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This is the public presentation for a capital raising. Please goto for more in depth investor information.

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  1. 1. IHM&CC LLC: Infinity Hospitality Management & Consulting Company will be acquiring the $8MM debt, while loaning that money to InfinityHEI C-corp. InfinityHEI C-corp: Infinity Hospitality & Entertainment International will then re-loan those monies to several management companies (also wholly owned by David Moore) for start-up capital requirements. *all shares owned by David Moore will be held in a trust by Ashworth Law LLC Balance is not a midpoint, it is “a spectrum of diverse interdependency.”
  2. 2. Social Business Network Hub Volunteering Making Money Green Purchasing Career Development Recreation & Leisure Edutainment Researching Networking
  3. 3. GAMIFIED NEWSFEED SUBSCRIPTIONS The Basic Newsfeed/Database Fast Company 10 Harvard Business 11 Entrepreneur 12 Wired Magazine 12 Inc. Magazine 12 The Premium Newsfeed/Database The Economist 51 BusinessWeek 50 New Yorker 51 Forbes 26 Fortune 26 Transaction Newsfeed/Database Mintel Reports Proquest Gallup Brain Video-Edutainment Newsfeed/Database Discovery Communications
  4. 4. AASC FEDERATION ASSOCIATION PARTNERSHIPS SupremeCouncil.or g StartupAmerica Center fo Investigative
  5. 5. CHAMPION PORTALS Vandana Sheeva Jennifer Anniston Oprah Winfrey J K Rowling Margaret Cho Madonna Lisa Ling Sheri Salata Melinda Gates Michelle Obama Rachel Maddow Whoopi Goldberg Gloria Steinem Arianna Huffington Christiane Amanpour Penny Marshall Hillary Clinton Ellen Degeneres Leymah Gbowee Diane Sawyer
  6. 6. CHAMPION PORTALS Cornel West Bill Clinton Noam Chomsky Deepak Chopra Malcolm Gladwell Andrew Weil Bill Maher Tony Robbins Michael Ware Michio Kaku David Simon Mike Rowe Robert Sapolsky Bill Gates Steven Covey Michael Moore Ira Glass Ai Weiwei Neale Walsch Niall Ferguson
  7. 7. I will co-create a strong and flexible work ethic, so as to live a joyfully fulfilled life. I will joyfully self- sacrifice, because I know all greatness comes from humility and compassion. I will burn the pain as fuel for the journey, because I know it hurts to joyfully self-sacrifice. I will constantly self-evaluate, because I am responsible for the consequences of the energy I project. HIGHER PURPOSE & MISSIONS
  8. 8. INTENTIONS I will keep my mind and heart open to my life-path, and I will be constantly curious as to the most effective way of achieving my ever-evolving life-vision: • I will evolve my paradigm • I will help the tribe succeed • I will be a co-creative tribe member GOALS In success, I realize it’s often ‘the journey’ that counts. In failure, I realize it’s often the ‘anticipation of the reward’ that motivated me to make the effort: • I will succeed honorably • I will be present regularly • I will contribute effectively
  9. 9. GAMIFIED EXPERIENCE LEVELS 1. Newborn 2. Infant 3. Toddler 4. PreSchooler 5. Kindergartner 6. ElementarySchooler 7. PreTeenager 8. Teenager 9. Age of Majority 10. Young Adult 11. Apprentice 12. Craftsperson 13.MasterCraftsPersonElect 14.MasterCraftsPerson 15. GrandMCP Elect 16. GrandMasterCP 17. Knight Elect 18. Knighthood 19. Pontiff Elect 20. Pontiff 21. Grand Pontiff Elect 22. Grand Pontiff 23. Prince Elect 24. Prince 25. Grand Prince 26. Grand Chief 27. Grand Commander 28. CommanderGeneral 29. Inspector General 30. MasterArchitectElect 31. Master Architect 32. GrandMasterArchitect 33. Demi-God
  10. 10. SERVICE GAMIFICATION Technology Business & Legal General Labor Lifestyle Sports Artistic Expression Food Chain Trustee I Have Experience In Reading & Writing Skills A High School Diploma Trade School Externships Professional Certifications A Bachelors Degree A Masters Degree Research Expertise Tutor Others In Cultivation & Nurturing Team Playing Critical Thinking Life Skills Development Public Speaking & Teaching Organizational Behavior Game Theory Expertise Coach Others In Roles Identification Roles Co-creation Life Planning Experiential Travel Team Collaboration Diplomatic Debate Effective Role Execution Mentor Others In
  11. 11. THE THIRTEEN GLOBAL REGIONS North American Region South American Eastern European Middle Eastern Australian China Region Mid-African South African North African India Region SouthEast Asian Russian Western European
  12. 12. REGION ONE START-UP COMPETITION North American Region Releases Beta Version Everyone's Goal is to create a network of relationships in their designated home country (through the village framework provided by, so as to garner the support of your home country's citizens. The edu-tainment tools integrated within the world, will also help people prove their worthiness for leadership positions. United States Competition Begins When the competition begins (ideally; at the 'Once Over' TV series season finale), the goal is to attain the status of Prime Minister (and/or represent 4% of your home country's population; with a minimum of 77% of YOUR online citizenry, living in your designated home country). Canada Competition Begins Even though you may have attained the status of Prime Minister (and/or represent 4% of your home country's popoulation), you still have to be appointed by the Lord Protector, of your Online Regional Association, to be named winner! and become Chairperson of the Country Signified Physical Association. South Korean Competition Begins The Purpose of the Country Signified Physical Association is to lead, manage, and maintain the physical-communal- cultural-journeyman- tradeschool villages throughout your country. Thus synergizing the virtual world of the mind, with the physical world of the body. Japanese Competition Due to the overwhelming narcissism of our consumeristic society, and the finite resources available to us, the inhabitants of mother earth must become citizens of earth. And to accomplish this task, we must transform our egoistic desire to receive, into the heartfelt passion to bestow.
  13. 13. HOME VILLAGE MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Village Cultivator •33 Home Village Members Community Mayor •77 Home Village Members Regional Governor •111 Home Village Members Territory Senator •122 Home Village Members NationState Prime Minister •133 Home Village Members
  14. 14. ONLINE NATION-STATE EXECUTIVE TEAM Nation State Prime Minister Supreme Council of 12 Territorial Senators Grand Council 2 12 Community Mayors Vice Mayor Committee 1 12 Community Vice Mayors Vice Mayor Committee 2 12 Community Vice Mayors Grand Council 1 12 Regional Governors Vice Governor Committee 1 12 Regional Vice Governors Vice Governor Committee 2 12 Regional Vice Governors Grand Council 3 12 Village Cultivators Vice Chief Committee 1 12 Village Vice Cultivators Vice Chief Committee 2 12 Village Vice Cultivators Nation State Vice Minister 1 Committee of 12 Territorial Vice Senators Nation State Vice Minister 2 Committee of 12 Territorial Vice Senators
  15. 15. THE TEN SCHOLASTIC PROGRAMS Caregivers School Cannabis School Hospitality School Security School Digital Film School Music Recording School Software Business BootCamp Makers Incubator K-6 Primary School 7-12 Secondary School
  17. 17. FIRST PERIOD CLASSES History •from the perception of the participants at the time Philosophy •from the four diadic levels of consciousness Psychology •from the impact of environment, epigenome, and genetics Sociology •from the different institutional indoctrinations
  18. 18. SECOND PERIOD CLASSES Science •from a holistic and humanistic paradigm Economics •from the entrepreneurial and legal issues of business Mathematics •from the purposeful application of the aforementioned Language •from the effectiveness of communicating to one another
  19. 19. Scholastic Counseling Housing Nutrition Self-Leadership THE FOUR CORNERSTONES OF HUMAN EDUCATION
  20. 20. Sixth Grade  Tutoring 5 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 7 th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 4 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 8 th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 3 rd  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 9 th  Grade for 4wks  Seventh Grade  Tutoring 6 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 8th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 5 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 9th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 4 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 10th  Grade for 4wks  Eighth Grade  Tutoring 7 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 9 th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 6 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 10 th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 5 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 11 th  Grade for 4wks  Ninth Grade  Tutoring 8 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 10th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 7 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 11th Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 6 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 12th  Grade for 4wks  Tenth Grade  Tutoring 9 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 11th Grade for 4wks  Coaching 8 th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 12 th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 7 th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 2 nd  Grade for 4wks  Eleventh Grade  Tutoring 10th  Grade for 4wks  Receiving 12th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 9th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 2nd  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 8th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 1st  Grade for 4wks  Twelfth Grade  Tutoring 11 th  Grade for 4wks  Tutoring 2 nd  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 10 th  Grade for 4wks  Coaching 1 st  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring 9 th  Grade for 4wks  Mentoring K Grade for 4wks  MENTORING PROGRAM
  21. 21. Prime Principal Principal 7 - 9 Principal 10 - 12 Superintendent business/legal Superintendent curriculum/instruction EXECUTIVE TEAM
  22. 22. Chief Counselor 7: Counselor 2 Externs 8: Counselor 2 Externs 9: Counselor 2 Externs 10: Counselor 2 Externs 11: Counselor 2 Externs 12: Counselor 2 Externs TALKING THERAPY
  23. 23. Prime Minister of Housing Prefect 7-9 7 House Mum +2 Vice Mums 8 House Mum +2 Vice Mums 9 House Mum +2 Vice Mums Prefect 10-12 10 House Mum +2 Vice Mums 11 House Mum +2 Vice Mums 12 House Mum +2 Vice Mums Superintendent housekeeping/maint. Superintendent cultivation/nurturing DORM CULTIVATION PROGRAM
  24. 24. Breakfast  7:00 am  7:45 am  *trays and meals are served via various hot and cold carts, and served by fellow students Period 1  8:00 am  9:30 am  Always sociology, psychology, philosophy and history classes Women teachers teach only girls during first period classes  Men teachers teach only boys during first period classes  Period 2  9:45 am  11:15 am  Always math, science, and economic classes Lunch  11:30 am  12:30 pm  *students are seated in assigned sections, and carts are rapidly brought to their seats  Period 3  12:45 pm  2:15 pm  Home Room Class: always recreational inter-dependent life-portfolio co-creation time *plus silent sustained reading time with teacher leading by example *comprehension quizzes will be given on assigned readings, but will not count towards gpa Period 4  2:30 pm  4:00 pm  Home Room Class: always receiving/giving tutoring, coaching, and mentoring time period *not during first week of each 11 week qtr, must be prepped for the qtrs assignments *not happening during fourth qtr; fourth qtr is standardized testing preparation only (Iowa, PSAT) *home-room teachers are responsible for coordinating and overseeing this process DAILY SCHEDULE
  25. 25. Period 5  4:15 pm  5:45 pm  Always a communication skills class  *via the students learning how to teach the 8 core competencies in an effective way.  Dinner  6:00 pm  7:30 pm  *student presentations from 7:00 to 7:30 (one‐20min, or two‐11min) (tie in counseling talks)  Campus Free Time/School Club Time: Mon‐Thr  7:30 pm  8:30 pm  *boarding students room check‐in by 9:00 pm  Campus Boarders Merit Time: Fri‐Sun  7:00 am  11:30 am  *specific boarding students may leave campus depending upon merit system  *students are required to stay within confined parameters and complete assigned tasks  Sports, ROTC, Police/Fire/EMT Cadets, Performing Arts  12:30 pm  5:30 pm  Friday, Saturday and Sunday Afternoons  *students may choose any of the above for each quarter  Dinner & Merit Time: Fri‐Sun  6:00 pm  10:00 pm  Friday, Saturday and Sunday Afternoon/Evenings  *students must have the required merit points to leave campus (and must be in dorm by 9pm on Sunday)  EVENING SCHEDULE
  26. 26. HUMAN RESOURCE STRATAGEM Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted. – Martin Luther King Jr. Purpose Help 4% of the world's population embrace the principle-method of effective kindness, so as to attain the state of virtuous autonomy; while also co-creating an enlightened global society. Mission Cultivate and nurture leaders who will effectively oversee and manage the physical cultural trade-school villages, while embracing the way of impartial nobility. Roles & Goals There are two primary roles, the role of executive leadership, and the role of purposeful citizen. Both require a desire to serve, while embracing the clearly defined 'quest for joy'. Norms & Values The diverse network will establish the tribal norms organically. The values are determined by the science of humanism and serve as the foundation and framework for the society.
  27. 27. PrimaryProblem • Integrating our Diversity • Synthesizing our Norms • Synergizing our Values • Co-creating Peak Experiences • Realizing an Evolving- Transformative Society SecondaryProblem • People are Interdependent • Change is the only Constant • People are resistant to Change • Micro-cultures co-create our Societal Systems • People Fearfully Value Mask • Transforming disparate Institutional Indoctrinations into a Societal Holistic Care System. Solution • Engage the Journey • Take Passionate Action • Act with Humility • Build a Bridge to Belief • Experiment with Causality • Take the Leap of Faith • Trust in Your Good Works
  28. 28. Top Down • Financial • Responsibility Middle Way • Enlightened • Leadership Bottom Up • Human • Cultivation
  29. 29. Human Capitalistic Unitarian Educational Environmental Greater Purpose Relationship Oriented Socialistic Edu-Tainment
  30. 30. Clearly Communicated Vision, Purpose & Mission • encouraging all stakeholders to collaborate, so as to co-create emotional ownership. Passionate and Caring Leadership with Emotional Intelligence • Empowering and inspiring all stakeholders to a state of virtuous autonomy. Clearly Structured Framework with Flexible Standards • Freedom within realm of expertise to produce specified results. Co-created Norms, Roles and Goals • Holistic participation in the cultivation of a nurturing environment. Shared Values, Shared Responsibility, and a Higher Purpose • Engagement within a synergistic sytem that effectively serves the greater good. Maximizing the Virtuous Contribution of Each Individual Skill Set • Practicing the way of impartial nobility via the attainment of experiential wisdom. Selection, Initiation, Risk-Taking, Accountability, and Startup Team • Applying merciful justice so as to create trust, as well as the necessary creative tension.
  31. 31. MATERIALISM / HUMANISM All the world is full of suffering. It is also full overcoming. - Helen Keller 1. Guests / Customers 2. Front Line Servants 3. SupervisingTrainers 4. Team Managers 5. General Managers 6. Supreme Council 7. Singular Leader 1. Singular Leader 2. Supreme Council 3. General Managers 4. Team Managers 5. SupervisingTrainers 6. Front Line Servants 7. Guests / Customers HumanResourceManagement MaterialResourceManagement
  32. 32. INTER-DEPENDENCY Chaos is inherent in all compounded things; strive on with diligence. – Buddha Human Resources Business Success Intrinsic Motivation Community Building
  33. 33. FOUNDATION & FRAMEWORK There is no knowledge, that is not power. - Ralph Waldo Emerson Values Norms Roles Goals Intentions Missions Purpose
  34. 34. Conjure up Your Vision Embrace Your Values Define the Purpose Define the Missions Express Your Intentions Define the Goals Co-create the Roles Make Hard Choices Realize Your Goals Evolve Your Perceptions Evolve Your Paradigm Be Strong and Flexible Realize Your Vision
  35. 35. FOCUS & PERCEPTION As long as you focus on the what, why, and how; and as long as your vision will eventually and effectively serve the greater good, then the who, when, and where… will take care of itself. WhereWhenWhoWhat Why How
  36. 36. BRIDGE TO BELIEF Conscience is our magnetic compass, reason our chart. – Joseph Cook the initial act of creation Define What You Want by taking passionate action Intend on Acheiving that Want by giving it to others Act as if You Already Have that Want by burning the pain as fuel for the journey Joyfully Self- Sacrifice relative to what you intend Finally, Truly See Where You Are for change is the only constant Now, Be Flexible and Strong
  37. 37. Effectively Serve the Greater Good •so we can all experience life fully •and live our diversely-interdependent 'peak experiences'. Engage the Process of Creationism •with humility AND passionate-hubris •(joyful self-sacrifice) AND (inspiring leadership) Embrace Change •for it is the only constant •and the more you resist it, the more it hurts Lead by the Example of the Energy You Project •a paradox to the truth, that life is a process •so be open to how you get there Have Faith by Trusting in Your Good Works •to deliver you to the truth and joy within yourself (courageous perseverance)
  38. 38. Virtuous Autonomy (self-actualization) •effortlessly projecting energy that effectively serves the greater good Impartial Nobility (self-esteem) •effectively co-creating, and honorably executing, the noble roles in your life. Global Citizen (belonging) •making the hard choices of joyful self-sacrifice, while acting with hubris and humility. Community Servitude (safety and security) •helping secure and sustain community success, while synergizing our diverse-interdependency. Physiological Satisfaction (survival) •working with others to co-create the necessities, so as to build a foundation for a tribal life.
  39. 39. •enjoying your life to its fullest potential, while dedicating your life to the greater good (which is about guiding others to the truth and joy within ourselves). Right Purpose •effectively helping others to the truth and joy within themselves, while balancing the masculine and feminine synergies, via the noble archetypes. Right Missions •applying equanimity in achieving your goals, while choosing goals that are in alignment with your mission, your purpose, and your values. Right Intentions •it is both; the dichotomous nature of truth. I am an individuation of god/life/love, and an interdependent being living in the relative muti-verse. Right Paradigm
  40. 40. •Make no egocentric transgressions, while endeavoring to atone through good works (which requires joyful self-sacrifice, humility, and compassion). Right Actions •You are not your job. You are: What you do, Why you do, and How you do. Right Livelihood •You are what you eat. And all fulfillment comes from the giving of ourselves. Right Nourishment •Share in the distress of your community. You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. A single candle can light a dark room. Right Association
  41. 41. SENSORY PERCEPTION Good actions give strength to ourselves, and inspire good actions in others. – Plato See Smell Taste Touch Hear
  42. 42. THE TEN SENSES We know the truth, not only by the reason, but also by the heart. – Blaise Pascal Intuition Physical Pain Temperature Balance & Acceleration Relative Body Part Awareness
  43. 43. EMOTIONS It is better to travel well, than to arrive. – Buddha
  44. 44. PERCEPTION MANIPULATION The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. – Shakespeare Selection Distribution Emphasis Framing Filtering BoundingDetermine Shape Control Restrict Regulate
  45. 45. CULTURAL TRANSMISSIONS Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, find the reality of oneness. - Einstein Patriotism Social Capitalism Socialism Militarism Public Education Western Medicine Mass Media Sexism Racism Religion Family Humanism
  46. 46. My Paradigm Genetics Epigenome Environmental Demographics Institutional Indoctrinations Experiences P.I.E.S OUR VIEW OF THE WORLD There never was any heart truly great and generous, that was not also tender and compassionate. – Robert Frost
  47. 47. The Will to Receive Actions of Bestowal AS THE CO-CREATOR DESCENDS Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Confucius
  48. 48. THE ONLY CONSTANT All the art of living, lies in a fine mingling of letting go, and holding on. – Henry Ellis
  49. 49. • Self-Evaluation • Survival • Self-Help • MeMeMe • Physical Sub-Conscious Dependent Child • Self-Confidence • Failure/Success • Self-Esteem • Effectiveness • Intellectual Conscious Deluded-Adolescent • Self-Realization • Art of Fulfillment • Self-Awareness • Synchronicity • Emotional Super-Conscious Adult Servant • Humility-Compassion • Masterful Teacher • Oneness-Wholiness • Masterful Student • Spiritual Supra-Conscious Enlightenment FOUR LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of the pursuit. - Denis Waitley
  50. 50. THREE-IN-ONE I would never belong to a group, that would accept someone like me as a member. – Groucho Marx The Absolute The There The InBetween The Here
  51. 51. •Appreciative •The Way •And the Life •Persevering •Transparent •Vulnerable •Reflectionism •Cultivation •Manipulation •Interdependency •Passionate Action •Hubris & Humility Compassionate Confrontation Holistic Humanism Impartial Nobility Honorable Authenticity THE WAY AND THE LIFE We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. – Native Proverb
  52. 52. Responsibility Peer Times year 1 year 2 year 3 year 4 year 5 year 6 year 7 year 8 year 9 year 10 Pay Grade Evals X 0.1 0.11 0.12 0.13 0.14 0.15 0.16 0.17 0.18 0.19 5 25 25.0 27.5 30.0 32.5 35.0 37.5 40.0 42.5 45.0 47.5 Executive 4 24 24.0 26.4 28.8 31.2 33.6 36.0 38.4 40.8 43.2 45.6 5 3 23 23.0 25.3 27.6 29.9 32.2 34.5 36.8 39.1 41.4 43.7 13 to 15 2 22 22.0 24.2 26.4 28.6 30.8 33.0 35.2 37.4 39.6 41.8 leader choice 1 21 21.0 23.1 25.2 27.3 29.4 31.5 33.6 35.7 37.8 39.9 5 20 20.0 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0 30.0 32.0 34.0 36.0 38.0 Leadership 4 19 19.0 20.9 22.8 24.7 26.6 28.5 30.4 32.3 34.2 36.1 4 3 18 18.0 19.8 21.6 23.4 25.2 27.0 28.8 30.6 32.4 34.2 10 to 12 2 17 17.0 18.7 20.4 22.1 23.8 25.5 27.2 28.9 30.6 32.3 leader choice 1 16 16.0 17.6 19.2 20.8 22.4 24.0 25.6 27.2 28.8 30.4 5 15 15.0 16.5 18.0 19.5 21.0 22.5 24.0 25.5 27.0 28.5 Management 4 14 14.0 15.4 16.8 18.2 19.6 21.0 22.4 23.8 25.2 26.6 3 3 13 13.0 14.3 15.6 16.9 18.2 19.5 20.8 22.1 23.4 24.7 7 to 9 2 12 12.0 13.2 14.4 15.6 16.8 18.0 19.2 20.4 21.6 22.8 leader choice 1 11 11.0 12.1 13.2 14.3 15.4 16.5 17.6 18.7 19.8 20.9 5 10 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 16.0 17.0 18.0 19.0 Supervisor 4 9 9.0 9.9 10.8 11.7 12.6 13.5 14.4 15.3 16.2 17.1 2 3 8 8.0 8.8 9.6 10.4 11.2 12.0 12.8 13.6 14.4 15.2 4 to 6 2 7 7.0 7.7 8.4 9.1 9.8 10.5 11.2 11.9 12.6 13.3 leader choice 1 6 6.0 6.6 7.2 7.8 8.4 9.0 9.6 10.2 10.8 11.4 5 5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 9.5 Co-worker 4 4 4.0 4.4 4.8 5.2 5.6 6.0 6.4 6.8 7.2 7.6 1 3 3 3.0 3.3 3.6 3.9 4.2 4.5 4.8 5.1 5.4 5.7 1 to 3 2 2 2.0 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8 3.0 3.2 3.4 3.6 3.8 leader choice 1 1 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 *pay grade determined by executive leadership (1-15); *effort determined by peer evaluations (1-5 within responsibility level); *time in years formula: *total available dollars divided by the total number of shares for all employees equals dollars per share Physical Fitness, Volunteer Work, Education, Reading Comprehension, Documentary Comprehension, Committee Participation, Retreat Attendance, World Travel REVENUE SHARING MATRIX 1. Expertise Oriented Tribes: as ‘strategic business unit’ management companies. 2. Interdependent Management Companies: with ‘at will’ management contracts. 3. Wholly Owned by David Moore: with all shares ‘in trust’ with appointed trustees.
  53. 53. The Revenue Sharing Matrix is based upon each individual's responsibility level, their peer evaluations, and their years working for the corporate conglomerate. Two pools of money will be shared amongst the revenue sharing associates. Pool One is a percentage of the specific business you work for, gross revenues (3%) – 2/3rds of each associates total revenue share will come from Pool One Pool Two is a percentage of the entire corporate conglomerates gross revenues (2%) – 1/3rd of each associates total revenue share will come from Pool Two The matrix determines the number of shares each individual has earned (within each of the two pools of money). The total available dollars (in each pool of money), is then divided by the total number of assigned shares, so as to determine the value of each share.