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The Kindness Education Program


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An introduction to The Honey Foundation's Kindness Education Program.

Published in: Education
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The Kindness Education Program

  1. 1. The Kindness Education Program “Teaching the Youth Life Skills with Kindness for a life of Happiness and Success” Brought to you in Kind by:
  2. 2. Kindness Education Program Overview • This Kindness Program brought to you by The Honey Foundation is to teach your students the importance of BEEing kind along with basic life skills. • The life skills include; self-esteem, confidence, positive communication, positive thinking, leadership, philanthropy, and community.
  3. 3. Kindness Education Program overview continued • The Kindness Education Program offers curriculum specific to grade levels. Each set of grade levels will receive 9 lessons plans to be taught to the students each month of the school year. Each lesson includes content, pictures, videos and activities. • Grade level sets: • - Preschool - K-2nd grades -3rd- 5th grades - 6th- 8th grades - 9th- 12th grades
  4. 4. Kindness Education Program Goals • First goal of this Kindness Education Program is to teach your students and families life skills through kindness to carry them through their lives to promote happiness and success. • Second goal is to provide a Kind community in your school to help prevent “bullying” between your students. • Third goal is to inspire your students to spread kindness in your community as well as inspiring others to do the same.
  5. 5. Kindness Education Program Results Kindness Education Program was piloted at all 4 Odyssey Schools from Kindergarten to 11th grade( 2,500 West Valley Scholars) to support their belief that the world receives hope through kindness. The Honey Foundation assisted teachers with program support throughout the year, while Odyssey Preparatory assisted with research & metrics to measure overall program success. Metrics such as grades, attendance, behaviors, fights, and disciplinary activity will be analyzed to determine how the Kindness Challenge helps to change behaviors in the classroom. It was founded that The Kindness Education Program positively influenced the scholars and increased the sense of safety and security at the schools, which is an important factor in building a positive early-education experience. As well as, an increased in student participation, confidence, leadership and positive relationships.
  6. 6. Kindness Education Program Results Odyssey Preparatory Schools Comments "Thank you so much for spreading the kindness across America and every one has became way more nice. I cant explain how happy I am that you guys came in to help improve our school." -Emailed to us from a student from The Odyssey Prep Academy in Buckeye, AZ "The Honey Foundation's Kindness Education Program made a difference in our students behaviors. After each kindness lesson was presented and discussed, the students appeared to be performing more acts of kindness at school." - Mary Yanke, Odyssey Institute for Advanced International Studies Junior High School Principle. "Any school that does not yet have an affective character education program should become involved with the Honey Foundation. I believe this program will be very affective for schools looking for a foundational character education program. The weekly lessons provided will give the teachers and scholars excellent guidance for how to make Kindness their primary focus in interactions within the school and others in the community." - Ken Olson, Odyssey Preparatory Academy Principle, Buckeye, AZ
  7. 7. Why would the Kindness Education Program work? • This Kindness Education Program teaches students to learn how to effectively communicate with each other to be able to solve conflicts, express their feelings and increase confidence. • These skills teach students how to be kind, which would then result in “not bulling”. This is a “what to do approach,” instead of, “what not to do”. • During your students participation in the Kindness Education Program, they learn how to perform acts of kindness, which teaches them the “habit” of bee- ing kind. To then, promote happiness and success in their lives.
  8. 8. Kindness Education Program
  9. 9. How do you get this Amazing Kindness Education Program? Kindness Fundraisers We will provide your school with a choice of Kindness Fundraisers to “start the habit of Kindness” leading towards your mission to a kinder school. Once your fundraiser is completed, you will be able to receive the tools needed to continue the path of success through kindness.
  10. 10. Lets Spread Kindness To Our Youth Together! Help our youth learn that Kindness is the start to success!