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A look at our API roadmap


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Published in: Engineering, Technology
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A look at our API roadmap

  1. 1. A look at our API Roadmap David Haskiya 2014-06-19
  2. 2. Table of Contents I. Introductions II. Looking back on the API roadmap III. Looking forward on the API roadmap IV. Q&A
  3. 3. Looking back
  4. 4. The road travelled  The basics: search, record • More advanced stuff: spatial search, time interval search,fielded search, who/what/when/where search, similar records • We added support for My Europeana – Authentication, Saving&tagging records, Retrieving saved/tagged records. • We've added some new record response formats: JSON-LD, RDF/XML • “Can I use it?”-filter added • Timestamp queries (time of update/publication in Europeana) • We have “official” client libraries for Java and Ruby. And community created ones for PHP, Django, Python (1,2) and Node.js
  5. 5. Looking forward
  6. 6. Query translation • Will allow translation of search keywords into other languages – Intended to be used to then expand the follow up query – Church OR Kerk OR Kirche OR Kyrka... • Based on querying Wikipedia interwiki links – And will thus work best for named entities: places, persons, periods, subjects, topic, famous works, etc. • ETA: August – If it passes the load tests. Those OR queries can be scary.
  7. 7. Media queries • Will allow filtering results to only objects that have links to media files – Give me all object matching “what: Charles Dickens”, where media type=IMAGE and which has links to images • Will allow filtering of results based on technical qualities of the linked media files – “Give me all objects matching “what: Charles Dickens”, where media type=IMAGE and which have links to images that are 1MP+ • Will focus on images first but will also support querying on technical qualities of audio files, text files, and video files • ETA: Turn of the year
  8. 8. Annotations • Will allow authenticated My Europeana users to add public annotations to records in Europeana and which will be indexed/stored for search and display • Tags, Image annotations, Sets – Other types of annotations to be added after these first three. Ideas on which would be the most useful welcome! • ETA: Turn of the year
  9. 9. Other protocols and APIs • OAI-PMH server – For when you want a full local copy – ETA: August • Topped up triple store and SPARQL end-point – For really complex queries with results in RDF – ETA: August • Semantic enrichment API – For aligning strings with things – ETA: Turn of the year
  10. 10. Ideas • SSL encryption • Custom facets • API-health report • Others?
  11. 11. Q&A
  12. 12. Thank you!