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Study tour 2012 electronic readers


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Published in: Technology
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Study tour 2012 electronic readers

  1. 1. Page 1 of 2From: Jeff Martin/USW/SArmyTo: Angela Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Claudia Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Clem Leslie/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Colleen Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Darren Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, David Allen/IM/USW/SArmy@USW, Derek Strickland/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Donna Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Doug Riley/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, Edward Hill/HI/USW/SArmy@USW, Erica Helton/USW/SArmy@USW, Evangeline Leslie/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, George Hood/USN/SArmy@USN, Ian Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Isobel Robinson/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeanne Stromberg/DO/USW/SArmy@USW, John Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, LeAnn Trimmer/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Lee Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Lisa Van Cleef/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Marcia Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Mario Ruiz/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Mark Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Michele Lescano/SDM/USW/SArmy@USW, Noelle Nelson/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Rhonda Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Robert Lloyd/SW/USW/SArmy@USW, Rose-Marie Leslie/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, Shelley Hill/HI/USW/SArmy, Steve Smith/GS/USW/SArmy@USW, Victor Leslie/SC/USW/SArmy@USW, John Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Linnea Desplancke/ARCC/USW/SArmy@USW, Howard Bennett/USW/SArmy@USW,, Judy Smith/USW/SArmy@USW, Eloisa Martin/USW/SArmy@USW, Jeff Martin/USW/SArmy@USWCc: Hope Maxey/USW/SArmy@USWDate: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 12:21 PMSubject: Study Tour 2012 - electronic readersHistory: This message has been replied to and forwarded.Greetings fellow Pilgrims,For all of you who have a Kindle or other electronic reader, I am sending you a couple of filesthat you can email to your reader. I have a Kindle, so Ill give you some ideas of how to dothis, but those of you who have other kinds of readers are on your own.Kindles have an email address associated with them, and only you can email to your Kindle. Ifyou do not know your Kindle address, then open your Amazon account and click on "YourKindle Account" then click on manage your devices and you should see your email. You canemail to that from your lotus notes account. If you would rather just have these on yourcomputer, or on paper that is also an option. You may wish to place the itinerary on yourreader.Here is our itinerary again, for those who may not have been on the list earlier.(See attached file: My DAILY ITINERARY for Israel 2012.pdf)Here is the speech of Eleazar that took place in Masada. I thought you might enjoy it inmodern English since Josephus is a little hard to understand. It is also ready for an electronicreader such as Kindle.(See attached file: masada speech.pdf)I plan to watch the movie "Masada" again before I go. That is such an amazing place, and themovie may help you to appreciate more what you are seeing when you get there. 10/18/2011
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2God bless!Jeff Martin, MajorEducation SecretaryPs 111:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have allthose who do His commandments. His praise endures forever. NKJVAttachments: My DAILY ITINERARY for Israel 2012.pdf masada speech.pdf 10/18/2011