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Freedom listing flat fee option


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Freedom listing flat fee option

  1. 1. 602-324-9625 Get on the MLS for only $98 MLS ACTIVE LISTING FEE
  2. 2. 602-324-9625 MLS (Active Listing) 98 (includes 6 month Listing) Unlimited Initial Photos (or MLS Maximum) 50 Forms Arizona Department of Real Estate (all forms) 50 Arizona Association of Realtors (all forms) 50 If not purchased, Client to sign Form waiver disclosure. STARTER PACKAGE: Unlimited Photos and all forms $248
  3. 3. 602-324-9625 Marketing your property Incredible photographs showing off your property
  4. 4. 602-324-9625 Photography Professional Photos 125 Additions: Virtual Tour 25 Sunset / Evening Photos 50 Drone Aerial Photos Request Quote
  5. 5. 602-324-9625 Professional Post. Plus our 24 Hour Toll Free Info Line to give recorded information to prospective buyers. This service will capture all prospects numbers even if they do not leave a message and we will follow-up by calling everyone back to determine if there is interest in your property. Prospects will be able to forward the call to you by extension. We have sold properties to those who did not leave a message. This system is far superior to flyers where people do not call. It is like having an open house 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  6. 6. 602-324-9625 Sign, Post, 800 Phone system FREE 24 HOUR INFO Sign 25 (Price with post installation, shipping extra) 800 #, recorded message, call capture, call forwarding, voicemail 50 Wooden Post (6 month term) 100 $175
  8. 8. 602-324-9625 Marketing your property Internet – Maximum Exposure PLUS 100,000+ sites where real estate buyers are searching WE DO MORE!!!
  9. 9. 602-324-9625 ADVERTISE YOUR HOME!!!
  10. 10. 602-324-9625 ADVERTISE YOUR HOME!!! Unlimited Open House Ads in the MLS 25 Unique Website 25 Featured Listing 50 (Example Internet Banner Advertising Set-Up (Includes 1st month) 95 Monthly Internet Advertising (Auto-pay) 25 Facebook Advertising Set-Up (Includes 1st month) 95 Monthly Facebook Advertising (Auto-pay) 25 Premium Listing 25 Twitter Advertising Coming Soon Listing 98 Listing 98 Geo-Targeting (individual rates apply)
  11. 11. 602-324-9625 Marketing your property GEO – TARGETING WE DO MORE!!! Targeting specific internet traffic is an important website marketing strategy . We have identified specific marketing strategies to help you have a strong web presence in the sale of your home. Well beyond all traditional real estate advertising.
  12. 12. 602-324-9625 Fee For Service, Pay for what you need not by % Hourly Rates: Valuations: Realtor 100 Appraisal (homes over 3,000 sq ft. extra) 450 Associate Broker 250 Initial Comparative Market Analysis Free Broker 500 Comparative Market Portal and auto emails 25 CPA 500 Desk Top Broker Price Opinion 75 Attorney 750 Internal Broker Price Opinion (drive time extra) 175 Home Inspection 350 Transaction Coordination Package (avoid Broker Fees, get coordinator to make sure all paperwork is complete) 300 Termite Inspection 50 YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU PAY THE BUYERS AGENT!
  13. 13. 602-324-9625 Estimated Closing Costs Buyers Agent Commission You Decide Escrow Fee 800 HOA Disclosure Fees (Seller Pays) 400 Title Insurance 1500 HOA Transfer Fees (Negotiated) 400 Closing, storage, and E&O Real estate Fee 375 State Required Septic Certification 2000 Mobile Notary 150 Recording Fees 50 Bank Wire Fees 50 ALL LISTINGS GET ESTIMATED HUD1 SETTLEMENT STATEMENT ASK FOR ESCROW DISCOUNTS!!!
  14. 14. 602-324-9625 Lockbox Electronic Lockbox 150 Numeric Lockbox 35 Extensions: Additional 6 Months 49.88 Longer Term: 2 Year Listing 99.88 5 Year Listing 149.88