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David Giertz long form biography


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An in depth look into the career in David Giertz throughout the financial services, and insurance industry.

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David Giertz long form biography

  1. 1. Mr. Giertz is a very professional and personable man who has served well over 30 years, gaining experience in the progressive financial services industry. He has gone above and beyond not only with his career, but also his education, and has received his executive MBA, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree. David Giertz is a prime example of what personal and profitable growth really is. David started out as a Financial Services Adviser at Citigroup and for a decade there, he exceeded expectations, which allowed him to progress in his career, more so than what was ever expected possible. He was quickly promoted to being an Area Director and was then promoted as an Executive Vice President of Sales where he, no doubtfully, continued to exceed those expectations mentioned previously. In 1999, as a Regional Vice President stationed in Miami, Florida, he increased the revenue by 48% within the 7 States (as well as Puerto Rico) in the southeast Territory. As a certified business coach with WABC, he obtained a Gallup associate engagement score that pertains to the 87% percentile of an increase of 4.41 to 4.63, a world-class score. During this time, he certified over 100 leaders as business coaches, preparing them to coach for the continuation of profitable future cooperation and businesses. In 2004, he conducted the Financial Institutions Bank Channel. This channel then expanded to also accommodate the Wirehouse distribution channel in 2009. The revenue obtained grew from $1.5B to &8B. Mr. Giertz is no stranger with community organizations. During a 9-year tenure, he chaired the Budget and Finance committee. He has also served numerous positions as the Chair of Board of Trustees with Willikin University. Furthermore, he has served on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and the Forth Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. Currently, he is an industry arbitrator with FINRA. Recently, David was President of Nationwide Financial's sales and distribution organization, doing so he was able to grant a very prominent profitable revenue, once again, this time from $11B to $17.8B, also exceeding expectations and P&L targets. David Giertz is a leader when it comes to business and strategy and has absolutely astounded numerous corporations and businesses with the profits he was solely responsible for making happen. He continues, even today, to exceed exceptions and will surely continue for the remaining of his career.