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TEA epub summit presentation during epubsummit


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With CARE solution (Content & Author Rights Environment) TEA brings the largest deployment of Readium LCP to the market. This presentation shares results of use of LCP in "real life" and explains what we did, why it works and how LCP changes the ebook business for booksellers.
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TEA epub summit presentation during epubsummit

  1. 1. TEA - The Ebook Alternative A B2B company providing a complete and comprehensive ebook solution for booksellers
  2. 2. CARE – Content & Author Rights Environment ADMIN SERVER Readium LCP content server Reporting Management Monitoring 1 KEY SERVER Generate Storage Controls ENCRYPTION SERVER Readium LCP content Server Standard API (REST, SOAP) 2 LCP reading environments TEA APPS & READERS E-ink device Web reader iOS / Android apps BENEFITS: - Security - UX
  3. 3. The largest deployment of Readium LCP 40,000+ compatible e-ink readers 6,000+ LCP files downloaded each month 60,000+ ebooks protected Main french catalogs: Hachette, Albin Michel, Editis, Madrigall, Media participations, … 800+ points of sale in France 200,000+ active customers 20 distributors and booksellers
  4. 4. Results and Return on Investment Part of DRM incidents on TEA platform 40% 60% From Jan to Nov 2015 Dec 2015 62% 38% Tickets opened for DRM incident Others tickets Sales and loyalty 1st purchase Adobe DRM 1st purchase CARE 20% 70% Part of new customers buying a second ebook after first purchase
  5. 5. Next step Interoperability: - Passphrase required to open file - Any compliant reading system with LCP will open file with passphrase Readium LCP interoperability with key server (between TEA clients env.) 1 … Sharing results with EDRLab Data warehouse providing files to ext. environments (with or withour server key) 2