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A brief overview of how we help Healthcare organisations enhance patient & client care through an efficient and well supported workforce.

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Com ops wfm_health_presentation

  1. 1. Enhancing Patient Care through an Efficient and Well Supported Workforce Workforce Management Solutions
  2. 2. The Value of Experience ComOps WFM Founded in 1972 ComOps’ Workforce Management Solutions are built on a simple premise: best fit, lowest cost, least risk Leading edge functionality Delivering a competitive advantage through technology Branches in Australia and New Zealand Quality Accredited Company Government Endorsed Supplier Microsoft Gold Partner Selected WFM Clients
  3. 3. Integrated Workforce Management Microster Base including Costing Engine Attendance Management Employee Self Service Analytics Mobility – MyRoster Fatigue Management Satellite Activity/Task Manager Occupational Health and Safety Learning Management The ComOps Workforce Management solution suite is made up of 10 modules;
  4. 4. Integrated Workforce Management Microster Workforce Management Permanent, Casual, and Contract Resources (including VMOs) Overtime Management Leave Management Absence Management Attendance Management Fatigue Management What-if Modelling Analytics
  5. 5. Microster Workforce Management Award Interpretation Time & Attendance Microster has an optional Time and Attendance module that can be integrated with most access control systems (proximity and biometric devices) Attendance can be tracked with tolerance thresholds to monitor planned versus actual attendance and integrated to payroll
  6. 6. Microster Workforce Management Self Service Self Rostering Leave Planning
  7. 7. Microster Workforce Management Budget Management Automated Timesheets The Roster Builder module is designed for planning rosters These planned rosters can then be saved as Live rosters for What-if Analysis Actual rosters worked can be tracked to compare the Planned versus Actual versus Budget rosters
  8. 8. Microster Workforce Management HR & Payroll Integration Model Microster Mobility ”MyRoster” The Microster Mobility application allows employees to view their published rosters, clock in/out of the workplace, and review any messages regarding changes to their roster on mobile devices; such as smart phones and tablets MICROSTER SYSTEM Triggered, manual or autoscheduled Grades, Rates & Calendars Organisation Delegations Employee Details Training, Skills Leave
  9. 9. Automated Scheduling v Manual Scheduling Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Schedulilng accuracy (Schedules that don’t require modification) Workforce capacity utilization Time and attendance system is integrated with schedulilng system WFM software integrated with payroll or other core HR systems WFM data is intgrated with business perfomance data Individual and team performance data used in scheduling Percentageofrespondents,n=163 Automated Scheduling Manual Scheduling 86% 79% 84% 78% 73% 20% 66% 28% 46% 15% 44% 23% Source: Aberdeen Group, June 2012
  10. 10. Benefits of Workforce Management Solutions Efficiently and accurately allocate part time, full time, casuals, contractors & Multi contract staff, ensuring correct resource allocation with the right skills mix and the right number of resources required to enhance patient care Map data interface across dependant systems such as Patient Dependency and HRIS Systems to enable continuous alignment of workforce to clinical workload requirements Build rosters with fatigue, cost, budget and need in mind further enhancing safety and care for staff and patients Reduce time to plan and allocate staff to cater for day to day operations so highly qualified and skilled staff can focus on patient care and service level requirements, instead of creating and managing manual rosters, budgets, forecasts and shift placements Reduced Payroll and HR administration costs by automating the interface of actual time worked with allowances / shift changes / overtime etc, with an Audit trail on all rostered hours from budgeting to planning to actual Virtually unlimited award and EBA interpretation inclusive ensuring full compliance and accurate payroll Microster for Health Can Help Organisations Balance Costs with Quality Care Complex Rostering Realised and the elimination of white boards and spread sheets Enhancing patient care through an efficient and well supported workforce
  11. 11. Contact Details Thank you for your interest in Microster and the ComOps WFM Suite To learn more about how ComOps can help your organisation save costs, time and effort whilst improving patient care and worker satisfaction, please contact ComOps’ Healthcare specialist today David Batson Client Executive – Healthcare ComOps Workforce Management Solutions Ph: 1300 853 099 (ext 2056) Mob: +61 403 513 355 Email: AUS: 1300 853 099 | NZ: 0508 266 677 | INT: +61 2 9923 8000 SYDNEY | MELBOURNE | BRISBANE | NEWCASTLE | AUCKLAND