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Organization methods in word press


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From the 25 August 2012 Orlando WordPress Meetup. Methods on Structuring and Organization in WordPress.

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Organization methods in word press

  2. 2. PAGES Static Content Infrequent changes, consistently relevant Frequently navigated information Do not utilize Categories and Tags Good Example: A page with information about you and your TV blog
  3. 3. P OSTS Regularly updated content Archive for future use/indexing Show in RSS Feeds Consistently update with relevant content for users and search engines Good Example: Regular blog posts about the current weeks’ viewing schedule
  4. 4. C ATEGORIES Internal Structures Useful for ordering via widgets and loops Helpful for SEO with proper permalinks Good Examples: “Episode Recaps”, “TV News”, “Actor Info”
  5. 5. TAGS SEO! Internal Searching (Flickr, Youtube, Gmail) Limit Tag Usage - Relevant, not repeated Good Examples: “Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy, Angel, Joss Whedon” Bad Examples: “Buffy, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, vampire slayer”
  6. 6. C USTOM P OST T YPES Custom theme building Ease of use for end- user Creates top-level dashboard navigation Multiple levels of arguments for display Examples: “TV Shows”, “Networks”, “
  7. 7. TAXONOMIES Grouping/Classification Based on a single point of information within a Custom Post Type Not useful for qualities that are similar/unrelated Good Examples: “Actors”, “Titles” Bad Examples: “Season Number”, “Episode Number”
  8. 8. P OSTMETA More Finely Tuned Grouping Useful for additional queries Ability to further sort while searching Not useful for baseline queries Good Examples: “Episode Number”, “Season Number”, “Character”
  9. 9. F URTHER N OTES Hierarchical vs. Non Hierarchical Not consistent for all sites Not all organization necessary in all cases A full site scope is needed to determine proper structure Better to plan ahead accordingly than attempt to integrate later
  10. 10. T HANK Y OU David Laietta WordPress Development and Consulting @davidlaietta – Gamified WordPress Tutorials – Coming Soon!