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David Ashworth CV


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David Ashworth CV

  1. 1. David Ashworth | 07914742543 | Personal Profile A final year undergraduate chemist with excellent confidence, communication and time keeping skills that is looking to make the transition into a graduate role commencing after May 2017. Education Manchester Metropolitan University, studying for an Mchem in synthetic analytical chemistry. Predicted Grade: 1st  Proven track record in following key techniques: Raman; GCMS; HPLC; UV-Vis; XDS; SEM; Low & High field NMR.  Third year research project: “Synthesis of reference standards for the detection and characterisation of new psychoactive substances”. Successfully synthesised a range of halogenated dimethoxyamphetamine metabolites and demonstrated their detection in urine using GCMS.  Four year Msc project: “Development of fast presumptive tests for the detection of cathinones in the HM prison service”. Currently I am syntheising the required cathinones and metabolites on which I will develop a method for discriminating popular isomers, metabolites and analogues using low field NMR.  Maintained a high first throughout my degree (>80%)  Undertaking regular work as part of a team to prepare and conduct a variety of laboratory experiments, gaining proficiency in strict time management, data capture and independent research. Thornleigh Salesian College, obtained three A- levels in Chemistry, Biology and Business Studies. Mount St. Josephs Business and Enterprise College, 9 GCSEs including English and Mathematics. Lab Experience Manchester Metropolitan University – (Summer 2016)  Developed a range of scratch resistant coatings using plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) on a range of substrates.  An excellent opportunity to develop interdisciplinary, encompassing physical chemistry and engineering allowing for reactor design and in-depth analysis of chemistry present.  Successfully demonstrated a change in Si-O bond character through modulation of plasma frequency. Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration in Oxford Instruments (2015) Research assistant - summer placement  Successfully produced a catalyst that boosts the resolution of low field NMR & MRI scanners using a range of synthetic and analytical techniques.  Produced technical note in collaborationwith Oxford Instruments based on the workcarried out in this eight-weekproject. Thornleigh Salesian College (2012-2013) Volunteer Lab Technician  Developed proficiency in the use of COSHH forms and undertaking of relevant safety procedures.  Provided support during practical sessions for younger students. Relevant Work Experience MMU Ambassador (2013-Present)  In this role, I would often act as a first point of contact between prospective new students, professionals, colleagues and the extensive range of pastoral care the university offers.  Regularly lead new students and parents on campus tours and specialise in showcasing new lab equipment. After Dark Nightclub (2012-2013) Bar Staff
  2. 2.  Experience of working under pressure whilst meeting targets on precision, efficiency and consistency.  Refined ability to multitask and whilst working towards a deadline. Key Skills Communication  Presented my summer project on developing a SABRE catalyst at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (March 2016) in addition to chairing two research sessions.  Managed the social media pages for my faculties graduation ball, clear and concise communication about the event was vital and in addition to providing this I dealt with customer queries that regularly involved contacting the venue and third parties such as the photographer. Leadership  Completed a two-day leadership course provided by the UOTC, this involved intense teamwork, leadership and determination. During a teamwork exercise I was highlighted as a natural leader and was selected to lead the group in the next task, from this I successfully led a team of six to complete the task in the fastest time of the day.  During a key group assignment, I took the lead in the designing an experiment and we scored the highest grade in our lab class with 89%. Determination & Confidence  When organising the graduation ball for my faculty, our team decided that due to the high amount of initial interest we would buy 150 tickets minimum from the venue at £42. However, ticket sales were very slow for the first two weeks and by the sixth week of sales we had only sold 100 tickets. With less than four weeks remaining our team began to panic, however I reassured the group and we developed a plan of action. This centered around us raising awareness through following actions: advertising during lectures; communicating with big societies; expanding the ball to other subjects and finally the distribution of flyers. In the end, we successfully sold more than 160 tickets and the event took place on the 2nd of June 2016. Problem Solving  Proven track record ofI.T troubleshooting, during the first year ofcollege I becamethe first portofcall forfamily members with computer issues and through word of mouth advertising to wider family I was able to run a small repair business until moving for university.  Whilst participating in the two-dayUOTCeventI undertookan army planning exercise in which I wasgiven a large amount of information on directing a rescue mission and limited time to formulate my plan. Once the time had ended I had to present my idea to my peers and then justify my choices to a panel of army officers, whilst admittedly a daunting task I did so with confidence and defended my decisions successfully. Achievements  Course representative for Chemistry  Year 1 & 2 Chemsoc representative  RSC member since 2012  MMU futures Bronze award  Undergraduate research leading to two publications.  Duke of Edinburgh silver award.  Successfully petitioned funding for cycle lane improvements through the Rusholme cycle initiative. Additional skills  Proficient in using the full Microsoft Office suite, with a particular competency in Microsoft Excel.  Experienced in installing, configuring and troubleshooting of networking equipment: Routers and Switches.  Commercial awareness derived from my time studying A-level Business.  Trained in the use of dry solvents, working under inert atmosphere and chromatographic purification.