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5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas


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Facebook Posting Guide for Small and Medium Business

Published in: Marketing
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5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas

  1. 1. 5 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas  Posting Guides for Small and Medium Business by David Cronk
  2. 2. Post A Problem In general folks LOVE to help solve issues and to answer questions. Ask for guidance and feedback
  3. 3. Run A Survey Surveys are great for creating discussion and obtaining insights, for example: What products do you want to see us offer? Which marketing cost is your biggest concern presently?
  4. 4. Get Personal This can be the place and time where you, as a smaller business proprietor, have an inherent edge. Don’t hesitate to post and report on your own personal life from time to time.
  5. 5. Don't Be Perfect Who said we must be perfect in order for the masses to enjoy us? Don’t hesitate to share your struggles in business also as this demonstrates you are genuine and not immune to the struggles.
  6. 6. #Follow Friday Give your supporters the chance to share a link on their own page or website; this encourages people to meet with new businesses and make new links and connections.
  7. 7. thank you! presentation by David Cronk of