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Independent Software Assessments


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Learn more about DCG's partnership with ProServices, a leader in independent source code inspections, and how you can benefit from an independent software assessment.

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Independent Software Assessments

  1. 1. Independent Software AssessmentsMichael HarrisDavid Consulting GroupRobert CrossProServicesMeasure. Optimize. Deliver.Phone +1.610.644.2856
  2. 2. ©2013 David Consulting Group• Software Productivity– Always a focus for organizations with significant software developmentoperations (in-house and/or outsourced)– Many drivers of software productivity – can be grouped as:• People• Processes• Project Management• Potential of the software– Potential of the software is its ability to support that next enhancementregardless of all the other productivity factors. It’s a combination of:• The quality of the current code (also drives maintenance productivity)• The complexity of the current codeIntroduction:Why Independent Software Assessments?1
  3. 3. ©2013 David Consulting GroupReality Sandwich [Bite #1]2Software’s Great Equalizer!Schedule Compression = Software Being Shipped to a Date
  4. 4. ©2013 David Consulting GroupBased on 2010 Census Data (U.S. Department of Labor)•There are 1,362,790 Computer Software Professionals in the U.S.•There are 319,000 Mechanical & Electrical Engineers in the U.S.2010 Revenue for Companies Marketing to Each:•The top 4 CAD/CAM software companies total $4B in revenue•The top 4 Software Tools companies total $850M in revenueWhat’s the “So What?”One could conclude there’s a much lower adoption of automation in the software industry.Interesting Factoid…3
  5. 5. ©2013 David Consulting GroupReality Sandwich [Bite #2]4It’s the DATA, not the tools.Automation adoption is still immature in our industry because the focus is onthe right tools versus a sound data management strategy.
  6. 6. ©2013 David Consulting GroupDETECTFocus is on Software QualityPROTECTFocus is on Software SecurityOPTIMIZEFocus is on Software PerformanceAll services can be customized to internal, industry orcustomer compliance requirements.(C/C++, Java, C#)Service Capabilities – Independent Software Inspections5
  7. 7. ©2013 David Consulting GroupCHECK-UP – [General physical for your software]Broad and general analysis including, but not limited to, Architecture Review, Inspection Attributes, Structural Metrics, CodeCompleteness, Complexity & Security and a Statistical (10% - 15%) Quality Analysis.DEEP DIVE – [100% Bug Hunt]A 100% Quality Analysis of Instances that have escaped the code inspection & testing processes.MEMORY LEAK DETECTION – [Memory Management Profile]Targets and identifies memory issues within the software leading to crashes.TARGETED – [Custom Tuned to Your Risks]Custom analysis techniques & methods identify categories of software errors difficult to find and are outside the scope ofstandard software automation products.VERIFY – [Ensure Fixes Have Been Correctly Implemented]Re-examines code that has been changed since the last review to determine defects previously identified have beencorrected in the “new” code base.ITERATE – [Ensure Team is Not Introducing More Risks]Examines the “additive” or new code against the code-base originally delivered for a prior assessment service.DETECT [QUALITY]6
  8. 8. ©2013 David Consulting GroupBREACH POINT – [Software Security Threats & Vulnerabilities]Analyzes software source for vulnerabilities, whether accidental or intentional, and for potential interaction with othersoftware and hardware products in the execution environment.PROTECT [SECURITY]7ACCELERATE – [Speed Up Your Software]Identifies modifications in the software application which improve the performance and response times. Recommendationsare made based upon high value modifications with minimal architectural impacts.TEST ATLAS – [Test Coverage Analysis]Maps the customer’s current inventory of tests to the percentage of the software system’s source code covered, identifyingredundancy and insufficient testing.OPTIMIZE [PERFORMANCE]
  9. 9. ©2013 David Consulting GroupCustomer Profiles – Who Benefits8BrandProtection ComplianceM & AScheduleCompressionCode RedRapidPrototypingLegacySystemsTomato Truck Mega TrendsDataOverload
  10. 10. ©2013 David Consulting GroupSample Reports9Comparative Data by Industry & SectorDefect CategoriesDefinedAll Defects Are Identifiedto Their Location withinthe System Down to theLine of Code
  11. 11. ©2013 David Consulting GroupQuickCheck Service [sales process]10CapabilitiesBriefQuickCheckServiceContractsYou AreHereProposalBusinessCaseProposal Contents:•Statement of Work•Price Quotation for Services•PSC’s Services AgreementContracting:•Firm Fix Price (FFP)•Net 30 Payment•Milestone(s)ResultsDeliveryBusiness Case Development•Which Profile Are You?Determine Longer TermRelationshipDelivery Meetings:•Review Analysis Results•Executive Meeting•Engineering Meeting•Executive Wrap-up Meeting•Discuss Software Process Implications•Follow on Service EngagementsDiscuss Strategies:•Proactive Risk Management•Technology Partnership•Better, Cheaper, FasterQuickCheck Service (Requirements)•Who’s the Economic Buyer/Decision Maker•Budget Confirmation•Timeframe Established for Decision•Yes or No•Non-Disclosure Agreement Signed•QuickCheck Service Feedback
  12. 12. ©2013 David Consulting GroupBenefits – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY• Historical ROI is 9.5x• 3:1 cost savings of doing identical work using internal resources to achieve same results• PSC guarantees the data• Independent & objective analysis• Fast project times• Process does not distract project teams• All services can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs and objectives• Leverage state-of-the-art multiple technologies in parallel for all services• Management visibility into software risk data (Quality, Security, Testability, Maintainability…)• PSC provides all of the benefits of automation without any of the headaches• Increase your engineering productivity• Free upfront QuickCheck analysis (no risk)• High security environment to protect client intellectual property• Professional, courteous and partners11CLIENTSJuniper Networks, Chrysler, Boeing, Motorola Mobility, JPMorgan, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, AT&T
  13. 13. ©2013 David Consulting GroupNext Steps• QuickCheck [Superior Intelligence, Superior Solutions]PROCESS– Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement– Upload Code or Snail Mail– 24-48 Hour Report Turn AroundBENEFITS– It’s Free @ No Risk– Pricing is based on your system’s specific risks, not lines of code– Report displays risks at a high-level– PSC will provide multiple price quotes for data assessment– Pricing is massively flexible to accommodate most budgets– Report is available for purchase (without assessment), along with its data– Provides powerful information on your system’s accrued technical debt13
  14. 14. ©2013 David Consulting GroupContact UsEmail: m.harris@davidconsultinggroup.comPhone: +1.610/644.285614@DavidConsultGrp/DavidConsultGrp/company/David-Consulting-GroupMeasure. Optimize. Deliver.Phone +1.610.644.2856