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The Small Business Guide to Apps


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The small business guide to developing and using apps.

Published in: Business
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The Small Business Guide to Apps

  1. 1. Media Notes For media enquiries please contact: Louise Hinchen +44 (0)1730 269809 How your business can use apps to increase market share and retain more customers Review copies are available on request If you thought that the app market was just about games and big brands, think again. Businesses of every size in every sector have built their own apps and are reaping real commercial rewards. Because of the relatively low cost of entering the app market, smaller enterprises can level the playing field, often outstripping their larger competitors simply because they have developed and marketed an app that delivers a service that their consumers are looking for. This book isn't about how apps can help small businesses run their business more efficiently, or an in-depth tutorial about how to create an app for their enterprise. Instead, it provides a unique introduction and overview of the possibilities for any small or growing business. It's a focused guide about the business of apps for those whose time is money. Connecting with customers over their mobile phones and tablets allows a more intimate and ultimately more lucrative link between businesses and consumers to be established. With this latest book in the popular Business Bites series, small business owners can help their companies take the first steps into an exciting and growing marketplace! The Small Business Guide to Apps by David Howell Brightword Publishing Press Release - January 2012 Brightword Publishing, 3A Penns Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 2EW The Small Business Guide to Apps published in December 2011 by Brightword Publishing ISBN: 9781908003102, ePub, RRP: £5.00 Available in all good online bookshops The Small Business Guide to Apps is the sixth of ten titles in the Business Bites series, which consists of guides from leading experts. The series is packed with useful information, and each eBook covers a specific topic, so whether you want help with social media or how to balance your books, you can find the solution! Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation, co- founder of Brightword said: “Small business owners have plenty to pack into a working day and this was reflected in the demands we were receiving for content to be delivered in bite size chunks. We have commissioned authors who are experts in their fields and their tips and advice have been packaged in an easy style. This series of eBooks will help you increase sales, reduce costs and work more effectively. Best of all, you can digest a Business Bite Guide in the space of a coffee break!” The project is being backed by BlackBerry as part of its activity to support small business. Dan Sloshberg at BlackBerry said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring the Business Bite Size Guides. The series offers start ups and small business owners the information they need on topics that matter most. Content is easily accessible and can be consumed whilst on the move. This fits well with the BlackBerry ethos and benefits!” “Thanks to the iPhone and iPad that created the app market, all businesses no matter their size or market sector can take advantage of a new commercial channel. The ‘app’ is transforming how businesses communicate and sell their goods or services. With mobile commerce set to eclipse even the meteoric rise of e-commerce, the question that all enterprises should be asking is how they can lever the massive appetite for apps to their advantage. There are plenty of books that can teach any business how to build an app, but few books look closely at the ‘business’ of apps. After reading this book your company will have a detailed understanding of how apps now fit into the economic landscape. More importantly, your business will be able to develop its own roadmap for the creation of an app, and understand how to market this new app and reap the commercial rewards. With some companies now making millions of pounds from their apps, this book is your business’ gateway into this new and profitable market.” - David Howell, January 2012 With apps transforming how businesses communicate and sell their services, David Howell provides a comprehensive guide to this new and profitable market Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing. He has been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 20 years, specialising in technology and business subjects. His work has appeared in the national press and many of the leading technology and business magazines. Nexus Publishing is a writing and publishing service that specialises in business and technology content creation. From consumer magazines to highly specialist trade journals, David's writing has appeared in a wide range of publications. As a business writing service, Nexus Publishing is also a micro publisher of print magazines and e-publications.