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Asiaric . the committes


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The Management Committees Design for Civil Formwork System Projection Research and Design, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Safety Awareness, Human Resource Management. The Framework is pretty much useful as it is help to the company to realized the important of corporation growth is unlimited

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Asiaric . the committes

  1. 1. The Corporate Committees ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  2. 2. The Corporate Committees ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Vision Being a reputable company had never been satisfy than for being a responsible, remarkable, and reliable builder of the constructural industry. Mission One step further and above everything we do is wholeheartedly and devotedly to be part of the partnership by mutual respects in growth steadily and social contribution. Strategy Strategized everything we do to ensure the path of Asiaric Contracts and it’s successions are uncompromize. Action Plan Systemizing the system by re-engineer, re-structure, and re-design to ensure all and everything are in place without compromized.
  3. 3. The Corporate Committees ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Business Mission Market StrategyAction Plan Corporate Vision Asiaric Contract . Core Values
  4. 4. Weekly Routine Report & Follow up Management Meeting Routine Management Meeting Top Management General Manager Production HOD Urgent General Routine Report Project HOD Urgent General Routine Report SCM HOD Urgent General Routine Report HR HOD Urgent General Routine Report Finance HOD Urgent General Routine Report Involvement in Top Management Meeting • Review• Action • Discuss• Feedback Machinery Man Power MaterialMonetary 4M - Meeting Objective In-Charge Timeframe Set Up Pros & Con Action Plan Approval / Exectution Result / Review Implementation Meeting Strategy ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  5. 5. The Corporate Committees The needs for corporate committees are an essential and important set-up. Having a substantial and deep build foundation for Asiaric Contracts by forming a group of the committees. Targetting to fine-tune the weaknesses of overall operation, eliminates bad habits and strengthen the corporate platform by conducting a series key area focus in maximizing all or possible profitability and minimizing all or eliminating unnecessary cost. The Corporate Committees Quality Engineering . Key focus: Documentation . Manufacturing . Process . Vendor . Raw Material . Waste Material . Transfer . Machinery . Job scope . Rework . Inventory . Job Order Design & Project . Key focus: Drawing . Revision . Engineering Design Changes – ECN . Engineering Notification Practices . Project Guidance . Project Quality Parameter & Control Worker Safety . Key focus: Safety Equipment . Tools . Tools Box . Tool Hanger . First Aid . Medi-Procedures . Rules . Regulations . Inspections . Orientation Supply Chain . Key focus: Resource Development & Deployment . AVL Management . Logistic Control . Inventory Control . Segments . Record . Process . Procedures . Authorization Fire & Emergency . Key focus: Emergency Gathering Point . Fire Fighting Equipment . Equipment Inspection . Harzard & Flammable Control . Emergency Contact . Orientation Human Resource . Key focus: Employment Consultation & Execution . Employee Orientation . Staffing Handling . Employment Status . Skill Set Development & Deployment 5S & Environment Control . Work Sections Management . Factory Premises Management . Waste Control & Management . Machinery Maintenance & Management . Quality Management Design & Project Worker Safety Supply Chain Fire & Emergency Human Resource 5S & HSE Management The Corporate Committees ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  6. 6. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Objectives Efficient Implement Effective Improvemen t Objective In Committees Formations Identify Edvidence Proposal Objectives Execution Review Implement The 7 Steps Productivity Quality Man Power Time Cost Efficiency Analysis Skill Know HowTraining 3Ring Circle - Effectiveness Analysis
  7. 7. Quality Management Committees (TQM – Top/Total Quality Management) All processes are required a quality format to serve the traceability by acknowledge, fiing, categorize, and details. This applied to the entire management, documentations, and all processes in order to achieve the foundation for ISO application. The quality management committees shall be formed by a group managers (Top management, Operation, engineering, SCM, Sales & Marketing, Finance, HRM) within the company to decide what’s best appropriated and suited for the company in term of its business nature. Total Quality Management is referring to the Rules & Regulations of Quality Management being preset by top management and managers to determine all essential processes, forms, formats, standards, and requirement are clearly defined. Top Quality Management is referring to Management, Documentations, Processes, are defined and designed to trackable and traceable. TQM rules and regulations must be implemented to apply and comply strictly, without fail as the TQM rules the entire corporate quality management. TQM involved all functional departments within the company as such DES-design, ENG-engineering, FIN-finance, LGT-logistic, OPT-operation, PRD-production, PRO-project, COS-construction site, SCM-supply chain, INV-storage, WHR-warehouse, HRM-human resource, WSM-waste resource. TQM Management Representative (TQM-MR) must be appointed by the quality management committee member to act as a leader to take lead toward to the company quality management improvement program as well as to management the ISO certification. Each and every department are roled as part of the TQM and is required to established a link in term of process interference, cross founctional, material transformation, inbound of raw material, out-bound of finished goods, and process flow chart to counter-measure all activity are linked perfectly without any conflicts. Internal audit is a required as regular basis to ensure all process, documentations, work-flows among all departmental are linked, worked and synchronized, recorded, communicated, and filed accordingly with no failure can be accepted. All process involved in documentation and requirements shall be distributed, reviewed, orientated, guided, and approved by TQM members. Master copy shall be hold by the TQM management representative (TQM-MR). Documentation Process Management Traceability Acknowledge Filing Categorize Details Top Quality Management Total Quality Management ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  8. 8. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM MD GM Operation SCM Logistic Production Procurement Corporate HR Finance Project Design Formation of Corporate Hierarchy Structure Formation of Quality Foundation & Elementaries Procedures Documentations Quality Manual Data Vendor Representatives TQM Committees ISO
  9. 9. The Project Committees Project plays an important roles and responsbility in this industry as it holds the most of critical project informations, requirement, and details. Projects are required the entire resource of the company to work out all required components to complete on the customer requirements. Project committees are very important as the project leader will need to guide all team member to deliver all output by effective communications and instructions. In order to ensure all communication is effective and constructive. All process, product, and documentation must be clearly set up so that the resource of company can be effectively managed and applied without mislead or out of track toward to client due date. Project required essential support from several functional department. As such; Design: Provide formwork and accessories information, clear product formcode, and quantity required. Supply Chain: Procurement, inventory, and logistic arrangement. Production: Execution of production planning, job order, follow up, record, and coordination. On-site construction: Site supervisor to conduct installation, feedback of formwork application status, and feedback on client expection or requirement. Corporate communication: provide clear and effective communication to understand the project requirement and due date. Projects Informations Requirements Criterias Due-Date Quantitives Process Transformations Modifications ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  10. 10. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Project Management Progress Analysis Informations Resource Time-To-Market SupportsCommunication Cost Correspondent Coordination Cooperation Project KPI Key Focus Manufacturing Cost Cost Structure Ratio Monitor Control Manufacturing Yield Cost Factor Monitor Control
  11. 11. The Worker Safety Committees Accident free working environment is the ultimate objective. To ensure and eliminate all possible or potential threats at work is critically important. The safety committees are required to contribute and suggest all possible ideas to improvement on the safety level for all work place in the company. Carry out routine work place inspection to ensure all workers are fully aware of their work place and to stay away from endanger spot. Provide sufficient safety awareness training, informative emergency education, and effective safety orientation to all existing and new workers. Using PDCA method to monitor and determine if the worker is capable to comply the safety rules and regulations. Full safety awareness check-list is required for all work sections by individual basis. Standardize the inspection method, and listing, make it a habit everytime inspection is carried out and record accordingly. Acknowledge by the worker and safety committee personnel. Identified an emergency life-saving skill set or provide demostration of how critical situation should be handled in the event of severe injuries. As such, first aid material and kits should be easily access and apply; Emergency access point First aid box with sufficient material Informative and constructive guideline Standard procedures based on case by case basis Key emergency contacts listing • Inspection Record • Penalty Reward • Demostrate Champaign • Rules Regulations Plan Do CheckAction ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  12. 12. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM SafetyPolicy–Rules&Regulations Final Penalty Both Written & Monetary - Recorded Monetary Penalty Recorded Written Warning Recorded Verbal Warning Non-Record 5S Productivity Safety Awareness KPI Safety Awareness KPI Frame Work RecordSafety Policy
  13. 13. The Supply Chain Management Committees (SCM) Supply chain management contribute for both cost effective and resource efficiency, it’s role partake in a major shares of foundation of profitability in any organization. Effective resources transformation enable the company to achieve and manageable in an extreme market competition by compectitive price, corresponsive service, and cooperative support. Supply chain management involved in corporate procurement including components, tools, spare parts, raw materials, equipment, and machinery. Full validation is required to ensure all information of seller, price, quality assurance and warranty lead-time, validity, distribution rights, and certifications are checked, collected and compared. Validates under the approved vendor listing (AVL) is essential to ensure all supplier are genuine with full business liability. Supply chain management involved in resource transformation and transformation control. Resource transformation refer to value added process before turning into finished goods, bill-of –material (BOM) is essential to evaluate and calculate the amount of input (raw material) is required. Resource transformation is important as it considered 60% average of cost involvement in common merchant trade industry. Profitable business can run into deficit scenarios without knowingly if resource transformation is out of control as part of the supply chain management may suffer severe losses. Transformation control refer to the measurement of consumption all raw materials during resource transformation. Transformation control focus on outsource of raw material or component from inventory to support the needs for production requirement, approval is required before outsource is done to keep track. All output shall be recorded accordingly during the transformation process so that SCM is able to calculate the amount material is being used, waste, or scrap during the resource transformation process. Roles & Responsibility of Supply chain is a key department in every company. Caused of losses can not be measured and is considered supply chain management failure. Supply chain helps company to control unnecessary by conducting costing down alternate by specific procurement bidding activity. SCM also help the company to stablize the inventory control and manufacturing cost significantly by the act of data collection to analyze the root-cause and can be measured the cost of procurement. Supply chain enable company to realize the cost ratio between raw material, process transformation, yield loss, administration, and business margin. SCM also helps to stablize on the quality supply of product in suppliers with appropriate method and strategy. Raw Material TransformationYields Vendors Selections Industry AuditValidity Review Approval Inventory Categorize R & R Quantitative Record Filing Demand Verification Release Record Summary ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  14. 14. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Cost Saving Vendor Management Resource Development Sourcing Deployment Commonizing / Materializing Cost Comparison Vendor Background Oficial Certification Submission Sampling Submission Product Yield Material Technical Data Sheet Effective Validity ReliabilityDurability Efficient Quality Supply Chain KPI Frame Work RecordKPI Frame Work Record
  15. 15. The Emergency Management Committees Emergency management helps to secure the assets of company factory, premises, power point, fire extingguisher, aged wired, machineries, materials, and all other components as such raw materials and finished goods as well as in the event of sudden accident at work or to prevent from deadly and critical sickness to pre, most importantly to ensure the level of contactability is visible to any employees. The committees for emergency management is to form a team member to conduct regular inspection to check all areas whereby can be potentially threat to the company assets or any worker at work. Technical knowledge transfer and orientation to ensure the level of competency in handling an emergency incident, effective communication and clear instruction is required to demostrates all possible circumstances and situations as such available persons and contact number. Provide clear orientation to all staff includes of operation worker, details demostration, and proper procedures encouraging the worker to takes up the initiatives to rise their suggestions or report by verbal or in written format. Embrace and Strengthen the willingness of all workers or individual to helps to protect the company assets as well as to protect all life at work. Promoting the the culture of safety and emegency awareness, regularly review the trend and continuously improve on the level emergency and keep it a habit. Involving all operation leaders are important, the act of responsbility involvement enable may help to embrace spirits and strengthen the broad range communication channels between middle management and frontier worker, letting all level of employees to partake to work as a team member altogether. Structuring the premises and work place is eseential to ensure all fire extinguisher is clearly allocated with signboard indication, ease of exit, eliminate the fire leads, to prevent from any non-standard industrial management will help to improve on the factory asset management in the event of emergency management. Emergency gathering point is important and should be clearly plotted out, letting all employee to escape safely in the event emergency altogether. Clear procedure is required to ensure all employee is aware of where gathering point is allocated. Regularly practice is required to ensure the procedures is well managed and controllable in the event of any emergency is happened. The system for quality is prevention Emergency Contact Emergency Executives Emergency Manager Uncle Ming Fires Factory Safety Pang Injuries Machinery ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  16. 16. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Emergency Manager Emergency Executive Incidents Fire & Bomba Work Injuries Machineries Worker Conflicts Anti-Thiefs Natural Disaster Building & Premises Riots Emergency Planner Emergency KPI Frame Work Management
  17. 17. The Humen Resource Committees Human resource committees management is a functional department as it helps to provide effective employment consultation and execution activities based on the development and progress of corporate directions. Human resource committees provide proper solutions, suggestions and ideas to help the company to manage the employee deployment effectively through a series of multiple fair way communication channels between top to middle and frontier employees. In the event of increment, promotion, employment welfares and job descriptions, human resource committees helps to consolidates various appraisal result by the use of KPI measurement tools to analyze the level of disciplinary, 5S, safety awareness, team player, leadership at work, productivity, and informal initiatives to measure if an employees is deserved for upgrading. In short term, the human resource committees may helps to back up to support on the weakness and lackness of HR department gathering essential technical work knowledges and know-how, putting them into proper profile or materials so as any new comer can pick up the job edequately as part of the ISO documentary profile and records that allow the company to keep track on the employee performance. In long term, the human resource committees may helps to stablize the entire work force in a proper format with positive work thinking and mentality and contribution toward to their individual work section. With the KPI measurement tools and key objective will enhance the workforce to focus on their goal. Human resource department may relies contribution from the committees to maximize its roles and functions to help the company to deploy efficient and effective profession human resource management. The function of KPI creating positive goals and objectives both deliver potential moralization and motivation as the ultimate foundation is to enrich on a meaningful and resourceful annual appraisal with edvidence as a result which can beneficial to top management to considerable action in an annual increment and welfare strategies. Successfully promoting the positive workforce is difficult task. Developping and keeping up a talents at work in long run is even more difficult, human resource is required to apply tactical strategic to establish an job empowerment and enhancement giving the workforce proper education, encouragement, and career consultation will help improve and change the negative thinking in their work field. KeyAreaFocus Employment Consultation & Execution Corporate Culture Education Employees KPI Activity Corporate Regulations & Orientation Staffing Deployment & Management Skill Set On The Job Training & Skill Set Certify Management Plan . Do . Check . Action Gorvernance Rules & Regulations Handling Management Top Management Review Approval Middle Management Review Suggestion Bottom Management Requirement Feedback ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  18. 18. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM ActionCheckDoPlan Corporate Human Resource Staffing Education Appaisals Rewards Orientation Rules Regulations Rights Disciplinary Short-Course Written Verbal KPI Frame Work Management Rules Management Regulations Management Human Resource & Policy Management Employee Welfare & Policy Management Employment Policy & Disciplinary Management Human Resource KPI Frame Work Record
  19. 19. The 5S & HSE Management (Health- Safety- Environmental) Committees 5S is a way of work place management, the standard is obtained from Japanese automotive industry, applied since the 50s. As most of industries are machineries, equipments, and automotive, in order to ensure the work is neat and well keep to make sure the work place is efficient , the Japanese operation engineers had design a system which can be either self-management or by enforcement as an essential activity within an organization to make it mandatatory manufacturing standardization to determine if an organization is readily to be self managed by the following terms; 1. Seiri-Sorting: Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly. Make work easier by eliminating obstacles. Reduce chances of being disturbed with unnecessary items. Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items. Evaluate necessary items with regard to cost or other factors. Remove all parts or tools that are not in use. Segregate unwanted material from the workplace. Need fully skilled supervisor for checking on regular basis. Don't put unnecessary items at the workplace & define a red-tagged area to keep those unnecessary items. 2. Seiton-Set In Order: Arrange all necessary items so that they can be easily selected for use prevent loss and waste of time by arranging work station in such a way that all tooling / equipment is in close proximity. Make it easy to find and pick up necessary items. Ensure first-in-first- out FIFO basis Make work flow smooth and easy. All of the above work should be done on regular basis. 3. Seisuo-Shine: Clean your workplace completely. Use cleaning as inspection. Prevent machinery and equipment deterioration. Keep workplace safe and easy to work. Keep workplace clean and pleasing to work in. 4. Seiketsu –Standardize: Standardize the best practices in the work area. Maintain high standards in workplace organization at all times. Maintain orderliness. Maintain everything in order and according to its standard. Everything in its right place. Every process has a standard. 5. Shitsuke-Sustain: To keep in proper working order, be initiatives. Perform regular audits. Training and discipline. Training is goal-oriented process. Its resulting feedback is necessary in weekly basis. 6. Harzard management; Harzard Waste General Waste Valueable Waste Immediate Settlement Daily Settlement Weekly Settlement HSE Damage: Severe HSE Damage: Medium HSE Damage: Minimal Extreme Attention & Care General Attention & Care Extra Attention & Care ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM
  20. 20. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM 5S & E+HS - Manager 5S & E+HS Executive Focus Fire & Bomba First Aid Work Station Warehouses Storages Machineries Equipments Tools Environment Hostel Natural Disaster Building Diseas 5S & E+HS Planner 5s & E+HS KPI Frame Work Management
  21. 21. ASIARIC CONTRACTS SDN. BHD. (717667-U) TM Step 1 New Project Step 2 Project Criterias Step 3 Plans Review Step 4 Material Plan Step 5 Execution Step 6 Delegation Step 7 Follow up Step 8 Store Step 5.1 JO Release Step 5.2 Review Step 4.3 New Formwork Step 4.2 Used Formwork Step 4.1 Material Status Step 3.1 Production Plan Step 3.2 Material Plan Step 3.3 Delivery Plan Step 2 Informations Step 2 DOR Step 2 Requirements Step 5.3 JO Release Step 6.1 Cutting Step 6.3 Welding Step 6.2 Fabrication Step 7.1 Record Step 7.2 Check Qty Step 7.3 Updates Step 8 Tracking Step 8 Tracking Step 8 Tracking