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More than just marketing, “x”RM4Accounting offers firms the opportunity to integrate all their line of business applications within one easy to use, easy to manage, easy to afford environment. xRM is the evolution of CRM, where the X in xRM can be anything. xRM is based on Microsoft CRM and the .NET platform

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xRM4Accounting A Day In The Life Story Board

  1. 1. xRM4Accounting.comGetting Smart With Future TechnologiesA Day in the Life of the “Cool” Accountant…
  2. 2. IntroductionMeet John.John is a family guy. He is also the Partner for Kingsford & Co, incharge of their Tax practice group. And this is his Monday.
  3. 3. Using the xRM4Accounting Web Client John wakes up a half-hour later than usual, and his kids are already awake and getting ready to go downstairs for breakfast. John has a business trip to New York today, and needs to catch a plane later this morning. He races through his shower and heads downstairs. At the breakfast table he turns around the family’s wireless notebook to check his schedule for the day. Logging on to the firm Intranet, John is able to access xRM4Accounting through its Web browser interface.
  4. 4. Using the xRM4Accounting Web Client
  5. 5. Accessing the Calendar
  6. 6. Using xRM4Accounting Mobile ClientOn his way to the airport, John notices an email from theManaging Partner regarding a VIP client.John types a reply which is automatically synchronized with thefirm’s Exchange Email Server, captured by xRM4Accounting andattached to the client database record.
  7. 7. Using the xRM4Accounting Mobile Client EMAIL / CALL TRACKING Capture and track important communications in xRM4Accounting from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile. Easily replicate and share important information held in personal email inboxes with automatic association to xRM recipients for future reference. Once captured in xRM – all your business users enjoy a complete view of the interaction history.
  8. 8. Using xRM4Accounting Outlook Client At the office, John grabs a couple of manila folders and stuffs them into his briefcase. He doesn’t worry much about leaving anything behind – xRM4Accounting has automatically synchronized his client database records for offline access. Having connected to the firm network, John’s notebook has also picked up some news alerting him to some important client information from the social media networks.
  9. 9. Using xRM4Accounting Outlook Client
  10. 10. Latest News from Social Media
  11. 11. Reviewing Client OverviewArriving at the airport, John starts up his notebook to review thelatest changes to his client records.Still working inside Outlook, John has full access to all clientrecords with offline access.Previewing the Company Client Overview report provides Johnwith all the information he needs quickly and easily.John can also perform a quick view of relationships andassignments across his client account to include subsidiaries andrelated companies, contacts and who knows whom.
  12. 12. Reviewing Client Company Details
  13. 13. Reviewing Contact Details
  14. 14. Contacts via LinkedIn and Twitter
  15. 15. Reviewing Relationship Connections
  16. 16. Reviewing Client Assignments
  17. 17. Reviewing Project Assignments
  18. 18. Integrated Practice & Document MgtArriving in New York, John catches the train to his clients office inthe CBD.xRM4Accounting can be configured to include Client Accountdetails with financial and other data.John decides to check the latest details on billings, collectionsand accounts receivable on his client before arriving at theiroffice.
  19. 19. Integrated Practice & Document Mgt
  20. 20. Scheduling Follow Up MeetingJohn arrives at his clients New York office and meets with theirBoard.At the end of the meeting, his client asks John to schedule anappointment with them in a fortnight to discuss some additionalassignments in UK and Australia.Leaving his client’s office, John adds a new Appointment to hisCalendar and creates a new Opportunity record.
  21. 21. Scheduling Follow Up Meeting
  22. 22. Converting to New Opportunity…
  23. 23. Thank you! David Blumentals Director CRM/xRM Strategy A/P Dynamics Corporation For more information email: David@xRM4Accounting.com