What To Bring On A Study Tour To Israel


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What To Bring On A Study Tour To Israel

  1. 1. WHAT TO BRINGDocuments: Passport -on your person in a secure location -must be valid for six months after travel date -make two copies; keep one in your suitcase and keep one in anotherlocation, perhaps a backpack or bag. The tour leader will have copies of everyone’spassports as well. Airplane ticket -must have the same name as your passport Credit/debit card List of where you are staying-keep with you as you may be asked where you are staying when you go through Israeli immigration. - We’ll supply this for you. Medical insurance card Phone card, optionalLuggage: Suitcase -one per person, maximum weight of 50 pounds -you must be able to handle it yourself through the airport and from the tour bus to your hotel room Carry-on -one per person -it must fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment -it will need to contain everything you need on the flight -pack your valuables, your camera and your medications in this bag -a purse or a briefcase in addition to your carry-on is allowedAttire: Dress -casual, comfortable, and modest -plan for warm days and cooler evenings and mornings -plan to mix and match and wear items more than once -the only time you may want something a little more dressy is for the Sunday church service, but this is optional as we will be touring the rest of that day -we will be visiting some places that are considered “holy sites” where tops must cover the shoulders and pants must come below the knees (capris are acceptable) Bathing suit –bring a modest bathing suit as some of our hotels have swimming pools. You may also wish to float in the Dead Sea. Shoes -comfortable, non-skid shoes are a must! We will be doing a lot of walking and a lot of stair climbing. Get ready now and break in your shoes before we go Flip-flops –for pool areas. Light weight jacket -evenings and mornings may be cool and we may get a rain Shower. We will provide a jacket for you. Umbrella optional for shade and/or rain
  2. 2. Money: Cash - Plan to bring US cash in small denominations. You will need to bring$75-$100 worth of $1 bills for bottled water, etc. -You will also need cash for lunches ($8-$10/day) and other small purchases Credit/Debit cards -are acceptable in gift stores. Cash machines are available in some locations. Tips -Although tips are included in the tour price we will provide an opportunity to express our appreciation to the guide and bus driver at the end of the tourAccessories: Tote bag or small back pack -a day pack is essential. You will want to carry your camera, a small Bible, your guide book, water bottle, a hat for sun protection, and sunglasses, etc. Be aware that back packs can be opened by a pickpocket without your knowledge. Keep extra cash, credit cards, and passports securely on your person. A money belt worn under your clothing works well. Electrical – 230 volts 50 Hz and plugs with 2 round prongs. Adapters are readily available at Wal-Mart or travel stores, etc. Most computers and cell phones chargers have the ability to automatically adjust between 110 and 220 volts. Check yours ahead of time. Israel uses what is called an "H" type plug. This plug, which is unique to Israel, has two flat prongs that form a V-shape and a flat vertical grounding prong at the bottom. They are rated at 16A. Type H outlets (sockets) are so shaped as to accommodate type C plugs as well. Type C Type HCamera -be sure to bring lots of memory cards or extra film and your camera charger or lots of extra batteries. If you need to charge your camera, be sure you have an adapter. Alarm clock Hat, sun glasses, and sun screen -we’ll be in the sun a lot, so don’t get sun burned.
  3. 3. Other considerations: Snacks -you may want some energy bars, nuts, etc. for between meals Water -drinking lots of water is a must while on tour. While water is usually safe, bottled water is highly suggested. Bottles of water will be for sale on our bus. Be sure you have some way to carry a water bottle with you when we leave the bus during the day. Buy some to take to the hotel room with you at the end of the day -dehydration is the number one health problem for tourists. Laundry -no provision for doing laundry is planned, so pack accordingly. You can wash things out in your hotel sink. Single use packets of detergent are sold in the travel section of most stores. Phone calls - you can purchase international calling cards; be sure you know the access number before you leave home. Some of our hotels have internet access, so you can send e-mails for a charge. Cell phone charges for internet and calls can be very high. Check with your provider to see what your plan can provide. Medications -Imodium, Airborne, Pepto Bismol, vitamins, headache remedy, mild laxative, etc. Plan for unexpected contingencies. ON THE FLIGHT All liquids and gels that you carry with you must be less than 3 oz. and all fit into one quart size zip lock bag. Travel clothes -wear comfortable clothes, you’ll be wearing them all day and all night. Sweater or jacket -it gets cool on the plane. Inflatable pillow Socks or slippers -your feet will probably swell during the long flight. Compression socks help prevent swelling of feet and ankles. Water bottle -to fill up after we get through security. Let’s not start our tour dehydrated. Travel size tooth brush and tooth paste Hand and lip moisturizer Artificial tears to hydrate the eyes Hand sanitizer and travel wipes Something good to read Change your watch to the time zone of our destination. This helps with the jet lag problem. Move around and stretch every couple of hours BEFORE YOU GO Clean out your wallet. Only carry with you what you will absolutely
  4. 4. need on the tripClearly mark your luggage with your name address and phone number and put a copy inside each bag as wellGive a copy of your itinerary and hotels to someone at homeNotify your bank before you leave if you plan on using your credit/debit card(write down the phone numbers of each card you bring in case it gets lost.)Get in shape – Make sure you can walk 3 miles or for 1 hour.Be reading the Gospels and other passages and be in prayer