E partnerships march 2011


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E partnerships march 2011

  1. 1. Partnerships    Latest  news  from  Dawlish  Community  College                                                        edition  March  2011   WELCOME   to  the  first  e-­edition  of    Partnerships  circulated  to  parents  and  carers  via  Parentmail.       We  hope  to  send  you  regular  news  every  half  term.   Please  tell  us  what  you  think  of  this  edition  and  the  way  we  are  circulating  it.    This  will  help  to  ensure  the     information  is  useful  and  interesting  for  you  and  your  family.  Mr  A  Davis,  Principal   You  can  tell  us  what  you  think  by  emailing:  suggestions@dawlish.devon.sch.uk  IMPACT  DAY  3  MARCH     MATHS  DAY  AT  EXETER  CITY  IS  A  WINNER     -­  BEING  HEALTHY  -­   Twenty   two   Year   9   students   from   Dawlish   Community   College   attended   an   intensive   A  flavour  of  the                         Maths  day  hosted  by  Exeter  City  and  Devon  Education  Partnership.     many    activities                                               from  Yoga  to  Plate  Spinning   points   that   Exeter   and   their   rivals   had   accumulated   through   the   season,   as   well   as   and    Food  Tasting  to             estimating  the  number  of  seats  in  the  ground  and  costing  various  items  in  the  club  shop.   Ready,  Steady,  Cook!   The  students  were  treated  to  a  tour  of  the   ground   including   visits   to   the   VIP   boxes   and  players  dugouts.     The   highlight   of   the   day   was   when   club   players   Ben   Watson   and   Scott   Bennett   held   a   question   and   answer   session   on   what   it   is   like   to   be   a   professional   footballer,   then   posed   for   photos   with   some  very  excited  students.     HANDBALL  FESTIVAL   This  term   Dawlish  Learning  Community   primary  school   staff   were  invited   by   the   South   Dartmoor  School  Sport  Partnership  to  attend  a  handball  teacher  training  session  run  by   Great  Britain  handball  player  Scott  Harrington.       Staff  went  back  into  schools  to  teach  handball  in  PE  lessons  supported  in  some  schools   by  School  Sport  Coordinator,  Martin  Vizor.       Selected   Year   10   Sports   Leaders   from   Dawlish   Community   College   (DCC)   attended   handball  training  at  South  Dartmoor.       The   remaining   Sports   Leaders   attended   handball   training   at   DCC   to   prepare   them   for   running  our  Primary  School  Handball  Festival.  This  was  attended  by  around  140  children   with  20  Year  10  Sports  Leaders  running  the  activities  and  matches.     Primary  school  staff  were  very  positive  about  the  enthusiasm  of  the  DCC  Sports  Leaders   and  their  ability  to  motivate  all  children  to  take  part.     The  next  stage  is  a  primary  school  handball  tournament  due  to  take  place  towards  the   end  of  March  where  DCC  Sports  Leaders  will  act  as  match  officials.         The   winners   and   runners   up   in   this   competition   will   be   invited   to   the   South   Dartmoor   School   Sport   Partnership   Handball   Finals   where   they   will   compete   against   teams   from   other  Learning  Communities.     DATES  FOR  YOUR  DIARY   Spring  Term  ends:       Thursday  7  April   Non-­student  day:    Friday  8  April   Summer  Term  starts:   Tuesday  26  April     Summer  Term  Holidays:     Friday  29  April     Monday  2  May     Monday  30  May-­Friday  3  June   Summer  Term  ends:     Friday  22  July   tel:  01626  862318            Dawlish  Community  College          www.dawlish.devon.sch.uk  
  2. 2. EARLY  LEARNERS  ASPIRE  TO  SUCCEED   COLLEGE  STUDENTS  CONTRIBUTE  TO             TEACHER  TRAINING  PROGRAMMES     A   group   of   Year   11   GCSE   Drama   students   have   recently   worked   with   trainee   teachers   from   Exeter   and   Plymouth     The   two   sessions   involved   the   students   providing   opportunities  for  the  trainee  teachers  to  experience  life  in   a  classroom  using  a  technique  called  Forum  Theatre.     This   gave   the   trainees   a   unique   opportunity   to   role-­play   Twenty   four   year   6   students   from   a   range   of   schools   different  scenarios  with  our  Year  11  students  and  try  out  a   across  the  Dawlish  Learning  Partnership  are  taking  part  in   variety   of   teaching   techniques.   Students   then   gave   a   special   project   designed   to   raise   aspirations   for   the   feedback  to  the  new  teachers  about  their  developing  skills.   future,   boost   their   self   confidence,   and   encourage   team   The   sessions,   led   by   Drama   teachers   Conor   Magee   and   working  and  other  life  skills.       Lisa  Hudson,  focused  on  the  elements  of  SEAL    Social  and   The   project   is   staffed   by   specialists   from   Devon   Careers   Emotional  Aspects  of  Learning,  and  offered  all  participants   Education  ,  Connexions  and  staff  from  the  Primary  schools   the  opportunity  to  discuss  issues  such  as  emotional  literacy   and  Dawlish  Community  College.     as  well  as  trying  out  new  teaching  approaches.   The   students   have   experienced   events   designed   to   develop   their   creativity   and   problem   solving   skills,   11s   were   fantastic.   They   were   so   relaxed   in   front   of   complimented   by   introductory   careers   education   and     vocational  tasters.           DAWLISH  ON  SOUTH  DEVON  CUP  RUN       Our   Year   9   boys   football   team   have     progressed  through  to  the  semi  final  of   the   South   Devon   Cup   beating   Newton   Abbot  College  3-­1  in  the  1/4  final.       They   will   now   face   Kingsbridge   in   the   ACCELERATED  READING   semi  final  due  to  be  played  in  the  next   two  weeks.   In   January   Dawlish   Community   College   began   using   the   Accelerated  Reading  scheme  with  a  pilot  group  of  students     in  Year  7.     Visitors   to   the   Library   will   have   noticed   that   many   of   the   JOINT  SCHOOL  COUNCIL  FIRST  MEETING   fiction   books   have   been   re-­arranged   and   re-­labelled   to   WITH  RATCLIFFE  AND  OAKLANDS  PARK   accommodate  this  new  scheme.     Accelerated  Reading  is  a  software  based  programme  from   Renaissance   Learning  which   has   been   proven  to  motivate   On   Thursday   3rd   February,   Dawlish   Community   College,   students  to  read.   Ratcliffe   School   and   Oaklands   Park   School   held   their   first   joint  School  Council  meeting.     It  does  this  by:   The   meeting   had   been   instigated   by   the   Chair   of   the   Providing   data   that   helps   monitor   and   personalise   Ratcliffe  School  Council,  a  Year  11  student  called  Josh.     reading  practice.   The   agenda   for   the   meeting   was   to   find   out   more   about   Encourages  substantial  amounts  of  practice  according  to   how  each  others  schools  and  school  councils  operated  and   guidelines  based  on  research  findings.   to  explore  different  opportunities  for  the  School  Councils  to   Makes   reading   practice   fun   for   students   by   work  collaboratively  in  the  future.     facilitating  successful  encounters  with  text.   Initially,   we   agreed   to   take   back   some   ideas   for   future   Support   at   home   as   well   as   at   College   is   vital   and   the   fund   raising   events     to   our   own   councils   and   then   have   College  invited  parents  of  the  pilot  group  students  to  Open   another   joint   meeting   in   a   month   or   so   to   see   how   each   Afternoon     sessions   in   the   Library   to   meet   staff   and   others  plans  were  progressing.   informally   discuss  the   new   scheme.   These   were   very  well   Congratulations  to  the  students  from  key  stage  3  who  took   attended.     part;;   they   were   great   ambassadors   for   the   College   and   The   pilot   group   of   students   got   off   to   a   great   start   and   showed   a   great   deal   of  maturity  and   interest   in   what   the   were    supported  by  the  AR  team  of:   other  students  had  to  say.   Mrs  George,  Assistant  Principal,  SENCO     We   are   all   looking   forward   to   how   this   new   and   quite   unique   partnership   between   our   schools   will   progress   for   Mrs  Hillyard,  Learning  Support  Manager  for  Literacy     the  benefit  of  students.   T.A.s:    Mr  Trengove,  Miss  Seymour  and  Mrs  Hudson,  HLTA   for  ICT  and  Librarians  Mrs  Van  Spyk  and  Mrs  Di  Giuseppe     tel:  01626  862318            Dawlish  Community  College          www.dawlish.devon.sch.uk  
  3. 3. KENTON  BUDDING  CHEFS!   -­ -­                                                                            Seventeen   Year   6   budding   chefs   have   been   STUDENTS  IN  A  FLYBE  FLY-­OFF                                                            discovered   at   Kenton   Primary   School   who   AT  EXETER  COLLEGE  designed   and   made   some   fantastic  savoury  rice   Seventeen  pupils   from   Dawlish  Community   College   enjoyed   a   taste  dishes   when   they   visited   Dawlish   Community   of  what  it  is  like  to  be  an  aerospace  engineer  during  a  recent  visit  to    programme.   The  group  of  14-­year-­olds  not  only  learned  from  some  existing  high-­ flying  students  at  the  College  about  the  exciting  careers  they  could   one  day  enjoy,  but  also  about  the  different  kinds  of  apprenticeships   and  engineering  courses  available  to  study  at  Exeter  College,  includ-­ ing  those  run  in  partnership  with  Flybe.   The   day   started   with   a   presentation   on   the   Theory   of   Flight   which   led  to  their  challenge  of  designing  and  building  a  model  aircraft.  The   teams  whose  aircraft  flew  the  furthest  won  the  Top  Achievers  Award   and  were  given  certificates  and  prizes  for  recognition  of  their  effort   and  enthusiasm.  Their   task   for   the   Active   Kids   Get   Cooking   ready   studying   towards   their   BTEC   Level   2   in   Engineering   here   in  Primary   Award   was  to  research  into   choices   for   Dawlish,   so   for   them  to   have  the  opportunity   to   actually  meet  stu-­healthy  packed  lunches.  The  pupils  conducted  a   dents  already  on  the  Flybe  course  and  to  be  able  to  ask  them  ques-­survey   at   school   to   find   out   what   their   lunch   tions   really   sparked   their   enthusiasm,   as   did   the   practical   exercise.  boxes   contained.   We   discovered   that   the  pupils  mostly   had   a  good  diet   with  fruit  &  vegetables,  yoghurt   and   salad   being   top   of   the   list.   Some   specialist   areas   they   could   go   into   if   they   choose   to   continue   their  reductions   had   to   be   made   for   crisps   and   studies  in  this  subject.  As  we  left,  some  of  them  were  already  talk-­chocolate,  but  overall,  the  message  of  eating  for   ing   about   how   focused   they   now   are   on   securing   a   place   on   the  a  healthy  lifestyle  had  been  followed.  Well  done    Kenton!   Their   task   now   was   to   design   a   tasty,    colourful  &  healthy  new  dish.                      The   budding   chefs   watched   a   demonstration,    and  then  chose  the  ingredients  that  they  wanted  in  their  own  rice  dish.  The  results  were  amazing,    not  one  dish  was  the  same,  and  all  looked  very     Speaking   after   the   event,   The   Flybe   Training   Academy   Operations  sure  that  they  were  as  tasty  as  they  could  be    and  every  one  received  a  thumbs  up!  Plans  were   lege   enjoyed   a   day   of   aerospace   engineering   which,   we   hope,   en-­even  being  made  on  the  way  back  to  Kenton  to    make  the  dishes  at  home.     Graham   Wilson,   who   heads   up   the   Aerospace   team   at   Exeter   Col-­We  are  looking  forward  to  more  excellent  dishes  being  made  to  promote  a  healthy  lifestyle    well   the  greatest  engineers  in  history,  but  the  number  of  students  choos-­done  chefs!!   ing   engineering   as   a   career   has   been   in   decline   for   some   time.   At     Exeter  College,  the  Flybe  Fly-­off  programme  is  our  way  of  encourag-­ ing  children  in  our  secondary  schools  to  look  at  the  exciting  possibili-­   Of  the  eight  second-­year  students  on  the  Flybe  Diploma  in  Engineer-­ ing  programme  who  gave  support  and  guidance  to  the  Year  10  pu-­ hope   their   enthusiasm   for   aviation   will   have   inspired   the   visiting   pupils  to  view  engineering  in  a  positive  light  and  that,  recognising  it   as  an  extremely  worthwhile  career  option,  one  day  they  may  decide     Contributed  by  Exeter  College  PR  Team   tel:  01626  862318            Dawlish  Community  College          www.dawlish.devon.sch.uk