan. What are you going to say, and what are you going to use it for? That’s what will be discussed in the next section. Page 26
  27. 27. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business How to Most Effectively Use Text Message Marketing There are a number of different ways you can not only use text message marketing, but use it to its fullest advantage. The chances are, once you’ve completed your first couple of campaigns, you’ll be filled with tons of ideas on how you can most effectively use text message marketing. Here are a few to get you started:  Appointment reminders. It’s incredibly frustrating, and incredibly profit-eating, to make appointments with customers only to have them cancel at the last second. Sending appointment reminders via text a few days, or the day before, can help cut down on the number of those appointment cancelations.  Appointment availability announcements. Even with the best campaign running appointment reminders, you’re not going to be able to eliminate cancelled appointments altogether. So when it happens as it’s bound to, you can instead send out announcements to customers on the waiting list that one’s become available. You can fill the spot, customers will be happy you fit them in, and other customers won’t walk away angry with the cancellation fees you’ve charged them. Page 27
  28. 28. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  Event announcements. It can be incredibly disappointing when you take weeks or months to plan a company barbecue, a customer appreciation event, or any other event, and have a poor turnout simply because people didn’t know about it. Text message marketing can send announcements about the event months before, and then several times leading up to the event.  Flash sales. Having a slow business day? Need to drum up some business to balance the month’s books? Messaging your customers that you’re having a sale for that day only can do the trick.  Newsletter signup. This form of marketing works best when using keyword response campaigns. Place a keyword on your website, slides during presentations, business cards, and anywhere else you can think of. When customers text in, they’ll sign up for the newsletter.  Share your presentations. This particular use has revolutionized the way people speak and present at conferences and seminars. Gone are the days of copying agendas, notes, schedules, and other handouts. Now when you get up to speak you can simply give the attendees a code that they can text. This code will allow them to download all of the data – to their phone, email, or laptop. Page 28
  29. 29. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  Polls. Polls are everywhere today, and they’re a great way to obtain direct, and quick, customer feedback. Want to know what product your customers are looking for? Want to know whether or not they’re enjoying a particular feature of your website or service? Polls will answer all of these questions and more.  Coupons. Also one of the biggest uses of text message marketing, sending your customers a coupon via text message is a huge way to increase profits and increase customer interaction. Coupons, gift certificates, special previews, insider info on sales and promotions – it’s all up for grabs with text message marketing. Page 29
  30. 30. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Tips for Writing Marketing Texts While no one except a good marketing consultant can tell you word for word what to write in your text message marketing campaigns, here are some ways to form and create your text messages that will help:  Keep it simple. With text messages, just like Twitter, you’re forced to keep it simple because you’re typically limited to about 160 characters. However, you can still become very confusing within those few characters, and you have to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Stay focused, offer no more than one thing in your message, and then get out.  Include a call to action. The last thing you want is a great message that gets customers excited, and then leaves them feeling confused as to what to do next. Make a call to action and be very specific about what they need to do. Remember, some people could be receiving a text message for the first time when they receive yours, so walk them through it – exactly.  Include a sense of urgency. You also don’t want people putting off action on your offer, as that leads to it eventually being forgotten. Include an expiration date, a “limited time offer” announcement, or a deadline. It will make it stick in people’s heads better, and make them take action right away. Page 30
  31. 31. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business  Brand yourself. Millions of companies and businesses are already using text message marketing, and millions more are about to start. Because of this, as you continue to send text messages, they have a better chance of getting lost in the crowd. Help customers remember your messages further by branding yourself within them. Place the same tag line, logo, or slogan at the top of every single message that you send – every single time.  Make it personable. Every company has their own tone they like to use in their marketing campaigns, whether it’s professional or casual. But even the most professional corporations need to learn to keep it casual in their text messages. Texts by their very nature are casual, and people are used to being casual in them. While you don’t have to use slang and be supercasual, you can’t be super-corporate, either. In addition to the things you should do, there are also a number of things that you should not do. The last section will cover what those are. Page 31
  32. 32. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business What to Avoid in Text Message Marketing When text message marketing doesn’t work, it’s usually because business owners have inadvertently used it incorrectly, or made mistakes when creating and following through with their campaign. Below are the biggest mistakes to avoid in text message marketing:  Ineffective promotion of the campaign. Text message marketing is just one approach, and you’ll need your other forms of marketing to keep generating profits. But you’ll also need them to promote your text messaging campaign; it’s the only way to keep getting numbers and to make the campaign as effective as it can really be. Promote your campaign on social media, business cards, radio broadcasts, newspaper adverts, and leaflets.  Not using collected data. While you can’t keep messaging people years, or maybe even months, after one campaign, you should keep the numbers you get on-hand and ask them to opt in to further campaigns. Furthermore, any results from polls that you take through a campaign should also be recorded and retained. These can prove to be valuable resources later on when you’re searching for the same kind of information.  Leaving inquiries unanswered. How turned off would a customer be if they asked you a question when standing right in front of you and you didn’t reply? It’s the same thing that Page 32
  33. 33. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business happens with unanswered text messages. When people text in, they are showing a genuine interest in what you do and what you’re offering. The worst thing you could do would be to turn them away.  Buying lists of numbers. The numbers that you get from your SMS provider you can be fairly certain are legitimate and legally obtained. However, those that are for purchase from random individuals or companies are typically not legitimate, and messages will be identified as spam. Prevent this from happening, and don’t buy lists from people you don’t know.  Over-texting. Text too often and you’ll soon have people opting out of your campaign like wildfire. This one’s really simple: don’t text the same customer any more than twice a month, unless you’re responding to a question or comment of theirs. Page 33
  34. 34. Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business Conclusion Text message marketing has so many benefits that are all too often untapped by business owners, if only because they’re too overwhelmed by the thought. But there’s no reason to be intimidated, or to think that you can’t do it. Anyone can really, but not everyone has the time. If that’s the case for you, call a marketing consultant that can explain all of the benefits, help you find the right service provider for you, and even write all of your text messages for you. If you do want to do it all yourself, what are you waiting for? Start researching the different SMS companies, find one you like, and get writing your very first text message campaign! Page 34