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Improving Service Delivery for Government - VicRoads


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VicRoads are improving service delivery across the agency using Digital and Social Media tools. I presented this case study to Social Media in Government 2011 in Canberra on December 14.

It included a video of our Customer Service team talking of their experience in using Facebook for answering customer questions.

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Improving Service Delivery for Government - VicRoads

  1. 1. Improving Service Delivery for GovernmentDavid Egan, Manager Web Services & Online EngagementDecember 2011
  2. 2. Who are VicRoads? RoadsRegistration and Licensing Safety
  3. 3. The Journey Naive understanding of digital Experimenting Measured the success Move from trial to launch Refocus Putting consumers at the centre
  4. 4. Knowing the customer Who are our customers? What do they want from us? How do they want it? When?
  5. 5. Why move into digital space? Moving from an old-fashioned view of consumers Authoritarian Consumers obliged to do business with us We choose how they interact with us
  6. 6. We thought… How do our consumers communicate? How do they want us to communicate with them?
  7. 7. The resultSocial media strategyPoliciesMobile applicationsTrial and learn
  8. 8. Video
  9. 9. Facebook for Customer Service
  10. 10. Facebook experience at VicRoads
  11. 11. Community consultation
  12. 12. Social Media Monitoring
  13. 13. RefocusingVicTrafficLiveDriveSmartPark
  14. 14. Real Time information, when it’s needed
  15. 15. Real Time information, when it’s needed Twitter Feeds
  16. 16. Distribution
  17. 17. The challenge to resource
  18. 18. City GT
  19. 19. Mobile We are already seeing the shift in access from PC to Mobile 14 % of all views now from mobile Only one area is mobile friendly – traffic Mobile is the perfect accompaniment for our users needs
  20. 20. Mobile – Most Popular iPhone and iPad account for 80% of that traffic Homepage Traffic information Contact Us Vehicle Status Checks Registration – pre purchase checks Licence questions, P’s L’s etc
  21. 21. What we know now 210% increase in access to site from mobiles 2010 707,000 YouTube views 4,245+ followers on Twitter 809,000 visits per month
  22. 22. Going ahead More sophisticated view of our consumers Keep listening to the consumer and building on the communication methods they use – making ourselves accessible Consider apps as a way of generating content and information valuable to our core focus
  23. 23. Create awareness
  24. 24. Thoughts and questions?David EganManager, Web Services and Online EngagementVicRoadsE @degan1970