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StoryPorts Summer 2015 Look Book


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Product Updates and Customer Gallery

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StoryPorts Summer 2015 Look Book

  1. 1. The Summer 2015 Look Book
  2. 2. What’s Inside: •  Greetings from David •  Our Mission •  What’s New @ StoryPorts •  The Hawtness in Email •  The Hawtness on Sites
  3. 3. David  G.  DeVore   StoryPorts  |  Founder  &  CEO   @nestarobins   Greetings Folks, We are in an exciting age for personalized content marketing, user generated content and 1:1 customer journeys. However, as exciting as these opportunities are, many marketers feel overwhelmed. The internet has generated an explosion of unstructured digital content and 90% of marketers say that managing content is their biggest dilemma (MarketingProfs). For marketers trying to find, manage, curate and distribute their brand- made and user-made content into engaging experiences across all of their digital channels, it is a bit like trying to take a sip out of a fire hose. The StoryPorts mission is simple; to help digital marketers leverage their best brand- made and fan-made content and make it efficiently portable and remarkably captivating across email, mobile, social, sites and native ads. StoryPorts has been hard at work executing this vision with some of the biggest brands in the world as well as continuing to innovate our technology with new features and capabilities. This summer 2015 look book is a peek at what we’ve been up to on these fronts. We are looking forward to an exciting journey ahead delivering outstanding content driven experiences.
  4. 4. Our Mission StoryPorts Empowers Marketers to Capture Content Anywhere & Distribute Captivating Stories Everywhere Here’s how we do it…
  5. 5. What’s New and Improved @ StoryPorts The Newest Features, Capabilities and Improvements We’ve Been Working On
  6. 6. StoryPorts Newsletter Studio
  7. 7. StoryPorts Content Hub Studio
  8. 8. Clip Content From Any Site for Use In Emails or Hubs Input  any  web  URL   Define  Clip  Elements   Preview   Edit  and  Modify   WebClips Tool
  9. 9. Real-Time Insights Dashboard
  10. 10. Geo-Segmentation & Business Intelligence
  11. 11. Social Single Identity Sign Up
  12. 12. Single Identity Options and Experiences
  13. 13. Content Automation Triggers
  14. 14. Content Trigger Approvals
  15. 15. The Hawtness in Email A Collection of Email Projects Powered by StoryPorts
  16. 16. Product and Inventory Email Alerts
  17. 17. Automated Magazine Email Digests
  18. 18. Automated Email Newsletters
  19. 19. Automated Email Event Calendars
  20. 20. Personalized Interest Emails
  21. 21. Personalized  Language  Emails  
  22. 22. Personalized Location Emails
  23. 23. Automated Social Email Digests
  24. 24. Automated YouTube Video Email Alerts
  25. 25. Real-Time Social Welcome Series Welcome  1:  Recent  YouTube   Welcome  2:  Recent  Instagram   Welcome  3:  Recent  Facebook  
  26. 26. Real-Time Customer Journeys VacaRon  Arrival  Current  Events     VacaRon  Arrivals  GeTng  Social     VacaRon  Arrivals  News  and  Tips  
  27. 27. The Hawtness on Sites A Collection of Site Projects Powered by StoryPorts