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Research report: The role of employee feedback in CX


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Customer feedback has long been used by organisations as a way of surfacing insights to help them refine and improve their support, services and products.

But there is another similarly important source of insight also on the doorstep of organisations – their employees.

MyCustomer and Confirmit's new research report hones in on some key areas of Voice of the Employee programmes and their link to CX, unearthing findings around:

- Which department most commonly owns VoE programmes and who has ownership of the high-performing programmes.
- What tools and technologies are most commonly used by practitioners – and which are being used by high-performers.
- How often VoE insights are collected, and how that data is used, and what the practices are of those with high-performing programmes.
- What the biggest obstacles to VoE adoption are.

Download the full research analysis and benchmark how your own Voice of the Employee programme compares with global practices:

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Research report: The role of employee feedback in CX

  2. 2. MyCustomer surveyed 291 business leaders to establish the importance of employee feedback in delivering better customer experience in their organisation.
  3. 3. The key finding? Those with a formal Voice of the Employee (VoE) programme in place are more likely to see improvements in customer experience.
  4. 4. The good news 42% have a formal Voice of the Employee programme in place. The bad news In the absence of a VoE programme, over half of respondents (58%) told us they were unhappy with the level of insight their organisation has into the customer experience.
  5. 5. Nearly two-thirds of those with a VoE programme reported more engaged employees. The Benefits of a VoE programme
  6. 6. Nearly half reported improved customer service.
  7. 7. Nearly half reported higher customer satisfaction scores.
  8. 8. Organisations with a formal Voice of the Employee programme are far more likely to rate their organisation as ‘excellent’ at collecting and using staff feedback to improve CX – 24% for those with a programme vs 4% of those without.
  9. 9. However... 33% of respondents said Human Resources owned employee feedback initiatives in their business. 80% of those 'not satisfied' with their VoE programmes had HR leading the project.
  10. 10. 43% that have VoE programmes pair their employee feedback with customer feedback to generate further insights. Over two-thirds (67%) of those that say they are very satisfied with their programmes pair VoC and VoE data.
  11. 11. Those with analytics tools are more likely to pair the two data sets. Two-thirds (66%) of those with analytics solutions pair the data.
  12. 12. 76% of respondents say the biggest obstacle to a successful VoE programme is turning employee feedback into action. Inconsistent/conflicting feedback is the second biggest issue, reported by 39%.
  13. 13. Download the full research report here.