eTail London 2013: Omni-channel shopping a personalisation strategy beyond traditional commerce


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eTail London is one of the largest and well attended ecommerce events in the world. With an eye on the future, this presentation partnered PUMA and Certona to present a tried and tested strategy to guide retailers through a real omnichannel campaign.
The campaign covers PUMA's involvement with star assets during the London Olympics in 2012 and how under restrictive sponsor and editorial restrictions PUMA was able to cohesively satisfy customer expectations.
Please view the presentation for a deeper analysis.

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eTail London 2013: Omni-channel shopping a personalisation strategy beyond traditional commerce

  1. 1. Delight Your Omnichannel Shoppers With A Personalization Strategy Beyond Traditional Commerce Elias Moubayed, Sales Director, Certona David Salisbury, EU Content Manager of Online & Mobile Commerce, PUMA
  2. 2. • Founded in 1948, PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sport Lifestyle companies that designs & develops footwear, apparel, and accessories. Distributes its products in 120+ countries. • PUMA is committed to contributing to the world by supporting Creativity, Sustainability, and Peace • It does this by staying true to the principles of being Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative in decisions and actions • Strong focus on providing & eliciting Joy from everyone
  3. 3. • Founded in 2004, Certona is the leader for true omnichannel personalisation • Serve 400+ sites worldwide that represent >$23 Billion in annual online revenue • Recognised as a Top Personalisation Leader by the IR Top 500 Guide for 5 consecutive years: 2009 - 2013
  4. 4. It’s all about the individual! Personalise Anytime, Anywhere Personalising the customer’s brand & shopping experience in real-time, across multiple touch points and channels increases customer lifetime value and loyalty
  5. 5. Resonance Personalization Platform Real-Time Optimisation Business Drivers & Best Practices Merchandising Rules Historical • Browsing History • Past Purchases • User Preferences • Demographics • Ratings & Reviews Catalog • Product Attributes • Content Attributes • Customer Attributes Real-Time • Current Session Behavior • Site Context • Referring Site • Geo-Location • Time of Day Multi-Algorithm Optimization Targeted Content Mobile Email Contact Center In Store Web
  6. 6. • Apparel • Accessories • Automotive Parts • Toys • Consumer Electronics • DVD/Movies • Furniture • Gifts • Grocery • Nutrient Supplements • Office Supplies • Pets • Sporting Goods • Video Games • Housewares Client Experience We have leaders across multiple retail categories:
  7. 7. Client Experience
  8. 8. PUMA And Certona Partnership • PUMA continues to expand globally • We partner together to localise & personalise region specific shopping patterns • UK, Germany, France, & Switzerland • Product grouping • 5000 plus SKUs available • Story Telling is key to PUMA marketing • Provide robust recommendation strategies • Adapted with rules to fine tune • Meet business goals and marketing needs
  9. 9. Personalisation Locations: Product Detail Page Hub Landing Page No Search Page Shopping Cart Page Purchase Confirmation
  10. 10. Show me something similar and what others have co-viewed with this item… Story telling Resources limited efficient method to display products Example: Product Detail
  11. 11. Improving the Customer Experience • Website Additions: • Second Box On PDP Using Recently Viewed • Make it easy to shop • Recommendations Boxes For: • Add To Cart: Extend the shopping experience • Quickview: Give recommendations with the details • Home: Welcome back to the site • Category (Currently Underway): Find the top most up to date items quickly
  12. 12. The provision of a consistent, seamless personalised brand & shopping experience across every customer touch point What Is Omnichannel Personalisation?
  13. 13. Search Web Email Contact Centre Mobile Store Social The Omnichannel Journey Landing Page Browse Products View Video Remarketing Email Call Contact Centre Mobile Check-In POS Purchase Share on Facebook Click Ad
  14. 14. PUMA created a campaign focused on the 2012 London Summer Olympics that included: • Special Instagram & Facebook Pages • Olympic Themed Brand Emails • A PUMA Brand Olympic Site & Landing Pages • Olympic Themed Category & Product Detail Pages (PDPs) Omnichannel Case Study: 2012 Olympics
  15. 15. PUMA provided a catalog of special Olympic collections Focused on Product Detail and Category page recommendations Certona created a custom personalization type for Olympic products Consistent messaging from social media to email to site Omnichannel Case Study: 2012 Olympics
  16. 16. Results: 22% Increase Revenue Per Recommendation compared to other strategies 17% Increase items per order 15% Overall responder rate (consumers who interacted with recommendations) 80% Sell Out of Olympic gear Omnichannel Case Study: 2012 Olympics
  17. 17. Future Learnings and Considerations : • Prepare list to market items as soon as possible • Coordinate messaging across all sites to drive additional revenue • Consider bias of specialised products across the site, instead of custom rec types • Personalisation types of ‘Hot Sellers’ or ‘Trending’ could also drive results Omnichannel Case Study: 2012 Olympics
  18. 18. Average Annual Recommendation Demand* May 2012 – May 2013 Percentage of E-Commerce revenue attributed to Demand Personalisation Success Region Percent Demand From Recs EU 9.07% Switzerland 12.95% Germany 11.24% France 10.33% UK 9.02% *These metrics have been determined by Certona
  19. 19. Revenue Contribution (UK): Responders* Product Detail Page drives the highest revenue KPIs are better than site averages Personalisation Success Metric Responders Conversion Rate 2.34% Average Order Value £73.08 Items Per Order 2.31 *These metrics have been determined by Certona
  20. 20. Keys To Success • Close working relationship with Certona Account managers • Quick access to support • Clear and logical product catalogue data for flexible rule writing • Bi-weekly review processes of rules and strategies • Testing and Reviewing - the cycle is continuous • Consideration of seasonality & release of collection
  21. 21. Q & A
  22. 22. Thank You!