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What to bring on a study tour


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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What to bring on a study tour

  1. 1. Page 1 of 2From: Jeff Martin/USW/SArmyTo: Angela Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Claudia Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Colleen Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Darren Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, David Allen/IM/USW/SArmy@USW, Derek Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Donna Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Doug Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Edward Hill/HI/USW/SArmy@USW, Erica Helton/USW/SArmy@USW, George Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Ian Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Isobel Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeanne Stromberg/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, John Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, LeAnn Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Lee Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Lisa Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Marcia Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Mario Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Mark Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Michele Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Noelle Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Rhonda Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Robert Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Shelley Hill/HI/USW/SArmy, Steve Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, John Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Linnea Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Howard Bennett/USW/SArmy@USW,, Roy Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Paula Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Janene Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Michael Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, "Bryan Land" <>, Judy Smith/USW/SArmy@USW, Eloisa Martin/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeff Martin/USW/SArmy@USWCc: Hope Maxey/USW/SArmy@USWDate: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 9:40 PMSubject: What to bring on a study tourHistory: This message has been forwarded.Greetings fellow Pilgrims,It is a little tricky to know what to bring on a trip to another country. My first priority onsomething like this is to pack light. You will be living out of your suitcase for two weeks butgetting it on and off the bus and wherever it is needed is a pain if it is too large or too heavy.Remember, you will probably want to spend a few shekels and buy some souvenirs and theyare either bulky, heavy or both.If you have some old clothes that you were waiting for an excuse to part with... this may be agood excuse and at the same time free up some space for souvenirs. Just wear your oldclothes first and leave them in hotel when you know you will no longer need them.Take a look at the attached file in case there are some things you will need to purchase or digout of a storage box before we travel.(See attached file: what to bring on study tour to Israel.docx)I may have left something out, or you may have some great ideas to share with the group. Ifso please reply to all and let us all benefit from your wisdom.Are you getting excited yet?God bless! 10/18/2011
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2Jeff Martin, MajorEducation SecretaryPs 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have allthose who do His commandments. His praise endures forever. NKJVAttachments: what to bring on study tour to Israel.docx 10/18/2011