DLP Schools Company


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Draft proposal in respect of the DLP Schools Company.
August 2011

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DLP Schools Company

  1. 1. Dawlish Learning Partnership(DLP) School Company ProposalDRAFT 3Aug 2011Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP)Westcliff Primary School, First Avenue, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9RAT 01626 863631 E info@mydlp.org.uk W www.mydlp.org.uk
  2. 2. Table of ContentsOur Vision for Learning 1Business Plan 3 Executive Summary 3 Description of School Company 4 Key business activities 4 Standards 4 Outputs 4 Staffing 4 Data Sharing and Protection 5 Financial Plan and Projections 5Control Matters 6 Partnership Agreement 6 Steering Group 7 Role 7 Representation 7 The DLP Steering Group will be drawn from all of the Stakeholders in our Learning Community. 7 Restrictions 7 Members 7 Role 7 Representation 7 Voting rights 7Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal i
  3. 3. Authority 7 Restrictions 7 Executive Directors 7 Role 7 Representation 7 Voting rights 8 Each Director will have one vote. Decisions will be made on a simple majority voting in favour. 8 Authority 8 Restrictions 8 DLP Management 8 Role 8 Authority 8 Restrictions 8 Action Groups 8 Role 8 Representation 9 Authority 9Reporting Arrangements 9 Annual 9 Operational 9 Financial 9 Half Termly 9 Operational 9 Financial 9Period of Notice to Leave 9Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal ii
  4. 4. Members Protocol ‘Moral code’ 10Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal iii
  5. 5. Our Vision for Learning To provide a framework for collaboration and for sharing responsibility for the learning and well being of children and young people in our community. To actively promote a culture of life long learning and an atmosphere of trust and challenge based on a shared commitment to learning. To share responsibility for learning and raising achievement in our community through focussing on;• Providing rich learning opportunities• Ensuring high quality transition between key stages and phases• Strategies for raising achievement• Enabling peer support and networking To provide the starting point for other community collaboration including:• Early implementation and preventative action• Implementation of locally based services• Successful delivery of Every Child Matters outcomes To generate our own professional sustainability, by;Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 1
  6. 6. • Speaking with one voice• Acting as an advocate for children and young people• Planning strategicallyTo offer a broad range of learning opportunities for students and professional development for staff.While schools are at the heart of the School Company it is important to see this in the context of thewider community and those stakeholders who have a shared interest in the education and well beingof our learners.Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 2
  7. 7. Business PlanThe creation of a School Company will help schools to become more effective at workingtogether to meet the needs of our Learning Community. It will provide a formal collaborativeinfrastructure that supports staff in raising standards of learning and achievement for all ofour pupils as they progress through each phase. It will also enable us to consider financialplanning as a community, making the most of finances available to us through betterprocurement while seeking new funding that may be more accessible to a LearningCommunity than an individual school.Executive SummaryThe Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) is committed to the advancement of inclusive, high qualityand sustainable education and lifelong learning for everyone in our community. Member Schools areCockwood Primary School, Dawlish Community College, Exminster Primary School, GatehousePrimary School, Kenn Primary School, Kenton Primary School, Oaklands Park School, RatcliffeSchool, Starcross Primary School and Westcliff Primary School.A School Company will enable the DLP to develop in those areas where collaboration betweenschools and other agencies can benefit the learning experience of our community. For example:• providing a firm legal basis for building on the existing partnership activities to give all member schools increased confidence in the robustness of the Learning Partnership in challenging economic circumstances• improved co-operation as well as healthy competition between schools.• better capacity to meet the needs of every student, for example gifted and talented, those at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).• public recognition of the concept of a Learning Community.• wider access to special needs support and vice versa for mainstream.• access for staff to a wider range of school based CPD (Continual Professional Development) and peer based knowledge transfer, that actually changes the way that teaching and school management happens in practice.• better support for new heads.• better succession planning as staff development is considered across the family of schools.• better ‘distributed leadership’ encouraging input from people at levels.• mutual support in times of need.• better able to manage other organisational changes such as Federation.• better integration with childrens services.• more shared resources.• more cost effective procurement of goods and services.• wider access to bidding and fundraising opportunities.• income generation on a ‘not for profit’ basis, through commissioning and selling of expertise.Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 3
  8. 8. Description of School CompanyKey business activities• As a School Company Limited by Guarantee our main business is one of servicing the needs of our Learning Community Schools, Learners and Families. This includes; • Identifying shared goals and ways of working that have a direct and clear impact on individual schools performance and concerns. • developing more cost effective procurement of goods and services. • identifying services that our Learning Community can provide to generate new income • identify external bidding opportunities. • supporting schools in collaborative working, for example joint CPD, Learning Initiatives, shared policies and extended services. • developing an online meeting place for all members of the Learning Community through the DLP website and additional social networking development.• The School Company is the development of an established informal partnership of ten schools that make up the Dawlish Learning Partnership. This includes two special schools, one Community College and seven Primary Schools.• The School Company will operate closely with its member schools, but responsibility for management and governance of those schools remains at individual school level unless they choose to Federate.• Our main customer is Devon County Council, with our income determined by the number of children aged up to 16, their families and other members of the community who we can engage in education and training.Standards • It is essential that the shared goals and ways of working that are developed by the School Company have a direct and clear impact on individual schools performance and concerns.• This must be matched by a commitment to measure that impact and respond to address concerns or reinforce success• Communication with everyone at a Learning Community level, including parents and children, must be honest, constructive, timely and transparent. This will include an interactive use of the DLP website, noticeboards and a DLP Newsletter.Outputs• these will be described in the DLP Development Plan. The 2011 - 12 Development Plan is part of a three stage process.• Area Review due in May - June 2011.• Development Plan. To be produced from June 2011 based on the Area Review findings.• Implementation of the Development Plan through Action Groups.Staffing • P/T Business Development Manager • P/T Business AdministratorDawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 4
  9. 9. • Parent Support Advisor • Other staff as requiredData Sharing and Protection• Schools will be required to share data in respect of finances and performance. This information will be used to identify financial efficiencies and areas for improvement. The information will be treated as commercial in confidence within the membership of the Steering Group.Financial Plan and Projections• Financial matters will be managed in accordance with the DLP Finance Policy. (Under development based on Dawlish Community College Financial Policy)• A Chart to illustrate the roles and limits of DLP Governing Body, Directors and staff is shown at Appendix A. (Under development based on Dawlish Community College Definition of Roles of College Workers concerned with Financial Transactions)• A chart to illustrate the responsibility and frequency for budget monitoring is shown in Appendix B of the DLP Finance Policy. (Under development based on Dawlish Community College Financial Policy)• A Chart to show DLP Authorised Signatories is shown at Appendix C. (Under development based on Dawlish Community College Record of Authority to sign)• Appendix D. 2010-1012 Budget (to follow - main budget lines and purpose)• Information in respect of 2012 - 2013 funding is not yet availableDawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 5
  10. 10. Control MattersPartnership AgreementThere will be a Partnership Agreement which is a contract between each school and the SchoolCompany. This agreement will; • set out the nature of the partnership and how the partnership will work (i.e, how it is funded and what activities it will do). • include restrictions on what the School Company can do without the schools consent to ensure that school retain ultimate control.Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 6
  11. 11. Steering GroupRoleThe DLP Steering Group will provide guidance in terms of overall strategic direction of the SchoolCompany and holds the School Company to account for delivery.RepresentationThe DLP Steering Group will be drawn from all of the Stakeholders in our Learning Community.RestrictionsThe DLP Steering Group cannot make operational or financial decisions on behalf of the SchoolCompany.School MembersRoleMembers will be responsible for producing the DLP Development Plan. They will also select ExecutiveDirectors and support the Executive Group in forming Action Groups that will be charged withdelivering specific objectives.RepresentationHead Teacher or Principal from each member school as the schools representative.Voting rightsEach school will have one vote. Under company law some decisions require a simple majority (e.g,removing a Director) and some require 75% to vote in favour (e.g, to change the constitution).AuthorityEach schools liability as a member of the School Company will be limited to £10.RestrictionsSee DLP Financial Appendix APersonal LiabilityTo be addedExecutive DirectorsRoleExecutive Directors will be responsible for implementing the DLP Development Plan.Representation• Four Executive Directors representing Small Primary, Large Primary, Secondary, Special• One Independent Executive Director who will be a School Governor. The School Governor will be selected on their ability to support the effective working of the School Company an facilitateDawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 7
  12. 12. communication with individual School Governing bodies.Period of office• Executive Directors will be appointed for a period of 12 months. They may be re-elected at the end of this period but we would normally expect a rolling programme of change to enable development opportunities to take place.Voting rightsEach Director will have one vote. Decisions will be made on a simple majority voting in favour.Authority• Executive Directors will have delegated responsibility for actions relating to the delivery of the DLP Development Plan. The delegations and the scope of what activities the School Company can undertake will be set out in the Partnership Agreement.RestrictionsSee DLP Financial Appendix APersonal LiabilityIn the ordinary course the School Company will be liable for its activities. However, where ExecutiveDirectors breach their duties as a Director they may be personally liable (e.g, make a secret profit.)The School Company will also have insurance in place to protect Directors.DLP ManagementRoleThe Business Development Manager, supported by the Business Administrator will be responsiblefor the day to day management of the School Company and will ensure that progress of the DLPDevelopment Plan is maintained.AuthorityThe Business Development Manager will have delegated responsibility for actions relating to thedelivery of the DLP Development Plan.RestrictionsSee DLP Financial Appendix AAction GroupsRoleThe DLP Action Groups will be responsible for driving forward individual issues identified in the DLPDevelopment Plan. The issues are grouped under the three broad headings of Leadership andManagement, Learning and Community. Action Groups may be short term or long term asappropriate.Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 8
  13. 13. The remit for each Action Group will be ‘consider how can collaborative working improve standards inmy school’RepresentationEach Action Group will be able to draw on support from across the DLP in delivering their objectives.AuthoritySee DLP Financial Appendix AReporting ArrangementsAnnualOperationalThis will be based on the DLP Development Plan, which is described under three broad headings;‘Leadership and Management’, ‘Learning’ and ‘Community.’Co-ordinated by the DLP Business Development Manager, the Executive Directors and each ActionGroup will report on objectives set and progress achieved against Impact Measures.FinancialThis will include end of year budget and budget for next 12 months.Half TermlyOperationalCo-ordinated by the DLP Business Development Manager, the Executive Directors will report onobjectives set and progress achieved against Impact Measures.FinancialThis will include current spend against budget profile.Minutes will be taken at each meeting recording attendance, key agreements and actions points.Most operational reports and minutes will be published on the DLP website and available to the widerLearning Community. The exception will be reports or minutes that relate to confidential mattersreferred to as ‘Part 2’ discussions or minutes.Period of Notice to LeaveTo be addedDawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 9
  14. 14. Members Protocol ‘Moral code’• The DLP has a clear vision based on shared values which puts the holistic needs of all its pupils and adult learners at its centre.• Staff and Governors from all partnership schools are aware of, and are committed to, working with other schools.• Head Teachers as decision makers will attend each meeting.• Personal and professional support for Head Teachers in terms of CPD and work life balance is essential.• All the partners take collective responsibility for all pupils and adult learners in the partnership and engender in both staff , pupils and adult learners a sense of belonging to a Learning Partnership as well as to a particular school.• Head Teachers will be expected to share data in respect of finances, performance and other issues. ‘Problems’ faced by individual schools will be regarded as a matter for the Learning Community as a whole and addressed with sensitivity, respect and a genuine desire to help.• Heads will be also be encouraged to seek support from colleagues as a standard professional approach.• All partnership activity will have clearly defined outcomes that meet with the partnership’s vision and objectives.• All stakeholders will receive regular information about developments within the partnership.• The DLP will agree targets and performance management arrangements to monitor outcomes for individual children and young people.• There will be no expectation that each individual school will join in with every partnership activity and no judgements will be made.• All schools will have equal opportunity to engage in each project and it will always be open for individual schools to join at a later date.• Partners drawn from a range of stakeholders will also be free to engage at a level that is appropriate to them. Dawlish Learning Partnership (DLP) School Company Proposal 10