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Alertas @MARN.SV V2.0 Android App


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Description of the version 2.0 of Alertas @MARN.SV. Push Notifications App for Android Devices

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Alertas @MARN.SV V2.0 Android App

  1. 1. Alertas @MARN.SV Versión 2.0 Push Notifications App for Android Devices Developed By David Eliseo Martínez Castellanos
  2. 2. What is new on version 2.0? • New look • Old functionality of sharing and RSAM plotting was moved from press and long press actions to buttons. • New Map button that launch new activity with a map displaying the las 10 earthquakes reported by MARN El Salvador.
  3. 3. The “Compartir” (Share) button launches an activity Intent.ACTION_SEND And the corresponding message is passed as Intent.EXTRA_TEXT
  4. 4. The button labeled “Gráfico” (Chart) displays an activity that plots the RSAM values reported in the last 48 hours [ considering hourly values] This is for the people that are closely concern with the volcanic activity of San Miguel Volcano. It´s also a way of taking advantage of the platform. The button becomes available when the notification text contains “RSAM”.
  5. 5. When the notification text contains the word “Sismo” (seism) and does not contain the word “preliminar” (preliminary, the location is still being processed) the button “Mapa” (Map) becomes available and when pressed launches an activity to display the last 10 seismic events reported by MARN. I decided to use a WebView and Google Maps JavaScript API instead of using the Google Maps API for Android.
  6. 6. What is next? • I plan to extend the application by adding contextual information to the notifications, in the form of maps and charts. The first candidate is the map of temperatures that reported by MARN periodically. • Check the RSAM chart, as it displays the hourly values but when the volcano is in low activity, values are reported each 12 hours [ or 24 hours ] • MARN wants to make its own “Did you feel it?” version to collect information from public after an earthquake, I think that it can be included in the earthquakes map but I have to talk with the people of the Environmental Observatory to implement it. Map of Interpolated Temperatures. [Coded in R] This is free time development. THANKS