My daily itinerary for israel 2012


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My daily itinerary for israel 2012

  1. 1. Israel 2012 Study TourMY DAILY ITINERARYTUE, FEB 28 - LOS ANGELESDepart Los Angeles for a connection in Newark then on toTel-Aviv.Meals and overnight on board.WED, FEB 29 - TEL AVIVArrive at Tel Avivs Ben Gurion Airport and meet our guidewho will welcome us to the Land of the Bible and escort usthroughout our stay in Israel. Israeli guides are legendary fortheir knowledge and dedication. Ours will instruct us on themany sites we will visit and their relationship to the religion,history, archaeology, culture, and modern life in Israel. VisitJaffa before proceeding to Herzelya. Dinner and overnight atour hotel.THU, MAR 1 - CAESAREA • MEGIDDO • TIBERIASRefreshed from a good nights sleep you may wish to strollthe beach before a full Israeli Buffet Breakfast. Today we passthrough the fast growing towns and farms of the Plain ofSharon enroute to Caesarea , site of major events in the livesof Peter and Paul. Its on to Megiddo, inspiration for JamesMicheners "The Source", and prophesied site ofArmageddon. Archaeological digs reveal 20 layers ofcivilization, including fortifications of King Solomon and thewater tunnel of King Ahab. Megiddo provides a magnificentview of the fertile Jezreel Valley, at the crossroads of theancient Via Maris. We drive through the Jezreel Valley toSepphoris , the former Roman capital of the Galilee and thefamous seat of the Sanhedrin, the ancient Jewish rulingcouncil, in the second century A.D. Sepphoris is comprisedof a Crusader fortress, a Roman amphitheater and numerous
  2. 2. impressive mosaics. Continue through the rolling hills of theGalilee to Nazareth. Nazareth Village brings to life a farmand Galilean village, recreating Nazareth as it was 2,000years ago. It is a window into the life of Jesus, the city’smost famous citizen. Overnight in TiberiasFRI, MAR 2 - SEA OF GALILEEWe will visit an ancient boat believed to be from Jesus’ timefound in the Sea of Galilee in 1986. We walk into oldCapernaum with the ancient synagogue; on to the site of theMultiplication of the Loaves and Fishes (Tabgha), theSermon on the Mount and the Mount of Beatitudes. In theafternoon we will journey north to Caesarea Phillipi (BaniasSpring) where Peter confessed, “You are the Christ, theSon of the Living God” (Matthew 16:16.) Dinner andovernight at our hotel in Tiberias.SAT, MAR 3 - NORTHERN GALILEEToday we will journey to Hazor originally conquered byJoshua in 1300 B.C. King Solomon began reconstructionhere and King Ahab erected a magnificent palace here aswell. Later we visit Bethsaida . This day alone is worth thetrip! We are now literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus.We will take a most memorable boat ride on the Sea ofGalilee , in a replica of the ancient wooden boat used inJesus’ day. This evening we will visit the Jordan River .Return to our hotel in Tiberias for overnight.SUN, MAR 4 - JORDAN VALLEY • PETRADrive along the Jordan Valley to Beit Shean to see theexpansive excavations taking place at this ancient RomanDecapolis city . Later we cross into Jordan. Visit Mt. Nebowhich is reputed to be the burial place of Moses . Arrive inPetra in time for dinner and overnight.
  3. 3. MON, MAR 5 - PETRA • DEAD SEAThis morning we tour the city of Petra, lost to the world forcenturies, the “Rose-Red City Half as Old as Time” , layhidden in the mountains of southern Jordan. It had been astronghold and capital for the Nabateans. It had a fatallyvulnerable fault: its water came by aqueduct from nearbyWadi Musa. When the secret was discovered and theaqueduct cut, it fell to Rome in A.D.106 When Romeentered, already there were Nabatean tombs, temples andmonuments cut directly out of the red rock. This morning wetravel through the deep and narrow passages which occurnaturally, carved millions of years ago by erosion. (As agreat deal of walking is included in the visit, wesuggest good walking shoes) The Treasury finallyappears magnificently and immediately in front of us after weemerge from what seems like a hundred turns in the ravine.Now we begin our exploration of what both the Nabateansand Romans left for us to witness. The most adventurouswill be invited to hike up to the spiritual “High Place” , siteof the sacrificial alter and offering a spectacular view of theancient city and environs. Proceed to the Ara va border andtravel north to the Dead Sea. Dinner and overnight at theDead Sea.TUE, MAR 6 - MASADA • QUMRAN • JERUSALEMThis morning we will go for a swim, rather a "float", in thesalted waters of the Dead Sea. Depart for Masada ,overlooking the Dead Sea , the lowest spot on Earth, wherewe ascend by cable car to visit the remnants of HerodsPalace and where in 73 A.D. the Zealots made their laststand against the might of Rome. Visit Ein Gedi , fabledSpring of David , and proceed to Qumran where the DeadSea Scrolls were found in 1947. Its now time to “go up” to
  4. 4. Jerusalem . We will enter the city as pilgrims did sinceancient times to fulfill the words of the prophet "I was gladwhen they said unto me: Our feet shall stand within thyGates, O Jerusalem" (Psalms 122:1-2.) Dinner and overnightin Jerusalem.WED, MAR 7 - JERUSALEMThis morning proceed to the Mt. of Olives for a magnificentview of the Old City . Take the “Palm Sunday Walk” to theGarden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations anddrive across the Kidron Valley . Enter the Old City throughSt. Stephens Gate (Lions Gate) to the Muslim Quarter ,visit the beautiful Church of St. Anne and the Pool ofBethesda , Pilates Judgment Hall , and the Ecce HomoArch . Walk along the Via Dolorosa , into the ChristianQuarter , and see the Stations of the Cross. VisitHezekiah’s Tunnel and the Pool of Siloam . Drive to Mt.Zion to see the House of Caiaphas and the Upper Room ofthe Last Supper . Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem .THU, MAR 8 - JERUSALEMWe will begin the day with a visit to the reconstructed JewishQuarter , walk through the Cardo , the original Roman streetand see the amazing remains of the massive wall built byKing Hezekiah . Visit the Temple Institute and the BurntHouse . See the important excavations taking place at theWestern Wall and the Southern Temple Staircase . Visitthe Davidson Center and archaeological park. Also visitthe City of David (or the Ophel) which was the Jebusite citythat David had conquered. Since that part of Jerusalemremained in use almost up to current times, it is hard to findmuch that can be attributed to David. However, some believethat David built a citadel with his palace just to the northoutside the walls of the Jebusite
  5. 5. city.FRI, MAR 9 - JERUSALEMStart the day with a visit the scale model of Jerusalem asit looked in the first century A.D. Proceed to Yad Vashem,Holocaust Museum. On to the Temple Mount , whereAbraham was to sacrifice Isaac. See the Dome of the Rockand alAqsa Mosque that now stand there. End the afternoonat Golgotha (Gordons Calvary) and the empty GardenTomb . Special time is planned for worship, meditationand inspiration. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem .SAT, MAR 10 - JERUSALEM • BETHLEHEMProceed to the Philistine country of Bet Shemesh , tellingthe story of the Philistines returning the Ark to the Israelitesthere. Also visit Bet Govrin-Maresha National Park.Maresha is one of the cities fortified by King Rehoboam(2Chron 11:8). Some believe King Herod was born there. Itwas a large city in Hellenistic and Roman times where peopledug caves into the soft rock below their house. Stop at theValley of Elah where David slew Goliath. We will visitBethlehem and see Manger Square , the Church of theNativity , and view Shepherds Fields and the Fields ofBoaz and Ruth . Late night dinner show (The TsabarimFolklore Ensemble) ThenOvernight in Jerusalem.SUN, MAR 11 - JERUSALEMThe day is at leisure for us to relad and visit some of thesites of Jerusalem we have seen over the past few days.Pack and prepare for our journey home. This evening wewill share in a Farewell Dinner and the presentation of aCertificate of Pilgrimage to each tour participant.
  6. 6. MON, MAR 12 - TEL AVIV • LOS ANGELESEarly morning transfer to the airport. Our guide will assist uswith check-in procedures. Depart on our hometown flight. Wewill arrive home this evening with wonderful memories of avisit to the Land of the Bible!