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Making the Plunge into Freelancing


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WordCamp Atlanta 2013 Talk - "Making The Plunge Into Freelancing"

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Making the Plunge into Freelancing

  1. 1. Making the PlungeInto Freelancing
  2. 2. Who the Heck is This Guy? David Laietta - @davidlaietta WordPress Theme Developer Technical Support & Education Six Years WordPress Design/Development Three Years *Officially* Freelancing Four Profitable Freelance Only Months Intermediate Perspective
  3. 3. Things to Take Into Consideration IsThis Right For Me? Dealing With Clients I’m The Boss! Work Habits – Staying Focused When Do I Need Help? Useful Tools Staying Connected
  4. 4. Is This Right For Me? Irregular Income Work/Home Life Balance Client Relations Do Your Research  Business Costs and Living Expenses  Available Market  Filling a Niche  Time Constraints
  5. 5. Working With Clients: Who’s the Boss? “The Customer is Always Right” Know When to Say No Set Working Hours & Stick to Them User Intermediary Services if Needed Maintain Honesty and Accountability Keep Clients Happy Within Reason Garner Repeat Business and Testimonials/Word of Mouth Marketing
  6. 6. Staying Focused Remove Distractions  Maintain a Working Environment  Iterate on Productivity  Separate Office from Home  Differentiate Between On & Off Time Stickto a Routine Find Your Motivation Set Regular Goals – Daily/Weekly/Etc.
  7. 7. Can’t Do It All Build Your Support Team Build Mentor Relationships Establish Network Fees/Barters Know Your Weaknesses Fill Gaps in Knowledge/Skill Delegate to Maximize Your Impact Don’t Overextend Promises Learn on the Job
  8. 8. Tools of the Trade Track Your Time – Internal and External  Harvest  Time Doctor Keep Detailed Finances  Freshbooks  Intuit Manage Projects Intelligently  Basecamp  Podio
  9. 9. Stay Connected Attend Conferences, (Good) Networking Events, Meetups Keep Tabs on Industry Leaders Make Time for Constant Learning Make Time to Enjoy Yourself!