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Q&A With David Contarino: Peace and Solitude Replace Politics at Kentucky Cabin


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David Contarino is a Democratic political strategist and consultant based out of Louisville, Kentucky, David Contarino is also a former high-ranking government official, having served as Chief of Staff to former Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico and as Chief of Staff to former Congressman George Brown of California in Washington, DC.

As a manager, senior advisor, and media consultant, David Contarino has overseen and played a critical role in numerous successful political campaigns over the last 25 years. Notably, David Contarino lived in Santa Fe New Mexico for 15 years and consulted for Gov. Bill Richardson, Congresswoman Michelle Grisham and Sen. Jeff Bingaman. Most recently, David Contarino led Congresswoman Grisham to an unexpected win in the 2012 Congressional Democratic Primary. Under the guidance of David Contarino, Congresswoman Grisham’s campaign encompassed the focal points of resource management, focus, and credibility.

David Contarino served as Chief Political Adviser to Governor Richardson during his tenure as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA). During this time, David Contarino worked closely with the DGA on governors’ races across the nation to help secure victories for six new governors. His efforts helped Democrats to a total of 28 Governors nationwide–the first Democrat majority of governors in 12 years. The Democratic Governors Association has been in existence since 1983 and serves to support Democrat candidates throughout the United States. This period of time working with Gov. Richardson and the Democratic Governors Association was a pivotal time in the career of David Contarino.

In more recent years, David Contarino has specialized as a senior strategist, media consultant, and manager to Independent Expenditure PACs. David Contarino has been vital to the success of numerous campaigns, contributing his expertise to ensure the best outcome for the people of the United States.

In 2008, David Contarino consulted for Patriot Majority West in an independent campaign for the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate in New Mexico. In 2010, David Contarino consulted with the Colorado Freedom Fund, an independent campaign for the governor in Colorado. Also in 2010, David Contarino advised the Democratic Governors Association’s independent campaign efforts in New Mexico.

During 2011 and 2012, David Contarino worked close to his new home, working alongside Kentucky Family Values on successful independent campaigns for both the governor and legislature. David Contarino also continued to spend a great deal of 2012 in the Western United States guiding the successful Patriot Majority New Mexico independent campaign to win legislature in New Mexico.

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Q&A With David Contarino: Peace and Solitude Replace Politics at Kentucky Cabin

  1. 1. Q&A With David Contarino: Peace and Solitude Replace Politics at Kentucky CabinDavid Contarino is a Kentucky-based political strategist and consultant. To take a break fromhis busy life in politics, David Contarino likes to relax at picturesque Herrington Lake nearDanville, Kentucky. For David Contarino, the lake is the perfect place to get a sense of peaceand solitude.Q: What do you like most about the lake?David Contarino: I always know that it’s going to be low key, peaceful and relaxed. Everythingwe want is right here at the lake.Q: How do you relax?David Contarino: I often sit on one of our decks—either off the house or down below on theedge, sipping Kentucky bourbon or smoking an occasional cigar. I can just sit outside and take inall the nature around me.Q: Tell us about your cabin at the lake.David Contarino: The cabin is on the southern part of the lake. The house sits on a steep slopeoverlooking the water. It has a great room, two large stone fireplaces and lots of rooms for kidsand guests.Q: Besides relaxing, what else do you do at the lake?David Contarino: Herrington Lake offers many outdoor activities and recreational sports. Weswim and fish. Herrington Lake is known for producing some of the best fish.Q: What’s your favorite?David Contarino: That would be the catfish. But I’m not too picky.Q: Tell us something interesting about Herrington Lake.David Contarino: Herrington Lake is a man-made lake and is also the deepest lake in Kentucky.It can be up to 276 feet deep.Q: What do you look for in a vacation?David Contarino: I prefer to relax on my vacation. Anything too touristy is not for me. I ammore interested in atmosphere and quality than quantity.