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The shopping with the shekel1


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The shopping with the shekel1

  1. 1. Page 1 of 2From: Jeff Martin/USW/SArmyTo: Angela Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Claudia Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Colleen Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Darren Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, David Allen/IM/USW/SArmy@USW, Derek Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Donna Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Doug Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Edward Hill/HI/USW/SArmy@USW, Erica Helton/USW/SArmy@USW, George Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Ian Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Isobel Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeanne Stromberg/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, John Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, LeAnn Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Lee Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Lisa Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Marcia Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Mario Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Mark Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Michele Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Noelle Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Rhonda Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Robert Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Shelley Hill/HI/USW/SArmy, Steve Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, John Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Linnea Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Howard Bennett/USW/SArmy@USW,, Roy Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Paula Wild/USW/SArmy@USW, Janene Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Michael Zielinski/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, "Bryan Land" <>, Judy Smith/USW/SArmy@USW, Eloisa Martin/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeff Martin/USW/SArmy@USWCc: Hope Maxey/USW/SArmy@USWDate: Sunday, August 14, 2011 4:43 PMSubject: The Shopping with the ShekelHistory: This message has been forwarded.Greetings Pilgrims,You will feel a little richer when you get to Israel and exchange dollars for shekels. At thismoment the US Dollar will buy 3.565 shekels, but as you know the daily rate changes allthe time. We’ll just have to wait and see what we get when we get there.Below I have the English word and the Hebrew word together so you can see what itlooks like in Hebrew. Most Hebrew words are based on three letter combinations so this isa good example. It will change depending upon how it is used in a sentence.Shekel lqv (In case your computer does not display correctly this is Shin, Qof,Lamed - reading right to left)Now I would like to ask some questions in case this is of interest to anyone. 1. Hebrew has both masculine and feminine gender words. Is “Shekel” masculine or feminine? 2. Shekel is what the currency for Israel is called. The shekel was originally a unit of weight in the same way that we use the “ounce”. What is the Hebrew word for “money” and what does that word literally mean?I hope a get a few people who would like to guess. I’ll just keep on doing things to keepyou thinking about our coming adventure. 10/18/2011
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2A new word for you......If you want to ask... "How much is this?" In Hebrew you say: Cama ze? or Cama zeole? It sounds like "Comma Zay Olay". Or you could just say "Cama?"God bless!Jeff Martin, MajorEducation SecretaryPs 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have allthose who do His commandments. His praise endures forever. NKJV 10/18/2011