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Commonly Held Beliefs about Test Cases v1.0


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Commonly Held Beliefs about Test Cases v1.0

  1. 1. Commonly Held Beliefs about Test Cases Dave Bell
  2. 2. Objectives • Open up your mind • Examine different approaches • Achieve better testing results • Satisfy our customers
  3. 3. Today’s Tester .. Of Range of Quality The ‘Test’ Step 2. Written Step 1. Thought of Step 3. Executed To … Find defects that matter Identify risks Help managers make ship / no- ship decisions Assess quality Assess conformance to specification Learn how the system works
  4. 4. Can testing only be done with test cases? It is common practice to write down detailed steps and then execute them We can use structured approach for review and re-use BUT Can achieve testing goals with exploratory testing as well as checks The Business wants to know that the bugs that matter to them are are addressed or identified, not that you had test cases We should select the best approach for testing in our context
  5. 5. Will I find all defects with test cases? I have detailed expected results to check against system Designs have re-inforced how the system should / should not behave BUT The executed test cases may only enable finding defects by ‘checking’ The test case could be wrong, out of date or miss some key areas We should use our minds to experiment and check in a controlled way
  6. 6. Will my test cases achieve 100% coverage? We can write appropriate test cases to cover all requirements based on priority We can report on metrics for this BUT The world is not perfect and requirements may not be as well The tester needs to find undocumented requirements by questioning We should plan testing based on quality not quantity of information
  7. 7. Scripted and Exploratory Testing
  8. 8. Summary The tester needs to examine the best way to test in their context The tester should consider the balance between tools, checking and exploratory testing
  9. 9. Some resources James Bach’s blog post