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WordCamp Atlanta 2016 - Self Employed on the Web


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Do you want to learn how to work better on the web? We’re going to chat about ways that you can improve your workflow, automate some common tasks, and offload the things that you don’t want to do to focus on the parts of working for yourself that you chose in the first place!

I’ve done web development since high school, and have run a web development company for the past seven years. A majority of that time was solely self-employed, but I’ve also worked for others, worked in teams, hired contractors, and worked as a contractor. There are pros and cons to each of these situations, and I’m here to discuss my experiences, as well as how to get the best out of these situations.

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WordCamp Atlanta 2016 - Self Employed on the Web

  2. 2. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB DO I EVEN WANT TO TRY FREELANCING? ▸ Limitations of Time / Wearing Every Hat ▸ Irregular Income ▸ Managing Personal Costs ▸ Work/Home Life Balance ▸ Client Relationships ▸ Finding a Market or Niche 2
  3. 3. HAVE A PLAN
  4. 4. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB HAVE A PLAN ▸ Use a customer relationships management tool* ▸ Use a contract/estimate/invoice tool* ▸ Use a project management tool* ▸ Use a time tracking tool* ▸ Use a calendar* ▸ *Use the right tool for you! 4
  5. 5. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB TOOLS OF THE TRADE ▸ Track Your Time – Internal and External ▸ Harvest, RescueTime, Toggl ▸ Keep Detailed Finances ▸ Freshbooks, QuickBooks, Harvest ▸ Manage Projects Intelligently ▸ Trello, Basecamp, Podio, Asana 5
  7. 7. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB STAYING FOCUSED ▸ Stick to a Routine ▸ Find Your Motivation ▸ Set Regular Goals ▸ Remove Distractions ▸ Maintain a Work Environment ▸ Separate Office from Home ▸ Differentiate Between On & Off Time 9
  9. 9. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT ▸ Know When to Say No ▸ Set Working Hours &
 Stick to Them ▸ Keep Clients Happy Within Reason ▸ Maintain Honesty and Accountability ▸ Garner Repeat Business and Word of Mouth 11
  10. 10. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL ▸ Build Your Support Team & Mentor Relationships ▸ Establish Network Fees/Barters ▸ Know Your Weaknesses - Fill Gaps in Knowledge/Skill ▸ Delegate to Maximize Your Impact ▸ Don’t Overextend Promises ▸ Learn on the Job 12
  11. 11. @davidlaietta | SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB STAY CONNECTED ▸ Attend Conferences & Meetups ▸ Keep Tabs on Industry Leaders ▸ Make Time for Constant Learning ▸ Attend Events Outside of the Industry 13
  12. 12. SELF EMPLOYED ON THE WEB QUESTIONS? ▸ @davidlaietta ▸ ▸ ▸