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David sena online

  1. 1. David Sena OnlineLiving On An Acknowledgement Page Quotations Personal Inspiration Help with Technology More than a Profession Photos← Older Some days you are… Value Responsibility… Sena Online David Cali Lewis (@CaliLewis) Value responsibility more than talent. #leadership via @Leadershipfreak Posted at 10:50 AM July 26, 2011 Edit this post on Twitter “Some days you’re a bug. Some days you’re a windshield.” Edmore Edit this post Google Facebook WordPress Gmail “It’s never too late to be the person Email Print you could have been.” Powered by Wibiya and AddThis The other day my wife and I witnessed a crop duster Manitou Springs – July 2011 flying over the field. She stopped me and made me get out of my car to take photos. Spending time on the side of the road capturing man and machine at work was super cool. I was pleasantly surprised my wife force me to take the time. Silvia, my wife, continues to make “moments” for me to enjoy the things that I love. Capturing things in motion through my camera is one of those things I love. We were on our way to do those Saturday errands. I try to keep my camera with me for times like this. She interrupted our day to give me time to be a “photographer.” Edit this post I am under no illusions that I would have been a great photographer but the time spent on the road made wonder about a quote, “It’s never too late to be the person you could have been.” God is Generous On that sunny afternoon, we were on our way to do those things we have to do. My wife interrupted our normal. We paused to enjoy the things I love. “It’s never too late to be the person you could have been.” Maybe taking a pause in the midst of the normal and the ordinary can lead to becoming the person I could have Six ways to be generous that won’t been. cost you a dime Just a pause. Just a small interruption could make all the difference. I think Ican be generous without along Here are six ways you will look for another pause the way toyour wallet: to who I want to be. touching draw closer I don’t often hear the word “Generous‘ to describe God. He is Holy. He is Glorious. He is Awesome. He is truth. He
  2. 2. is love. He is all these. As I think about God, I don’t often think about the word generosity. Yet, there it is. He is generous. Edit this postI want to be a person of holinesss and truth and love. I also want to be a generous person. I recently have been enjoying my sabbatical. During that time, I have beenenjoying the generosity of the members of my board of directors who ordered me to take time away. I also realize my co-workers at the Mission have been generous toallow me uninterrupted time away.The actions of my team at the Northlands Rescue Mission made me think of ways to be generous without using money. As I thought about it, it made me realize that Ihave been extremely blessed throughout my life with the generosity of others who have overlooked my shortcomings, given me a second chance and believed the best ofme when I doubted so much. 1. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t jump toFrom the Bible: conclusions. He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave 2. Forgive. All of us makehis kindness on us, a second our sins. He has showered mistakes and need chance. along with all wisdom and understanding. God has now revealed to us his mysterious plan regarding Christ, a plan to fulfill his own good pleasure. (Ephesians1: 7-9) 3. Say Thank You for the mundane tasks of life. Thank Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything (Proverbs 11:24) Fifth Daythere.Sabbatical: I was them for being of The generous will prosper; those who refresh others wil themselves be refreshed (Proverbs 11:24) struggling Join stay on a job they dread. 4. Lend a hand. to someone in the road If you search for good, you will find favor; (Proverbs 11:27a) 5. Give a complement. Good words in due season are always appreciated. 6. Listen (patiently). Bonus: Be enthusiastic about someone’s new idea or project.Edit this post Edit this post Part of living your life in the blur is a sense movement but not a sense of direction. “If I keep moving and being active, I am sure to get there.” It’s easy to lose your way in a snow storm by moving without a sense of direction. Last winter I was in a blizzardFourth Day of Sabbatical: Learning by Osmosis and I was struggling to stay on the road. I strained and strained to find the lines. With all the snow it was hard toToday is a great day. I found the greatest spot to hangout and surf. This post is being written in a coffeeshop on the ground the road a universitythe ditch began. I was know where floor of ended and coffee shop surroundedby windows. It is neat being around the university students and faculty. My college years were spent at a military academy. I have often wondered what it would had to getting frustrated that I could not see. I knew that I belike to be on a regular college campus. I can feel the learning and teaching going on. It is amazing to be around life for the markers to tell me where to go. look changing activities. Is it possible to surround ourselves with opportunities to learn by osmosis? What happens when you can’t find the markers? I feel that way sometimes. Life in the blur. Pace and more pace. More activity. Move forward. But what if those markers disappear and you are heading into the ditch? What if you can’t see to move back onto the road in the right direction? What then? I love Isaiah 30. God lets us know that no matter where we are, God is with us to teach us. I can see Him. He is there to tell me “This is the way you should go.” Every morning I drive thirty to forty minutes to work and home. I often will listen to talk radio or a book ontape. When I listen, I try to listen not only to content. I also try to observe how people put their thoughts together, make their argument and receive criticism. This is an interesting exercise. How I can I be an active learner?When I meet with people, I sometimes try to make sure I do not launch into my agenda until they have completed three to four sentences. This can be eye-opening andheart opening. I have found the discipline allows me to hear what is on their mind and heart.Each person in a conversation has two to three thoughts or needs to share. They are thinking or brooding on something. You can really learn and get to know people bybeing quick to listen. It is tough because your inner voice is fighting to be the first to express what you have been thinking or brooding.I love being surrounded by people teaching and learning. Today, I will be an active learner by stopping to hear the reactions and statements of people around me. my fifth On Takethe challenge: Be an active listener today and get to know the people you work around and live with better. You and Imy Sabbatical, my heart is encouraged thatliving is day of are surrounded with hundreds of years of Godand learning as we interact with people throughout our day. there to teach me. I can move forward with my eyes seeing Him. I can move ahead with confidence. I need not worryWill you stop to listen? Learning by osmosis can be fun and enriching. that my life is in the blur. I am excited to see where this road will lead…Edit this post He will whisper and I will hear “This is the way you should go…”
  3. 3. Edit this postSlowing down from living in the blurI am on the second day of my Sabbatical from my job. It isamazing to walk down the street with no agenda and nodeadlines.Today was a great day filled with coffee, friends and quiet.The world wide web called out to me today and I surfed andsurfed. It was amazing to watch how much knowledge andwisdom is free on the web.I was able to watch a video on social branding by CindyRatzlaff. She challenged me to think about the reputationthat David Sena has. What makes him different and unique? I have five weeks of a Sabbatical to slow down from living in the blur.What will I learn or see? A trip to vancouver, service toothers and most of all living without a deadline or agenda.Edit this post
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