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7 Web Development Trends that will dominate the Industry in 2019


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Top 7 website development trends for 2019 that will enable developers to fast track web development tasks.

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7 Web Development Trends that will dominate the Industry in 2019

  2. 2. Incorporating fresh ideas and new innovations, the year 2019 has brought along a lot of new trends in web development. The key to success for a developer lies in gaining foresight into futuristic and most recent trends in web development and harness them to full potential. Here’s a rundown of 7 latest web development trends that you wouldn’t be able to overlook in 2019. Introduction
  3. 3. Business Insider has predicted that over 80% of businesses are expected to implement some sort of chatbot automation by 2020. All these statistics clearly indicate that intelligent AI-powered chatbots capable of mimicking human intelligence to perform cognitive functions for solving challenging problems will assume a more central role in web development this year. Trend #1: AI-powered Chatbots
  4. 4. Easy navigation is the most crucial aspect of website development. Even the most amazingly designed website is rendered ineffective if the users aren’t able to reach to their desired content. Amongst the most recent trends in web development is using Single Page Application (SPA) architecture for designing websites with easy navigation. As the name suggests, single page application is a long webpage which does away with intricate navigation and complicated menus. Trend #2: Single Page Application (SPA) Architecture
  5. 5. Motion UI is a standalone library that helps developers to create dynamic graphics and animations without having an extensive knowledge of JavaScript or jQuery library. The year 2019 will see the popularity of Motion UI soar through the roof owing to a considerable rise in demand for highly interactive websites which can communicate a visual story to the user instead of feeding him with run-of-the-mill content. Trend #3: Motion UI
  6. 6. The lightning quick speed of PWAs can be attributed to their architecture that emphasizes core webpage content first. PWAs are not only devoid of cache issues but also immune against data snooping and data tampering as they are served via HTTPS. Trend #4: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  7. 7. AMP platform enables the creation of attractive, fast and high- performance websites and ads across devices and distribution platforms. Web pages published in AMP format are incredibly fast and give the users a more engaging cross- platform experience. Trend #5: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)
  8. 8. Voice search optimization is amongst the more recent trends in web development that is fast making its presence felt in the industry. As internet consumers take to voice search just like fish takes to water, developers are beginning to integrate voice search internally on their websites for the sake of their own sanity. Trend #6: Voice Search Optimization
  9. 9. The list of latest website development trends for 2019 cannot conclude without a mention of the API-first approach. The rise of IoT has led to our mobile devices, homes, cars, and wearable devices being all connected. Although it spells convenience for users, more connected devices means that each application ends up having more APIs. Trend #7: API-first Design
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