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OpenStack Neutron 201 1hr


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David Lenwell from Akanda will briefly recap basic Neutron topics around network architecture and common features such as security groups, plugins and agents, then dive in deeper, focusing on advanced services such as Routing and Load Balancing. We will then drill down into typical service provider network designs and the specific technologies in use such as Linuxbridge. We will discuss the Neutron Advanced Services driver model and how it can be useful to Service Providers (and Enterprises) based on our team's experience powering DreamCompute’s networking capabilities using Akanda. We will review Akanda, an open source suite of software, services, orchestration, and tools for providing L3+ services in OpenStack that builds on top of Linux and OpenStack Neutron. Using Akanda, an OpenStack provider can provide tenants with a rich, powerful set of L3+ services. Finally, we will provide an update on the latest discussions heading into Tokyo such as the status of LBaaS, FWaaS as well as the newer Neutron projects such as L2 Gateway, the Neutron Stadium effort and the new Lieutenant system.

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OpenStack Neutron 201 1hr

  1. 1. Neutron 201
  2. 2. About Me • Senior Developer at Akanda inc • Former RefStack PTL • Past Engineer at BlueBox, Piston, and HP
  3. 3. Where are we headed today? • OpenStack Neutron Networking Basics • Advanced Services: LBaaS, VPNaaS, FWaaS • Neutron: Liberty and Beyond
  4. 4. OpenStack Neutron Networking Basics
  5. 5. OSI Model Physical Layer Data Link Layer Network Layer Transport Layer Session Layer Presentation Layer Application Layer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TCP, UDP IPv4,IPv6, ICMP HTTP, DNS, etc ARP, Ethernet, VLAN
  6. 6. OpenStack
  7. 7. Neutron
  8. 8. Reference Neutron neutron-server Database L3 Agent L3 Agent L3 Agent Advanced Service Advanced Service Advanced Services Message Queue DHCP Agent DHCP Agent DHCP Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agents
  10. 10. Plugin Extensions • Add logical resources to the REST API • Discovered by server at startup • REST: /v2.0/extensions • Common Extensions • Binding, DHCP, L3, Provider, Quota, Security Group
  11. 11. 2 types of plugins.. Monolithic Plugin Mech Mgr Modular Plugin Type Mgr
  12. 12. Monolithic Plugin Typical among sdn vendors They come in two varieties; • Proxy • Direct control PLUGIN
  13. 13. Modular Plugin Delegates calls to proper drivers • Two kinds of drivers • Type Driver • Mechanism Driver Mech Mgr PLUGIN Type Mgr
  14. 14. Flat vs Not..
  15. 15. Isolation VLAN • 802.1Q • limited • underlay must support GRE/VXLAN • L2 encapsulated in L3 • routable • overlay independence
  16. 16. Tunneling A D CB
  17. 17. Neutron Advanced Services
  18. 18. Reference Implementation Load Balancer V2 HAProxy Octavia Project
  19. 19. VPN as a Service OpenSwan Router Metadata Proxy VPN Driver ● Reference implementation uses OpenSwan ● Details can be found at: https://wiki.openstack. org/wiki/Neutron/VPNaaS
  20. 20. Firewall as a Service • Reference Implementation is Currently Experimental and not production ready • Whats next? L3 Agent Router Metadata Proxy Firewall Driver
  21. 21. Akanda
  22. 22. What is Akanda ● Akanda is a multi-process, multi- threaded Neutron advanced services orchestration service ● It currently supports routers and in the future, load balancers, VPNs and firewalls
  23. 23. Core Akanda Principles ● Simple ● Compatible ● Open Development (Apache v2)
  24. 24. The Rug really tied the room together
  25. 25. Reference Neutron neutron-server Database L3 Agent L3 Agent L3 Agent Advanced Service Advanced Service Advanced Service Message Queue DHCP Agent DHCP Agent DHCP Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agents
  26. 26. Neutron + the Rug L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent L2 Agent Message Queue L3 Agent L3 AgentService Instance neutron-server Database Akanda (the rug)
  27. 27. Router Instance Lifecycle ● Router per tenant distributed throughout the cluster ● The router controls the data flow at layer 3 level of the TCP/IP network stack
  28. 28. Akanda Project Details ● Get the source: https://github. com/stackforge/akanda ● Project status and tarballs: https: // ● Documentation: ● IRC - #akanda on
  29. 29. Neutron: Liberty and Beyond
  30. 30. OpenStack’s Big Tent • Open Design • Open Development • Open Community • Open Source
  31. 31. The Neutron Stadium • Common Forum • Improved Consistency • Shared Governance
  32. 32. Neutron: Liberty • IPAM • BGP Speaker • NFV Enhancements • Service Function Chaining • Enhanced Security Groups • Paying Down Technical Debt Canadian2006 - Liberty, Saskatchewan (CC-by-sa-3.0)
  33. 33. Questions