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Pipeline natural gas compressor station failure


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This is a report on some recent natural gas pipeline compressor station failures put together by David Badal.

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Pipeline natural gas compressor station failure

  1. 1. Natural Gas Compressor and Pipeline Failure Report Prepared by: David Badal 7 April 2019 Rev 2
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Types of Compressors 3. Compressor Failures 4.Storage and Transportation Facilities 5. Pipeline Failures 6. Permian Highway Pipeline Route 7. References
  3. 3. Introduction This presentation will provide an introduction to pipeline and compressor stations that are required to move Natural Gas from the Permian basin area to the Katy, Texas Storage facility. It will also address the dangers that can be introduced by failures in the compressor and/or pipeline. Samples of such failures will be presented herein. Also herein will be the proposed routing of this pipeline system.
  4. 4. Types Of Compressors • Compressor Stations are required systems that moves natural gas from well sites to the end users. • As natural gas moves through the pipeline, friction, temperature, friction and elevation differences slows the movement of gas and reduced the pressure. • Compressor stations are required to provide and maintain the pressure and gas flow.
  5. 5. Types of Compressors “Cont” • Some compressors are electrically powered when there are environmental or security reasons, otherwise, natural gas powered. • Gas powered compressors can be either conventional piston engines or natural gas turbine units. Kinder-Morgan Texas Pipeline will use Natural Gas. • One example is the Trans-Pecos Compressor station pipeline at WAHA near Ft. Stockton contains 11 compressors and develops 70,000 HP.
  6. 6. Compressor Failure in 2017 Enstorgas company seeks $3Million after Explosion, alleging due to Shoddy Work.
  7. 7. Compressor Failure in 2017 “Cont” Failure occurred at ENSTOR Katy Storage and Transportation, L.P. in April 2017. Damage was attributed to the replacement of a cylinder of the high speed compressor Flange. Arkos or PCI or both replaced the part with a packing flange containing a cast- Irion component rather than a carbon steel one, despite a service agreement requiring carbon steel. Seven hours after the installation the unit exploded. The catastrophic failure was the result of a packing flange. The blast affected two other compressor units, the surrounding equipment, railing, a crane and other Property. All equipment had to be shut down as a result of this damage. The following chart shows the final storage location at Katy, Texas and the WAHA Storage Hub project in the Reeves County area where the product shipment is initiated.
  8. 8. Katy Storage and Transportation Facility: Location: Fort Bend and Waller Counties, Texas Working volume: 23.5 bcf Max injection: 750,000 Mcfd Max withdrawal: 700,000 Mcfd Owner: ENSTOR Storage And Transportation Facilities ENSTOR WAHA Storage and Transportation, L.P. Facility Type: High deliverability natural gas storage Location: Reeves County, Texas (near WAHA trading pool in West Texas. Pipeline Access: Up to 14 pipelines serving various trading regions of the US. Working Capacity: Up to 10 bcf, with high turn capacity. Peak Injection Capacity: 450,000 Mcfd Peak Withdrawal : 800,000 Mcfd
  9. 9. Pipeline Failure 2014 Northwestern Minnesota gas pipeline explosion: ‘It was just hell on earth’ This occurred on 25 May 2014. A large pipeline exploded near Mexico, MO. See the huge explosion and read about the loud booming sound and the feeling of a home shaking….. Go to Ref 2 for the web site info.
  10. 10. Pipeline Failure 2017 On February 15, 2017, a 36-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline exploded and burned in Refugio County, Texas. There were no injuries. The flames were visible 50 miles away. Refugio County Chief Deputy Sheriff Gary Wright said the explosion occurred at an apparent weak point in the pipeline that must have required maintenance, but KM disputed the issue.Residents as far as 60 miles away thought it was an earthquake, while others described it as "a thunder roll that wouldn’t end.” According to the PHMSA incident listing, "the incident was most likely caused by some combination of stress factors on the pipeline." The explosion and resulting fire cost $525,197 in property damage. The pipeline was installed in 1964.
  11. 11. Pipeline Failure 2018 Aug1,2018 a series of Natural pipeline explosions in Midland County, Texas accurred and sent five people to the hospital with critical burn injuries and interrupted energy pipeline operations in the area. Read more on his failure in Ref 3.
  12. 12. Pipeline Failure 2019 Pipeline failure at 3am on 3 Mar 2019 at Mexico MO. It was an explosion and massive fire that lit up the sky….. Ref 4 presents a You-Tube URL that can used to view the noise and fire burning from this explosion.
  13. 13. Pipeline Failure 2019 One killed , 17 injured and one firefighter seriously injected after a gas explosion In Durham, North Carolina on April 10, 2019.Half the block is destroyed with lots Of injuries. Glass and debris everywhere. The blast occurred from a contractor boring under the sidewalk hit a 2-inch gas line. What would happen if this was a 42 - Inch natural gas pipeline? For the fill story and pictures and the explosion damage, please go to Ref 5.
  14. 14. Route of Kinder-Morgan Permian Highway Pipeline The project will cross 16 counties within the state of Texas: The counties are: Reeves, Pecos, Crane, Upton, Reagan, Crockett, Schieicher, Menard, Kimble, Gillespie, Blanco, Hays, Caldwell, Gonzales, Lavaca and Colorado. Within the Hays county the pipeline will enter the Hill County from Fredericksburg pass thru the Wimberley Hill Country and proceed to Kyle and on to Katy,Texas In the Houston area. It is believed that no Compressor Stations will be contained in Hays County. There might be one out of Fredericksburg and not another until after I35….. .
  15. 15. References 1. Go to web “Enstor gas llc “ and find the WAHA Storage Hub Project and the “Katy Storage Hub” in the facilities menu for more information. 2. minnesota-gas-pipeline-explosion-it-was-just-hell-on- earth 3. Google “Natural Gas Pipeline Explosions” and find 1 Aug 2018 explosion information. 4. You-Tube go to “Pipeline Failures 2019 MO” 5. -explosion-north-carolina/index.html