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Integrating Marketing & BD into Everyones Job


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Webinar for leading USA law firms - trends, challenges, the need for a common business platform

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Integrating Marketing & BD into Everyones Job

  1. 1. Integrating Marketing & BD Into Everyone’s Job
  2. 2. Agenda• Legal industry trends• Pressures and challenges• The need for a common business platform• Steamlining internal processes• Consolidating accessible information• Understanding the client behind the matter• Gaining insight into new market opportunities• Systematizing cross- and up-selling• Connecting with clients
  3. 3. Law Firm Assets• Primary assets – Knowledge – Experience – People• Key to success – Maximize use of primary assets• Value is measured by the firm’s processes and its knowledge, experience, and talent
  4. 4. Industry Trends• Greater firm and client collaboration• Proactive Client Relationship Management (CRM)• Client interaction through electronic document and transaction exchange eg. dealrooms• Dynamic communications management eg. ‖digital‖ email marketing, social CRM• Adoption of information technology tools that deliver both flexibility and control
  5. 5. Industry Pressures• We live in the Information Age – Knowledge is a competitive advantage – Keeping current on evolving trends is a requirement• Clients expect a greater range of services – The key to success is involving clients and professional staff in collaborative processes• Budgets are being cut while timelines are accelerating – Leaves little room for enhancing quality and innovation, but the expectation for both is increasing
  6. 6. Cultural Challenges (source: The Integration Imperative, Suzanne Lowe)• Revenue-generating practitioners are allowed to avoid marketing and business development• Revenue-generating practitioners exclude marketers and business developers from important decisions, meetings or initiatives• Marketing and selling functions are poorly defined• Little preparation for economic down cycles• Marketing budgets tightened in a knee-jerk fashion• Need to erase marketing vs other silos
  7. 7. Structural Challenges (source: The Integration Imperative, Suzanne Lowe)• Marketing often occurs through a matrixed business organization• Marketing and BD ―hand-offs‖ arent seamless• Processes are hampered by technology problems, performance incentives and measures, and/or (lack of) internal communications• Trouble prioritizing emphasis on acquiring clients, retaining them, or building book of business• It is sometimes unclear who is supposed to make marketing or business development decisions
  8. 8. Poor Processes Hurt the Bottom LineLost Business Development Difficulty Sharing Opportunity Information Ineffective Marketing Both Externally and Internally Too Much Long Tender Cycles Information Lost Deals Too Many Unknown Client Places Business Applications Not Optimized Situation / Position for Marketing, Business Development or Client Care Excellence No Visibility into Deal Flow Inaccurate ForecastsRe-Keying Information Business Applications into Word/Excel Difficult to Use
  9. 9. The Need: A Common Business Platform Clients ―I want innovative, high-quality work done on time and within my budget.‖ Attorneys ―I want to manage my teams better and deliver matters on time and on budget.‖ Team ―I want to spend my time working on Members billable time, not doing paperwork.‖ Partners and ―I want to manage the firm to achieve Stakeholders maximum client delight, growth and profitability.‖
  10. 10. Tools to Match Law Firm ChallengesLaw firms require tools that match their challenges.Systems must:• Adapt to the firms organization, structure and culture• Be able to work with practice and document management• Deliver on key information needs: – Who are our clients? – What do we do for them? – How can we do more?• Be able to measure profitability at multiple levels—firm, office, client, brand, matter, and even task
  11. 11. xRM4Legal Value Proposition Unstructured Structured
  12. 12. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Increased global talent Increased More than Performance 2,000 I.T. Total number Partners More of usersthan 30,000 2M+Customers Worldwide
  13. 13. Microsoft Office Familiarity Empowers UsersConvergence between Microsoft Dynamics CRM/xRM4Legalbusiness management software and Microsoft Office personalproductivity software
  14. 14. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Overview• Outlook-based business management solution: one database, one toolbox, one business logic, one source code• Technology: scalable, three- tier, highly configurable• Connectivity: multisite, multicompany, Outlook, web, phone (CTI), mobile• Global: local functionality, multicurrency, multilanguage• Three typical scenarios: – Out of the box – Customized to fit specific needs – Legal services industry solution (xRM4Legal)
  15. 15. Microsoft Dynamics xRM4Legal • Integrates client, relationship, social, communications, deal flow, project, financial, and document management to help law firms improve profitability, efficiency, and client service, and adapt more quickly to changing business conditions • Automates the capture, management, analysis, and reporting of client and related information
  16. 16. Easy to Use/Fully Integrated with Outlook
  17. 17. EfficiencyMicrosoft Dynamics xRM4Legal streamlines your internalprocesses to help reduce costs and increase earnings.• Manage your firm to improve profitability• Improve deal flow• Manage knowledge• Staff projects quickly so you can stay competitive• Do more with less• Help reduce costs
  18. 18. Consolidated Accessible Information
  19. 19. Operational FlexibilityMicrosoft Dynamics xRM4Legal adapts to support yourfirm as you pursue new and bigger opportunities.• Scale your firm to pursue new opportunities• Adapt your system to support your unique firm processes• Acquire and maintain the right knowledge and skills• Connect smoothly to internal processes or external business partners / referrers• Support your business as it grows with Microsoft products and technologies
  20. 20. The Client Behind the Matter
  21. 21. InsightMicrosoft Dynamics xRM4Legal identifies the real costsof marketing, business development and client care, soyou can set competitive pricing and increase profit.• Gain insight into new market opportunities• Track and develop business development opportunities• Intelligently plan and execute client plans• Manage resources effectively• Gain insight into your firm processes
  22. 22. Better Plan, Evaluate & Budget Events
  23. 23. Systematize Cross- and Up-selling
  24. 24. Client ConnectivityMicrosoft Dynamics xRM4Legal connects you to yourclients, helping you provide a unique client experienceand making service quality your competitive advantage.• Help ensure client satisfaction• Maintain effective communication with clients• Staff projects to meet client expectations• Connect to your clients and meet market demands for ―always-on‖ access to information on the Internet• Make tight connections with partners, referrers, and other offices
  25. 25. New Client/Matter Inception
  26. 26. SharePoint Document Collaboration
  27. 27. Digital Marketing: Overview• From the perspective of:• The partnership• Your clients & prospects• The marketing team• Growing your business• Return on your marketing investment• Brand building• Key clients• Client acquisition• Online & offline marketing activities…• Engage with your clients:• According to their expectations, and• Via their preferred channel
  28. 28. Messaging, Content & Thought
  29. 29. What Other Firms are
  30. 30. In Conclusion―No new clients, no job. Lots of new clients, lots ofprosperity for the firm and good times for everyone.‖Anonymous• Ensure all staff have a love and passion for your services• Educate staff on the importance of marketing and BD• Dispel the myth that ―sales‖ is a dirty word and more about looking for an opportunity and proposing possible solutions• Incentivize all staff with marketing and BD incentives• Encourage all staff to spend more ―face time‖ with clients. The closer the relationship with the client, the more comfortable they will feel in proposing new solutions• When they generate a new client or a quality opportunity publicly thank them for it to show other staff it is OK to think outside of their ―silo‖
  31. 31. Thank you!xRM4Legal ―On Demand‖:• You can use us to assess, re-align and manage your client communications and CRM – helping you to achieve new levels of BD productivity through better targeting, activity, communication and opportunity management• If you would like to learn more about how we have helped law firms across the globe deal with client communications and CRM challenges, please schedule a Discovery Workshop by contacting:Email DBlumentals@xRM4Legal.comPhone (212) 653 0379