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IoT (and MES) platforms argued


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platform or DIY bespoke? Value add or donkey work?

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IoT (and MES) platforms argued

  1. 1. IoT (or MES) The bespoke solution contrasted with the productised solution ...some thoughts
  2. 2. The scope of the Project = 4 man years of various activities
  3. 3. Which consists of a starting point (tools) and bespoke programming and testing and bug fixing and...
  4. 4. Which can be seen as stuff that is core, stuff that has to be done and real value added
  5. 5. Core Stuff that just has to be there Value add Visualised like this...
  6. 6. Core Stuff that just has to be there Value add But... The whole area is proportional to ‘the money’, which should point to maximising the spend effectively
  7. 7. Core Stuff that just has to be there Value add But, but... The Core and other stuff (security, access etc) is absorbing a great deal of the budget
  8. 8. platform Value add Using a platform (IoT or MES) will cost more than basic tools and man hours, but it’s all tested and supported. The increased acquisition cost will probably be less than the ‘bespoke’ man hours cost, and will definitely be faster – much faster. There is a different way...
  9. 9. platform Value add ... and the portion of money left for Value add is greater, and this will be based on powerful tools – more configuration, less programming.
  10. 10. platform Value add ... Which means that the whole project is delivered quicker, is more robust and is properly supported. And it may mean that the project comes in under budget!
  11. 11. platform Value add The choice is yours, the advice is free, the results are measurable Core Stuff that just has to be there Value add
  12. 12. Summary – When something ‘has to be done’ – When ‘there is an opportunity here’ • Research the alternative approaches • Consider ‘time to market, robustness, support and risk’ • Don’t ever risk having to say ‘if I knew that we would end up here I would not have started there’