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A modern Cloud-based system that takes over from older legacy systems like:
https://businessentitysoftware.com/ and http://www.quorumcentral.com/

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xRM4Legal Corporate Admin & Compliance

  1. 1. Corporate Administration & ComplianceDavid BlumentalsDirector, CRM/xRM StrategyDBlumentals@xRM4Legal.com
  2. 2. Contents1. Next Generation Outlook2. Meeting Management & Communication Tracking3. Members & Officers Recording4. Company Profiles5. Business Licenses6. Intellectual Property, Filings & Disputes7. Expense Management8. Documents/Templates Management – SharePoint Integration9. Workflow Automation10. Dashboards and Reports
  3. 3. Next Generation Outlook: The Right Data atour Fingertips Provides optimal visibility into client records Reduces training requiredIncreases user adoption Improves teamwork
  4. 4. Work in Outlook, the Web or Mobile Device Fully integrated with xRM4Legal Case Time & Billing, Marketing & Call Center Management
  5. 5. 360 Client View Access “live” social & business network media content, People, Family Tree and Financial Information Record Branches, Related Entities, Meetings Held & Customizable jurisdictions Pending, Subsidiaries, with multilingual support Contacts, Members & Officers, Documents & More
  6. 6. Meeting Management & Communication Tracking Record unlimited meetings – AGMs, EGMs, Directors & Owners etc – including Files, Notes, Tasks, Emails, Phone Calls, Letters, Faxes & other activities (resolutions, shareholdings, capital changes)
  7. 7. Members & Officers Recording Track the titles of Officers/Directors/Managers and their responsibilities – including start and end dates
  8. 8. Company Profiles Unlimited company records, State & Country lookups, unlimited associated Business License records
  9. 9. Business Licenses Unlimited license types; Hyperlink lookup to associated agency/ies
  10. 10. Intellectual Property, Filings & Disputes Simplify application with self service client portals; Streamline registration filings, renewals and disputes; Easily and quickly search by Filing Date, Mark, Status, Application, Trademark No. etc.
  11. 11. Expense Management Manage and report on all expenses – Company Fees, Court Fees, Photocopying, Printing etc.
  12. 12. Intelligent Docs: Streamlined Assembly Quickly create marketing newsletters, event invitations, instruction letters, Cost Agreements etc. Embed document management capabilities of SharePoint Select records, highlight merge fields, preview and print
  13. 13. SharePoint Integration Improve client document management: Client related documents in SharePoint can be tagged to CRM accounts and edited from within CRM
  14. 14. Structured Workflow: Automated Dialogs,Record Creation, Reminders, Reports Enforce actions/tasks based on pre-defined business rules and contact follow up procedures Create many steps – for example to create records, send email/s, generate tasks, send acknowledgements etc.
  15. 15. Customizable Reporting & Analytics Allows staff to instantly zero-in on needed data Customizable bar and pie charts For example, you can use filters to display only clients or debtors Excel-like sort and filter on each column
  16. 16. Charts and Dashboards Real-time dashboards deliver advanced business intelligence functionality that is simple to use and easy to change. Users can quickly configure multiple dashboards to monitor performance. The dashboards can be set up for individual or shared use and can include inline charts with drill-down intelligence to visually navigate data, identify trends and uncover new insights
  17. 17. The Evolution from CRM To Extended CRMExtended CRM leverages the Client Relationship Asset Management Managementflexible xRM Framework thatallows firms to easilyconfigure and extend the Project Management Matter Managementcapabilities of xRM4Legal forcase, marketing, call center,project management etc. Stakeholder Trademark Relationship Management ManagementExtended CRM is additive to Employee Relationship Opportunity Management Managementcore CRM and allows firms totrack and maximize the value Contractor Relationshipof other relationships and Management Pitch Managementassets and in turn extend thepower of CRM. Supplier Relationship Event Management Management
  18. 18. Extended CRM Capabilities  Define and manage goal metrics  Add facilities and equipment for client service scheduling and facilities management  Manage multiple resources and groups
  19. 19. Effortless Configuration Implement business rules for mandatory fields and formatting Drag and drop to Add new field attributes, move fields, tabs, sections sections and tabs
  20. 20. In summary, xRM4Legal forCorporate Admin & Compliance1. Familiar, intelligent and integrated experience2. Wealth of legal-centric corporate administration features3. Strong firm value for integrated Corporate Administration, Compliance, Case, Marketing & Call Center Management Email DBlumentals@xRM4Legal.com Visit: www.xRM4Legal.com