Aer Lingus advertisement deconstuction


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Presentation on an AerLingus Ad Deconstuction. Involves the Frame Work
Get-To-By, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics, Maslow’s Hierarchy
Insight, Targeting, Mission Statement
Effectiveness, and Theme Song.

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  • Persuasive and involvement advertising. Trying to persuade consumers that low fare flying doesn’t have to be a bad experience. As it is a high involvement service, the ad uses familiar airport and travelling imagery to get the consumer to imagine their bad experiences with other low fares airlines, e.g. Ryanair.
  • Show the consumer how good the aer lingus brand and service is by continiously comparing it to ryanair throughout the ad. They do this cleverly as they never mention or show any other airline within the ad and still the majority of the audience would instantly recognise who they are referring to. They know people only fly ryanair as they are so cheap so they are trying to highlight the usual complaints that people have about them and portrayed these in the ad. We were wondering, as we couldn’t find any information on this, but the order the problems appear in the ad. Did aer lingus do research on the main complaints people have about low-fare flying, aka ryanair, and have they numbered these in order in the ad so as to try and grab ur attention straight away with the number one problem, the airport being so far away. E.g. Stockholm and barcelona, airports are far away.
  • airports far away (couple unhappy), seat with your name on it so no scramble for one on the plane, self-service check-in so you wont have to queue at the airport, low-fares airline you know will look after you, some people might think (ie ryanair) that the little things that make a journey aren’t important...not aer lingus. “ not the best way to start or end your holiday!”
  • Accentuate the positive features of the Aer Lingus flying experience Positive aspects; shows happy family on beach, self-service shows a business man skipping the queue, man enjoying his skiing holiday, everyone asleep and quiet on plane...including baby
  • Aer Lingus payes for the ad “Lonergan also stressed that the commercial was not particularly high-cost as TV advertisements go, since the location was so restricted” ‘‘This was a practical approach,” he said. Audience – a couple “frustrated that they are in the middle of nowhere” Did they stream the ad through the right channels/mediums/times/should there be back up support ads Music / images The characters and the situations they are in means they can relate to it and they are highly involved.
  • It is clear from the 38 second Ad, that they are always committed to “Quality” and “Low Cost”.
  • The strategy paid off handsomely in ticket sales. Global online bookings rocketed up from 22 per cent of ticket sales to around 80 per cent 75 per cent reduction in distribution costs at the airline which, in turn, has helped it to challenge no-frills carriers on price Bookings were up, Lonergan said, and 95 per cent of them were online Ten-second TV spots A bright red dot replaced the shamrock in the Aer Lingus logo, an unambiguous reference to the dotcom identity that Aer Lingus was trying to establish Revenue was €88.5m for 2007 - an increase of 16.4% on the previous year and better than market expectations. “ Aer Lingus is committed to providing a safe, reliable and quality service to our customers that is underpinned by a policy of low fares sustained by a low cost base. We believe it is consistent to maintain a low cost base, provide a quality service”
  • Aer Lingus advertisement deconstuction

    1. 1. Ad Deconstruction AerLingus – Enjoy your FlightConor QuinnLaureen MorrissetteEimear MurphyDavid FoxNiamh DowneyEmer Keenan
    2. 2. Aer Lingus - Enjoy Your Flight
    3. 3. Agenda• Frame Work• Get-To-By• Objectives• Strategy and Tactics• Maslow’s Hierarchy• Insight• Targeting• Mission Statement• Effectiveness• Theme Song
    4. 4. Get – To – By:Get Airline CustomersTo Switch Airlines Indirectly ComparingBy Brand with Rivals
    5. 5. Involvement Advertising Sales Brand Commitments Imaging Events Self Reference Interest Ad
    6. 6. Aer Lingus Objectives • To launch new campaign emphasising brand as a high-quality, low fares airlineQuality Aer Aer Lingus Lingus Ryanair Price
    7. 7. Aer Lingus Objectives continued…• To persuade low-cost airline customers to choose Aer Lingus• To integrate brand associations into the marketing mix
    8. 8. Strategy and Tactics• Show that the low-fares airline experience can be an enjoyable one – Tactics: The music and imagery in the ad conveys a sense of comfort, relaxation, warmth and friendliness
    9. 9. Strategy and Tactics continued…• Indirectly comparing the Aer Lingus brand to that of their nearest rivals – Tactics: Use of audio quotes • Airports that arent miles from anywhere • A seat with your name so there’s no scramble for the plane • Self service check in so you won’t have to queue at the airport • And above all, a low fares airline you know will look after you
    10. 10. Strategy and Tactics continued…• Exaggerate the negative aspects of rival low fare airlines: – Tactics: Self-referencing shots of unhappy situations
    11. 11. Strategy and Tactics continued…• Accentuate the positive features of the Aer Lingus flying experience – Tactics: Use of a number of different characters who are stress free and happy
    12. 12. Strategy and Tactics continued…Best example of the positive aspects of Aer Lingus being accentuated
    13. 13. Strategy and Tactics continued…• Raise awareness of brand associations, i.e. the red dot for – Tactics: Use a number of different scenes to integrate the red colour into the Aer Lingus Brand
    14. 14. Strategy and Tactics continued…• Not mentioning the name of the airline until the end of the ad to keep people intrigued – Tactics: Use a number of subliminal techniques to associate the ad with Ireland
    15. 15. Maslow’s Human Needs Air Travel Consumers will want to feel safe, and the ad gives a family feel to the airline in that they will look after you in the way you want
    16. 16. Insights Not just an Value airbus Comparison Worryabout your Culturalholiday, Not Aspects your flight Insight
    17. 17. Targeting• Who paid for the ad: Aer Lingus• Who is the audience: Airline Customers• Characters: Young Couple, Family, Business Man, Leisure Holiday Maker
    18. 18. Aer Lingus Mission Statement• “Aer Lingus is committed to providing a safe, reliable and quality service to our customers that is underpinned by a policy of low fares sustained by a low cost base. We believe it is consistent to maintain a low cost base, provide a quality service”
    19. 19. Effectiveness Global online bookings up from 22% of ticket sales to 80 % 75% reduction in distribution costs – as a result of the Ad Not particularly high-cost as TV advertisements go. 5.6% increase in sales in 2008 from 1.284 mill to 1.357mill Bookings were up and 95% were online
    20. 20. Suggested Theme SongAer Lingus Promotional Song