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  1. 1. Executive Summary The United States paint and primer market consists largely of active do-it-yourself consumers. These DIYers not only paint for maintenance, but they paint to be able to say that they completed a project independently. Glidden paint will empower these consumers to complete their personal projects with ease, convenience and value. With placement in Walmart stores nationwide, Glidden is able to target shoppers seeking value in a one-stop shop. SPARK Advertising will not only increase consideration and awareness of Glidden paint in Walmart, but will create a campaign that will effectively sell more gallons of Glidden Brilliance to Walmart shoppers. SPARK will empower DIYers to make their paint purchases at Walmart by creating the desire to take on any project and make it their own. We want them to experience it. bright, creative individuals who elevate brands by connecting them with their audience. After all, the best ideas start with a spark. 19We Are ResearchCreativeActivationMedia 2 7 12 16 Our Mission: To unify our passion with your goals to build powerful campaigns. Agency Identity
  2. 2. Economic Forces 2-Research Situational Analysis Research Competitive F o r c e s • Paint market is highly saturated with multiple brands • Paint companies have recently increased advertising and created highly competitive campaigns • Major home improvement stores develop or partner with major paint brands Socio-Cultural F o r c e s • “Great Recession” has accelerated the popularity of DIY home improvement • DIY culture is emerging as a fashionable form of personal expression • Online community provides project inspiration and support for modern DIYers E c o n o m i c F o r c e s • U.S. economy and housing sector are steadily recovering • Market value forecast for paint shows 10.9% growth over the next three years • Raw materials in paint are subject to fluctuating market prices Technological F o r c e s • In-store mixers allow paint to be mixed quickly, efficiently and in any color the consumer desires • Smartphones allow users to share projects, give or receive advice and explore paint brand options • Paint consumers utilize the Internet community as a source for inspiration and advice L e g a l F o r c e s • Variable Organic Compound (VOCs) levels are regulated by state and federal law • Toxic Substances Control Act has strict regulations that cause mandatory production expenses • Landlords often have strict “no paint” clauses in lease agreements
  3. 3. Research-3 Competitor Analysis Clark + Kensington • Targets women 25 - 44 • Exclusive paint of Ace Hardware • Links color selection to mood, emotion and relationships with “Find Your Soul Paint” ads • Paint dries in half the time as conventional paint Valspar • Targets “Makeover Mavens” • Strongly affiliated with Lowe’s • 24/7 personalized service with Valspar ConnectLive • National Paint sponsor of Habitat for Humanity Behr • Targets the professional painter influencing homeowners’ perceptions • Exclusive to Home Depot since 1978 • Number one interior paint brand in consumers’ minds • Very active on social media, posting frequently on Facebook and Twitter olympic • Targets young families • Exclusive to Lowe’s • Effective use of social media, specifically the YouTube channel • Perceived as a premium paint at an affordable price
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis Strengths • Most reasonably priced among premium paint competitors • Substantial distribution through Walmart • Only 2-in-1 paint and primer product available at Walmart • Available at convenient locations that offer one-stop shopping • Mixer technology allows for full spectrum color personalization Weaknesses • Walmart shows inconsistent customer service and paint knowledge that a home improvement store may have • A low percentage of DIYers consider Walmart and Glidden when buying paint • Paint quality is rated low by some users • Glidden suffers from a low recall rate among consumers Opportunities • Use innovative technology to create in-store displays that engage people • Take advantage of foot traffic in Walmart • Guide new generation of renters and homeowners who are seeking advice • Use strong social media strategy to connect with audience Threats • Outspent by competitors in advertising • Paint and primer combined has become an industry-wide trend • Walmart’s ColorPlace is the less expensive option at a price sensitive store • Decline of paint sales due to economic recession and reduction in new construction half hour in-depth interviews crossing all target markets quantifiable survey responses from all regions of the continental U.S. Secondary Research Research Methods To best understand attitudes associated with the Glidden brand, Walmart experience and target markets, we researched blogs, the Walmart website, Glidden and competitor websites. Primary Research 032 720 objectives 1. What does DIY mean to young renters, young families and older shoppers? 2. What are the unifying motivations of all three target markets? 3. What are target markets’ current perceptions of Glidden at Walmart? 4-Research Walmart superstores visited paint shopping experiences013 personal painting stories from all three target markets028 hours of painting experience volunteering at a local reuse center048
  5. 5. What Social Causes Do They Believe In? education environment healthcare disaster Relief Urban Decay 35% 31% 26% 8% 1% Target Market 25-34 year olds 45-64 year olds35-44 year olds Technophiliac Renter Inspired Artist Inexperienced Painter Internet Savvy Blog Lover Budget Constrained Prefers to make rather than buy Two-person household Unaware of Paint at Walmart Upkeeper Technophobic Practiced Painter Empty Nester Community Oriented Religious Home Owner Family Oriented Comfortable Painter Crafter Extraordinaire Young Kids Famil yDIY Dabblers Wise DIYVe terans Millennial DIY Newbies Research-5 Key Insight Education initiatives will resonate across target markets.
  6. 6. } 6-Research Insights I didn’t know that Wal-Mart mixes paint. If I could get paint at Walmart, why would I go somewhere else? It’s a waste of gas, time, and effort. “ ” “ ” Homeis the centerof your world. Making your home. Transforming your home. Caring for your home. “ ” The beginning and end is really the fun part- finding inspiration, borrowing ideas, buying things for your vision. I like that [Walmart] is cheaper than all the other options. I can get everything we need for our weekly shopping and we can pick something up like picture frames while we’re there.
  7. 7. Creative-7 Creative Bring Home The Big Idea Our Reason To Believe: We can’t change Walmart, but what we can do is transform the perception of the Glidden paint brand: the paint that gets you going when you’re inspired to paint a bookshelf for your daughter’s birthday, when you finally find the time to redo the kitchen walls and when you have everything going on in the world and find solace in your home. We’re telling a story within reach to each target audience. Our executions encapsulate their story and provide tangible solutions to transform their space with esteem and ownership. We help consumers see possibilities for their home. Framed with the visual, you see the DIY journey in Walmart as a holistic experience. Whether you’re making, transforming or maintaining your home you can bring it home with Glidden paint at Walmart. It Bring it Home empowers DIYers to begin their paint journey. Whatever the project, from creative expression to household upkeep, Glidden Brilliance gives your home the transformation it deserves. With quality paint sold at Walmart, you can complete a project you’re proud of without compromising value. It’s all here-your vision and the means to realize it. I think DIY projects are great because if there’s something you admire, and have inspiration for, you can recreate it with your own spin on it. You can take something that’s out of reach for you and make it happen. ” “ -Renter, 26-year-old, Georgia
  8. 8. 8-Creative Print Advertisements
  9. 9. creative-9 Direct Mail Holographic imaging will be used to set this direct mail piece apart from the rest.
  10. 10. Storyboard" Location: Nursery POV: Backs of parents painting Camera: Wide angle lens Location: The finished nursery POV: Profile shot of room and parents. Camera: Wide angle lens Location: Nursery POV: Furniture inches back into room in stop motion. Camera: Wide angle lens Location: Nursery POV: Straight shot, parents are with baby, family is complete. Camera: Wide angle lens Location: Conveyor belt POV: Reveal that our family is inside clear paint can. Camera: Zoom out so can is now visible Location: Conveyor belt POV: Glidden label is shown in stop motion, label peels back onto the clear can with family inside. Camera: Wide angle lens 10-Creative “the nursery” • 15-second spot shot in stop motion • Musical undertones by Barry Louis Polisar’s “With a Giggle and a Hug and a Tickle and a Kiss” • Overall tone conveys a whimsical and upbeat feeling production notes
  11. 11. Online Banner advertising Organic Advertising Use SEO to influence Google's image search to create an organic advertisement Animated banner advertisements will attract clicks all over the web Creative-11
  12. 12. Brand Activation CANoramas will be created to illustrate how Glidden paint can transform a room and spark inspiration. CANoramas are transparent paint cans with miniature furniture and a wall painted in a Glidden Brilliance color. CANpaigns • 12 CANoramas will be displayed in the baby, furniture, home decor and home improvement departments of Walmart stores nationwide. • Each can will have a specific code that Walmart shoppers can text for a chance to win 1 of 20 room makeovers. • Participants who submit a non-winning code will have the ability to claim a Glidden Brilliance paint tester, driving shoppers to the paint department. • Throughout the campaign, there will be two winners announced every other week and the sweepstakes will be covered by Glidden’s social platforms. • The tour will be a weekly pop-up event in outdoor city centers within our 15 KMAs. • Glidden will travel to each city with a giant, acrylic glass paint can, featuring a digital display wall and furnishings from Walmart. • Pedestrians will be able to enter the can and choose from five buttons representing Glidden Brilliance colors (ex: a “Cool Off” button activates Glidden’s Lemon Ice paint color). • Participants will then watch a ghost paint roller paint the digital wall in the selected color. • Onlookers, as well as participants, will share their unique experiences via social media and attract earned media opportunities and impressions. • Popular, local bands will provide music for each event while Glidden ambassadors will hand out coupons for 10% off Glidden Brilliance at Walmart. Refreshments representing the Glidden Brilliance Collection, such as Lemon Ice slushies, will be provided. Glidden Brilliance Hometown Tour “Bring It Home” Glidden Sweepstakes 12-Activation
  13. 13. Paint Counter Additions The Walmart cloud-based CRM database will help Glidden consumers keep track of their favorite paint colors. Employees will also attach a color reminder label, which will include a coupon for 10% off Glidden Brilliance paint at Walmart. ACTIVATION-13 In- store Partnerships • Walmart stores will provide an opportunity for consumers to donate leftover Glidden paint or recycle used paint cans. • Through a partnership with City Year-an education-focused non-profit organization- Glidden will fill the donated paint cans, enabling City Year to paint local schools. “Bring It From Home” to City Year Program Glidden Brings Home to Make-a-Wish Tablet stationsGlidden seeks to create more consistency in customer service by placing one Android tablet in each Walmart paint department. Tablets will promote the Bring It Home microsite, Glidden app, painting FAQs and feature a customer service help button. faq bOOKLETs Walmart shoppers and employees who prefer to learn more about Glidden from a tangible source can use this to read about simple DIY tips. The booklet will be located at the Walmart paint counter. SignageThere will be two 18”x24” standing signs placed at the Home & Living entrance and painting sections of each Walmart. Each sign will highlight how to participate in the Bring it From Home to City Year program and the Bring it Home sweepstakes. Glidden will offer hospital room makeovers for children involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Children will design their rooms using Glidden colors and Walmart toys to make hospital rooms feel like home.
  14. 14. Social Media This microsite will allow DIYers to explore different projects and pre-order paint supplies for pickup at their local Walmart. • The microsite will feature webcam swipe technology, providing step-by-step guidance for messy hands. This responsive design allows users to move through the steps of their project with the wave of a hand. Glidden will expand its current mobile app by including an augmented reality feature. Users will be able to take a photo of any room or desired object and digitally paint it using Glidden’s color palette. Glidden App Feature Glidden will pin step-by-step art projects including before-and-after photos on Pinterest. My Colortopia influencers will curate Glidden pin boards bi-monthly. Glidden will utilize like-gating to offer a coupon to new fans for 10% off Glidden Brilliance at Walmart. Fans can also play the Bring it Home Facebook game in which they can create their own CANoramas to share with friends. One fan-made can will be featured each week on the Glidden Facebook. Glidden’s channel will feature videos of: • Step-by-step painting tutorials • The Glidden Brilliance Hometown Tour • Follow-up videos from Make-a-Wish and City Year By using #BringItHome, DIY influencers and followers can participate in discussions about projects and local creative events. Glidden will post a “30 Day Challenge” each month to inspire DIYers to create and share new projects on Instagram. Glidden will help to complete the DIY experience by sponsoring a Spotify playlist with the perfect music for painting. 14-Activation •
  15. 15. Flow Chart Budget ACTIVATION-15
  16. 16. Media • Achieve marketing goals within a $10 million budget • Launch a five-month campaign, May 2014 - September 2014, with flexibility to extend throughout the year • Achieve an effective reach of 80% with an effective frequency of 5 • Use a dynamic combination of traditional and non-traditional media to spark awareness and increase consideration within the 3 target segments Key Market Areas Budget • Little Rock, AR • Oklahoma City, OK • Wichita, KS • Jackson, MS • Birmingham, AL • Kansas City, MO • Charleston, WV • Lexington, KY • Baton Rouge, LA • Des Moines, IA • Knoxville, TN • Omaha, NE • Columbia, SC • Indianapolis, IN • San Antonio, TX Objectives • Implement a strong pulsing and flighting media plan for “Bring It Home” campaign • Support brand activation strategy • Place additional media weight on key market areas Media Strategy 16-Media
  17. 17. Media-17 Online Media Search click Share SEM: DIYers are always looking for advice and inspiration. Using YouTube, organic SEO, and Google AdWords, we will target DIYers in the midst of their search. AdRoll will retarget users even after they leave paint-related websites. Targeted Lifestyle Websites: Painting behavior is dependent upon inspiration, pricing and fair weather conditions. Therefore, we will purchase ad space on,, and Media Websites: Media websites will extend the traditional media buy with networks that will further integrate the campaign.,,,,,, Blogs: Blog presence will serve as an important outlet to reach key influencers in the DIY community. Additionally, our research shows that the targets look to blogs for advice and inspiration. We will purchase ad space and sponsored posts on influential DIYer websites: Cocoon Home Design, Bower Power Blog, Centsational Girl, Making it Lovely, The Inspired Room, Ana White, A Beautiful Mess, In My Own Style, Brooklyn Limestone, Living with Lindsay
  18. 18. Partnering with the Walmart Smart Network will align the Glidden brand with an audience at a time where point-of-purchase decisions are made. Through strategic placement, 15-second commercials running 10x per hour, in 2,900 stores will gain 140 million impressions each week throughout the five-month campaign. Direct mail advertisements resonate with all target segments, which are 32% more likely to be interested in ads mailed to their home. These lenticular (holographic), customized direct mailers will kick-start the campaign before Memorial Day weekend and again before the July 4th holiday. The mailers will be sent to residents within a seven-mile radius of Walmart stores in the key market areas. Additionally, mailings will be sent specifically to new movers in the key market areas during America’s peak moving months, June and July. New mover mailings will provide recipients with coupon incentives to purchase Glidden paint in Walmart stores. Full-color, one-page ads will run on a pulsing schedule in two different magazine packages: Style & Design and Family. We chose these packages because they capture the interests and geographic areas of all three segments. The Style & Design package focuses on segments one and three and the Family package focuses on segment two. In-Store Direct Mail Magazines Notable Indicies • American Baby – 298 • Parents – 215 • This Old House – 176 • House Beautiful – 160 Style & Design Package:Family Package: • American Baby • Parenting • Family Fun • Parents • Country Living • Real Simple • Elle Decor • This Old House • House Beautiful • Traditional Home • More Executions 18-Media
  19. 19. Advertising on cable networks will allow for the segmentation of each of our three audiences. With placements on TLC, A&E and The History Channel, we will reach our audience on networks that inspire creativity and go beyond basic design and home improvement content. We will place 15-second commercials throughout the duration of our campaign on the following shows. TV • American Pickers • American Restoration • Flip this House • Hoarders • Four Houses • Say Yes to the Dress Media-19 Flow Chart Cost Cable  TV Impressions 583,350.00$                     Four  Houses 23,400,000                         74,750.00$                         Say  Yes  to  the  Dress 31,130,000                         94,500.00$                         Hoarders 37,360,000                         109,900.00$                     American  Pickers 34,900,000                         102,500.00$                     Flip  this  House 29,270,000                         86,100.00$                         American  RestoraMon 41,300,000                         115,600.00$                     Online Impressions 968,422.00$                     SEM:            YouTube   500,000                                   150,000.00$                                Organic  SEO 130,000                                   $48,350            AdRoll 2,285,710                             4,000.00$                                        Google  Adwords 1,912,500                             125,000.00$                     Blogs:            Cocoon  Home  Design 10,000,000                         1,750.00$                                        Bower  Power  Blog  (Sponsored  Post) 2,000,000                             1,000.00$                                        CentsaMonal  Girl 4,500,000                             1,250.00$                                        Making  it  Lovely   500,000                                   1,480.00$                                        The  Inspired  Room 351,000                                   1,185.00$                                        Ana  White   46,446                                         1,170.00$                                        A  BeauMful  Mess   25,000,000                         2,176.00$                                        In  My  Own  Style   21,001                                         750.00$                                              Brooklyn  Limestone   3,114                                             565.00$                                              Living  with  Lindsay 6,343                                             425.00$                                   Websites: 157,500,000                     2,500.00$                              (Sponsored  Post) 512,550                                   3,060.00$                             6,353,770                             25,625.00$                         82,109,800                         126,275.00$                     60,676,500                         89,650.00$                         90,748,000                         92,890.00$                         23,667,700                         87,260.00$                         11,179,100                         55,360.00$                         9,563,740                             48,456.00$                         10,567,090                         52,575.00$                         8,942,400                             45,670.00$                         Magazines Impressions 1,145,940.00$             Style  &  Design  Package: 10,696,200                         552,910.00$                                Country  Living -­‐ -­‐            Real  Simple -­‐ -­‐            Elle  Décor -­‐ -­‐            This  Old  House -­‐ -­‐            House  BeauMful -­‐ -­‐            TradiMonal  Home -­‐ -­‐            More -­‐ -­‐ Family  Package: 12,426,200                         593,030.00$                                American  Baby -­‐ -­‐            ParenMng -­‐ -­‐            Family  Fun -­‐ -­‐            Parents -­‐ -­‐ Direct  Mail Impressions 429,880.00$                     New  Mover  Mailings 303,672                                   120,000.00$                      Customized  Self-­‐Mailers 1,235,820                             309,880.00$                     In  Store   Impressions 472,400.00$                     Walmart  Smart  Network 3,765,000,000             472,400.00$                     ProducMon 400,000.00$                     Total 3,999,992.00$             Campaign  Flow  Chart  and  Budget May June July Aug Sept
  20. 20. Objectives evaluation-20 Evaluation 75% Awareness 7.5% Purchase30% Consideration To follow-up with our target markets, we will conduct additional research throughout the campaign. Our goal is to see if not only awareness and consideration of the paint department at Walmart has increased, but specifically awareness of the Glidden Brilliance Collection. To measure the overall success of our campaign, we suggest that Glidden further explore the customer experience at Walmart through in-store surveys and follow-up experiential surveys through email. In addition to this experiential survey information, we recommend that Glidden track the use of the FAQ Booklet at the Walmart paint department to see if this additional information helped to better the shopping experience for customers. Follow-up ResearchIncrease brand awareness at walmart • Evaluation • Monitor website traffic from microsite, social media metrics and follow-up surveys. • Results • Increased website traffic, social media following and app download. Increase consideration at walmart • Evaluation • Record increased number of paint testers distributed, track response from SMS text message campaign and log use of tablet stations at in store displays. • Results • Increased sales of Glidden at Walmart and increased consumer engagement. Drive Purchase at walmart • Evaluation • Quantify redemption of Glidden coupons from Facebook “like-gating”, paint lid labels and those distributed during the Glidden Home Town Tour. • Results • Increased sales, additional repeat customer sales from coupons placed on Glidden lids during promotional period.
  21. 21. Co Chairs: Rachel Heiss Darren McGee Faculty Advisor: Scott Hamula Directors: Erin Irby, Account Planning MollyRose Mendell, Brand Activation Kelly Singleton, Creative Art Jen Donato, Creative Copy Perri Rumstein, Media David Goldstein, Production Our Amazing Team: Samantha Buck Courtney Ellis Lauren Ervin Nicole Hilton Michael Isabella Sara Martin Carolyn Mohn Marc Phillips Victoria Probert Katherine Shaw Tyler Tuttle Endless thanks to: Arhlene Flowers Kurt Komaromi Cathy Michael Adam Peruta Bill Ressler Jake Lifschultz & Sam Schnorr Ithaca College Print Shop Park School of Communications Finger Lakes Reuse Bobby Hazard Howard & Helen Hogan Fund Coffee & Donuts & all the individuals who shared their time and brilliant ideas sources: Mediamark Research & Intelligence, Scarborough Research, Radio Advertising Bureau Reports, Nielsen Media Research, Quantcast, Consumer Reports: 2013 Buyers Guide, Ad Age Demographics of Retail:The People of Walmart, Business Source Premier: U.S. Paint & Coating Manufacturing Industry Report, "Work in Progress: The Rise in DIY" JWT Trendletter, U.S. Census Data, AAF NSAC Case Study, Techcast, Mashable, Facebook Graph Search credits