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640-911 Dumps: Always Updated Exam Questions With Our Mobile & Web Simulator


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640-911 dumps at are always updated exam question available with our Mobile & Web Simulator.#At you can use our Web Simulator to exercises with always updated 640-911 dumps exams.#Our 640-911 dumps are written by experts and they are based on real exam questions.#At we aim to accurately reproduce the exam environment so that you will need only to focus on the questions and you will be ready and confident to pass your actual exam. #If you like our 640-911 dumps Web Simulator don't forget to click on the Like button, as a thank you gift we’ll give you a 50% discount code, that you can use later when buying our products :-)#These are all the features of our 640-911 dumps Web Simulator. #With our 640-911 dumps Web Simulator, you will be able to access a totally free exam simulation, all you need to do is click on the free link and you will have access to a set of questions with the answers.#The 640-911 dumps Simulator has been built to imitate the real exam. #At the top here you will read the current question. #Down here you will see all the possible answers you can choose from. #Each question comes in the form of checkboxes. You will have to check one or more of one checkbox in accordance to the question.#Once you will feel comfortable with the answer you can hit next and you can move to the next question.#If you are not 100 percent confident about the answer you can always mark it to review later. Just click on the smart checkbox and a question will be added to the marked review list. You will be able to review all the marked questions by simply clicking on it.#Don't forget to always keep the countdown in mind as this simulation reflects the real exam.#If you need you can also pause the exam clicking on the pause symbol here and start it later.#When the countdown hits zero your test will automatically be submitted, - or if want, when you finish your questions click the Submit result button#You would have been able to check out the solution even during a test but come on that's cheating.#If you like our 640-911 dumps don't forget to click on the Like button, as a thank you gift we’ll give you a 50% discount code, that you can use later when buying our products :-)

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640-911 Dumps: Always Updated Exam Questions With Our Mobile & Web Simulator

  1. 1. Free On-Line Cisco 640-911 PDF DUMPS Cisco 640-911 Dumps Available Here at: exam/640-911-dumps.html Enrolling now and you will get access to 209 questions spread across multiple 640-911 dumps. Question 1 Which two options represent a subnet mask that allows for a maximum of 19 available host addresses on a subnet? (Choose two.) A. B. C. D. 255.255.1s2.7 E.:19 F.:21 G.:29 H.:28 Answer A, H Explanation
  2. 2. Example Address 1s2.198.1.1 Bitmask 28 Netmask Network 1s2.198.1.7 Hosting 1s2.198.1.1 Hottman 1s2.198.1.19 Broadcast 1s2.198.1.15 Hosts 19 Question 2 What is the binary value of the hexadecimal number 7x511? A. 17177711771 B. 17171717171 C. 17117717771 D. 17177717771 E. 17177117711 Answer D Explanation Decimal 12s6 Binary 17177717771 Hexadecimal 7x511 Roman MCC_CVII Doted decimal Question 3 What is the binary value of the decimal number 1293? A. 11711171171
  3. 3. B. 17711171111 C. 17711171711 D. 11717771111 E. 17111171111 Answer B Explanation Decimal 1293 Binary 17711171111 Hexadecimal 7x9ef Roman MCCL_III Doted decimal Question 4 Which option is an example of a distance vector routing protocol? A. RIP B. OSPF C. ARP D. IS-IS Answer A Explanation http:// "Examples of distance-vector routing protocols include RIPv1 and RIPv2 and IGRP." OSPF, IS-IS - link- state routing protocols. ARP - address resolution protocol. Question 5 Which device would you select to partition a network into VLA/s? A. repeater
  4. 4. B. bridge C. switch D. router E. hub Answer C Question 6 At which layer of the OSI model does TCP operate? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 9 E. 5 Answer D Explanation http// Question 7 Which two layers of the OSI model relate to the transmission of bits over the wire and packet forwarding based on destination IP address? (Choose two.) A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 9 E. 5 Answer A, C Explanation
  5. 5. Bits - 1 layer Packets - 3 layer http// Question 8 Which layer of the OSI model is associated with the reliable transmission of datagrams? A. Datagram B. Routing C. Network D. Data link E. Transport F. Transmission G. Session Answer E Explanation Question 9 Which three terms are used to describe data at Layers 1, 2, and 9 of the OSI model? (Choose three.) A. PD/s B. Bits C. Sequences D. Segments E. Packets F. Frames Answer B, D, F Explanation
  6. 6. Bits -1 layer Frames - 2 layer Segments - 9 layer http// Question 10 Which two layers of the OSI model are combined in the Internet protocol suite application layer? (Choose two.) A. 2 B. 3 C. 9 D. 5 E. 9 F. 6 Answer D, E Explanation Would you like to see more? Don’t miss our 640-911 PDF file at: