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Social Media For Retailers


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2 pager on how retailers use social media and can they make it pay

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Social Media For Retailers

  1. 1. SEARCH MARKET ANALYSIS SOCIAL MEDIA ….CAN RETAILERS MAKE IT PAY? SOCIAL MEDIA Will social media traffic sources ever achieve good ROI? Some retailers have recently begun using the phrase ‘SocialCRM’. What do they mean by this? Well, emailing your customer and member of an eCRM database As with all other channels, it is prospects database is referred to has a value to the owner of the important to set the goals of your as eCRM. The principles are database for example, you might strategy before beginning : traffic, simple: you segment your hear a head of eCommerce say; sales or other conversions are database, you offer the different “every member of our database central. Messaging, views and segments something and has an annual value of £5 in re-posts will seem less critical to optimise the channel to produce revenue”, so retailers are starting the average ecommerce organisa- the best ROI. to think of social media tion, but brand building will be These retailers are taking the audiences as having a residual, valuable to some. view that social media are to be measurable value. There are viewed as ‘just another channel’ triggers for entering the the same as email marketing or database, ways to map the search marketing. For some community and ways to retailers, these channels produce persuade the audience to part acceptable ROI, for some they with their hard earned cash. do not. In the same way that a INTERNET SEARCH METRICS FEBRUARY 2010
  2. 2. SOCIAL NETWORKING STRATEGY How to ensure your social networking strategy isn’t just window dressing. 12 things you can do. With over 350m users on savvy retailers are getting in on viral potential of your brand. Facebook, 20 hours of new Topshop has its own podcast 10/ BRING THE CONVERSATION the act too. Starbucks has over OFFLINE content uploaded onto YouTube 700,000 followers on Twitter and channel on YouTube and in the every minute and virtual goods Top Shop has 42,000. Best Buy same way, ASOS encourages sales on social networks nearing its customers to share photos of Use social networking to keep has created a Twitter page $5bn in Asia and $620m in the its products via Flickr. your fans in the loop of local called Twelpforce where US, there’s no question that events that are coming up. Social consumers can get tech advice, social media has fundamentally 8/ USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO GENERATE media can enable you to meet make complaints and get ideas changed the relationship CONSUMER RESEARCH more customers in person. Start on what products to buy. between consumers and creating more links between the Tweeting is a speedy, efficient brands. Social media channels provide online and offline world of your way of communicating with We believe that social media an excellent opportunity for you brand. customers, especially when offers a rich opportunity for they’re on the move. Think of it to poll customers about what they really think. This could be 11/ USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO SAY THANK retailers to nurture their relation- as a form of highly targeted YOU TO YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS ships with consumers. This permission marketing. framed like a competition within paper will outline 12 ways you your Facebook pages, blog or twitter and will help to create Give your fans an appropriate can use social networking to 5/ CREATE PLATFORM ON user-generated content, as well incentive to associate their social build a modern customer FACEBOOK FOR FANS as offer fascinating customer identity with your brand. Levi’s in partnership fit for modern times. insights. Starbucks recently the US does a good job of alerting With over 350m users, it makes 1/ ADD SOCIAL BOOKMARKING asked fans, “what’s your usual fans about deals. Reward their sense to tap into Facebook’s TO ALL WEBSITE PAGES order?” for example. loyalty and interest with coupons, vast and broad audience, special offers and promotions. because there’s no doubt that This is a quick win and very 9/ ENHANCE YOUR CUSTOMER’S Some new apps use global many of your customers will be simple to implement. It allows SOCIAL MEDIA STATUS WITH positioning systems to tell when a there too.  Again Starbucks has customers to share products WIDGETS AND APPLICATIONS customer is in one of their stores over 5m fans on Facebook, quickly. Alongside popular so the retailer can immediately while TopShop has 350,000, bookmarking sites like Delicious It’s not enough to build a send a coupon. Wal-mart 400,000 and Zappos and Stumbleupon there are has 22,000. Create a vibrant Facebook page and expect your community to grow from 12/ KEEP TALKING shopping sites like ThisNext and community around your pages Kaboodle. with competitions, bespoke nothing. Add social apps and ads that point fans back to your Once you start a conversation content, photos and product 2/ CONSIDER LAUNCHING A page. For example, in the US, with your consumers, you need to launches. US flower retailer, COMMUNITY SECTION ON American Eagle uses a virtual maintain the momentum. This is a 1-800-FLOWERS  has taken it a YOUR WEBSITE gifts ‘aerie kiss & tell’, that lets two-way dialogue so be prepared step further by directly setting users send virtual kisses – from to respond and react to customer up a shop within Facebook. ASOS has a community section birthday, flirty, friendly and good questions, queries and on its site that asks users where 6/ ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO ADD luck – to their Facebook friends. comments. For example, they went out on Saturday night PRODUCT REVIEWS Successful pages are comple- Sainsbury’s has over 67,000 and what they wore - users post mented with applications, social members in its online community pictures of themselves and Be brave, embrace the transpar- ads, etc. that can point fans and yet it rarely responds to discuss their fashion choices. ency of today’s world by their friends (your potential fans) customer’s questions on products It’s a great way to encourage enabling and encouraging your back to your page. and availability. conversation. customers to add product reviews onto your website. This 3/ GET BLOGGING was a major driver behind the early success of Amazon, so Zappos, the US online footwear don’t underestimate the power Contact Craig Rumsey at ISM now, on retailer has 13 different corpo- of reviews. As well as providing 020 7060 7010 or rate blogs, it’s the perfect way to genuinely useful and trustworthy add personality and provide a information for your customers, it and ask about how you can advance and benefit fresher perspective on your will help boost your natural from SearchMonitor. brand away from the filter of the search engine ratings. media. A well-written blog can quickly build up loyal readership 7.   BECOME A VIDEO STAR and establish you as an expert. Crucially, it’s a powerful tool for Online video is hugely popular – driving natural search engine 20 hours of new content are results. It’s an effective way of uploaded onto YouTube every communicating special offers minute. Video offers a perfect too. opportunity to showcase your products and retail experience 4/ JOIN THE TWITTERATI and rather than confine this on your website, launch a YouTube It’s not just Stephen Fry and channel too, so they can easily Demi Moore tweeting, some be shared. This will boost the INTERNET SEARCH METRICS FEBRUARY 2010