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microBEnet presentation, Boulder, Oct 2012


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A presentation on microBEnet, given at the QIIME/VAMPS Workshop in Boulder, CO on October 17th 2012

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microBEnet presentation, Boulder, Oct 2012

  1. 1. David Coil UC Davis(hashtag for this meeting: #microbenet)
  2. 2. Who isJonathan Eisen, David• UC Davis: microBEnet? Coil, Mary Jo Seminoff, Holly Bik• Building Ecology Research Group: Hal Levin• Other collaborators
  3. 3. microBEnet target audiences• Those funded by Sloan Program• Anyone in related fields w/ current or potential interest in microBE• Stakeholders
  4. 4. microBEnet Activities• Organize/sponsor meetings and workshops• Web site/information hub• Creating and curating resources• Social media activities• Research (shhh, don’t tell Paula)
  5. 5. Meetings• Indoor Air 2011• Citizen Microbiology 2011• AAAS 2012• Healthy Buildings 2012• Lake Arrowhead 2012• GSC13 2012• ASM 2013
  6. 6. Meetings• IDEAS WANTED
  7. 7. Website
  8. 8. Resources
  9. 9. Simple guides
  10. 10. Mendeley Collection
  11. 11. Tutorial Videos
  12. 12. Social Media• Blog• Facebook• LinkedIn• Mendeley• Slideshare• etc.
  13. 13. microBEnet Blog
  14. 14. Centralize Information• Pull in blog posts and news from other sources• Updates to social media• New papers• Twitter hashtag (#microbenet)
  15. 15. Monthly Newsletter• Summary of blog posts• “Resource of the Month”• “People Behind the Science” video series… “Project of the Month”• Recent and upcoming meetings
  16. 16. And Research?• Undergraduate research projects in the built environment• A form of outreach (blogging, etc)• Develop teaching materials related to the microbiology of the built environment• Keep our lab in the loop• A touch of useful data
  17. 17. Reference Genomes• 7 students• Cultured organisms isolated from a variety of built environments• Identify, sequence, assemble, annotate, publish a genome each
  18. 18. Aquarium Biogeography• 5 students• 16S surveys and metagenomics in aquariums• Looking at biogeography and succession
  19. 19. Future• More interaction with Sloan Labs• Love to host any resources you have that could be helpful• Guest blog posts!• More targeted workshops to develop interactions
  20. 20. Thanks!• David Coil•• microBEnet••